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  1. Out last night for a couple of hours. Started out with the caller but nothing was showing so decided to set off on foot. Spotted two together, gave a little squeak and had this vixen come in like a bullet from 400 yards away. Had to shout to stop her, her mate sat skylined watching me then ran off. Will catch up with that one soon.
  2. I will start the ball rolling 1 vixen tonight total 1
  3. Went out tonight. Haven’t been out for a couple of weeks, a big dog fox has been spotted in the woods when beating so set up the caller with vixen on heat call. Nailed him so starting dog fox mating call and vixen trotted in 20 minutes later. merry Christmas everybody!!!
  4. http://www.airgunspares.com/store/product/11414/12g-Miroku-Plastic-Butt-Plate/ here you go bud
  5. Try Francis lovel in Witney Oxfordshire https://www.francislovel.com/guns-for-sale/over-and-under-shotguns
  6. Good condition the boy has grown out of them uk size 4 EU37 £25 posted
  7. Didn’t get to go out last week as the mrs had flu, so popped out last night with the caller, called round the keepers cottage for a cuppa and a chat before going to a high seat between the pen and a small wood, I set up the fox pro on a section of stock fence that runs between them about 70yards from the seat. It’s now 7pm, I decided the first soundtrack for this evening would be a sexy vixen on heat call, I leave that to play for a minute or so then have a scan around with the pard nv007. Couple of minutes later a big old dog foxs trots out a cover crop and sits nicely at peg 3, 175 yards from me. Tikka 223 with pard nv008 comes up, wack he takes a 50gn v-Max to the bib and drops instantly, victory fag and let things settle for a few minutes, then I switch to dirty dog fox mating call, 5 minutes later a vixen comes out at the top of the wood and trots along to peg 5 (135 yards from me) she also enjoys a v-max to the bib. Climb down and pick both foxes and walk back to my mates cottage for a cup of tea and a natty about the two foxes, it’s now 8pm. whilst stood in the barn. We hear another fox bark that comes up behind his house and heads off to where I had just nailed the other two. Hopefully catch up with that one later this week. Sorry no pictures as my phone was at home charging.
  8. All in Edinburgh tweed pattern and worn once! 1 x jacket in large 1x waist coat in large 1x breeks 36inch waist 1x flat cap all in very good condition £120 posted
  9. Taken these tyres off of my hilux these were new mid June and have only covered 3000 miles. Only changed because I wanted BFG’s all round they still have 8 mm of tread left. £80 for both buyer collects from Ox77hn
  10. Out again last night by the pen another fox had been spotted about 8pm each evening. Found some old ham in the fridge and baited up along a stock fence, set the caller up with rat call, called in a barn owl and then mr fox trotted in at 815pm. He had one little bit of ham, then a 223 v-max gave him some serious indigestion. one dog fox down home by 8.45
  11. Went out last night at 7pm keeper had said a couple of pheasant kills had been found near the release pen. Set up the fox pro with adult rat call on quite. In comes charging in a vixen. Wouldn’t stay still but still meet a sticky end. Back in the keepers cottage for a cup of tea by 730pm.
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