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  1. bang bang birdy

    Sign this

  2. bang bang birdy

    Sx3 spring strength

    When I had an sx3 I found it would cycle anyload as long as you used 67/70 mm cartridges. Mine only had the standard spring
  3. bang bang birdy

    How many Foxes are killed in 2019

    Big dog fox under the lamp with the 243 total 63
  4. bang bang birdy


    I had a similar issue with my brand new 452 many years ago. Mine was a dodgey extractor claw. Take it back in to your rfd it’s an easy fix
  5. bang bang birdy

    Asking for shooting on first post

    100 % agree you have to put the effort in and make yourself know to folk before they are going to let you wander round there back garden with your bang stick
  6. bang bang birdy

    iPad mini 1

  7. bang bang birdy

    iPad mini 1

    Very good condition it’s lived in it case all the time me son had it (from new) charges and battery last well. I had to shrink the photo to add them here, if you send me an email address I can send you the original photos
  8. bang bang birdy

    iPad mini 1

    iPad mini 1 16gb space grey full working order my son has got a new bigger iPad with his Christmas money so this is no longer needed comes in griffin survivor case and with charger but no lead. iPad has been reset to factory settings £65 posted PayPal or bank transfer
  9. bang bang birdy

    Ideal present survival knife

    Money sent
  10. bang bang birdy

    Ideal present survival knife

    Yes please PayPal ok
  11. bang bang birdy

    Clear out

    Hi wayne overall knife is 10-1/4 inches blade is 5-3/4 inches cheers James
  12. bang bang birdy

    Clear out

    All mole skins sold to the man above
  13. bang bang birdy

    Clear out

    Knife bought me as a present unused just not my cup of tea £15 posted over 18 only 3 pairs moleskin trousers Sold
  14. bang bang birdy

    Looking for a nice cheap knife for breasting

    Can’t go wrong with a mora