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  1. Tracer Ledray F900 - as new condition ... £80 included postage cost. Wirral ... 07517026615
  2. Beretta Gamekeepers Green Cartridge Bag with “89” Hull Cartridge High Pheasant Extreme No6 Fibre 20 Bore Cartridges Wirral £35 07517026615
  3. Is this Photon still for sale?
  4. My wife bought it me .. she had it made specially, think it might of been advanced target? .. it’s never been used .. it’s something I won’t use so rather than it gathering dust thought I’d sell it and get myself a new fly fishing reel seeing as my old one has broken ..
  5. I have an Advanced Targets Bell/Spinner standing Target for sale. The target is 37cm in height and 2.5 kg in weight ... it is white powder coated and has a square base plate with pre-drilled holes for a secure mounting if desired. It will also stand alone without securing fasteners if you wanted to move it from one area to another.There is disc spinners - 10mm - 15mm - 20mm - 25mm - 30mm - 35mm - 40mm - 45mm.Regards the Bell Target it has an aperture of 40mm and a selection of reduction discs that fit onto the rear of the column with a securing fastener ... Reduction disc sizes are 40mm - 30m
  6. Yep, it’s a generic manual not a specific JCB g850 manual .. worth a try though
  7. Looked at that link and I’m not convinced that would be the correct manual (it maybe!) but I’m not sure .. when I go under JCB it doesn’t come up with the model number I’m after, if you get my drift. For the cost of the manual I will download it for curiosity if nothing else ... atb
  8. Thanks for the prompt response. I’m basically looking for the operators handbook. Atb ta
  9. Does anyone own a - JCB g850 petrol two stroke generator?
  10. I've a Brocock Compatto Target .177 (August 2017) I'm shortly selling.
  11. When you've found a pcp with guaranteed "excellence". . please share! ...
  12. Sometimes its just best to follow your own instinct. Just buy a Daystate and see how you get on with it .. I'm having a reshuffle and selling two pcp .177 rifles .. Though neither have the shot count your after .. atb
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