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  1. Has nice strong ejectors and double triggers
  2. The gate was locked so she had to climb over😂
  3. Out last night sat in the high seats I saw nothing apart from a badger till last light. I had spoken to my keeper mate who was also out. He had a dog fox. We’ve a bit of a competition going and I’m winning so I thought I’d stay out as long as possible, it paid off, had a vixen at 80 yards. My mate called to ask if I had got one. I said I had and said goodnight to him. Walking back to my car he called again saying he had just drop a vixen.
  4. Out last night in one of my favourite foxing high seat, spotted a fox about 830pm 200 yards away against a far hedge line no safe backstop and live stock near by, tried calling it in but only managed to call in a herd of cows with calf’s. 30 minutes later a different fox came out for behind me nailed him about 60 yards away. I left him where he dropped. As the light was going I climbed down to retrieve the fox, just as I was going tovclimb the fence to pick it up I spotted a young fallow stag across the field. These are very elusive on this permission so I spent a couple of minutes filming him through the pard 008. The fallow moved out of view so I climbed the fence to pick up the fox, as I had one leg either side of the fence I looked to my left and there was another Charlie 20 yards to my left just trotting up the hedge line. He looked at me i looked at him. I thought f&%k it if I had just waited 20 seconds longer could have got two Charlie’s. never mind it will be there for another day
  5. Torchy is the man the pard needs quality batteries I got 2 Sanyo from him for about 15 quid spend the money and buy once
  6. I’ve got a nv008 on t3 223 foxes don’t like it, but for the money I’m well happy with it. I’ve put some vids on YouTube ( fox patrol ) check it out if you like
  7. Good on you. Well written, I hope it’s noticed and discussed....
  8. Not really possible to know as this was shot on ground I don’t usually shoot on. 18 out of 50 new chickens killed in 2 nights. So the land owner wanted this taken care of pretty quick
  9. Out last night manage to catch up with a vixen who had developed a taste for chicken.
  10. One vixen 615am with 243 from highseat
  11. 4 in the last 2 weeks. 2 dogs, 2 vixens total 127
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