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  1. Not really possible to know as this was shot on ground I don’t usually shoot on. 18 out of 50 new chickens killed in 2 nights. So the land owner wanted this taken care of pretty quick
  2. Out last night manage to catch up with a vixen who had developed a taste for chicken.
  3. One vixen 615am with 243 from highseat
  4. 4 in the last 2 weeks. 2 dogs, 2 vixens total 127
  5. 2 more last night with the tikka 223 and the pard nv008. 1 vixen at 50 yards 1 dog about 330 yards!
  6. Fox number 2 picked this morning
  7. When out last night for first time with the pard nv008 on the tikka 223. Must say I was quite cuffed with it. My first time using nv. Had 2 foxes in 3 hours 1dog,1 vixen. I also spotted 3 more that did not present shots. Roll on next week.
  8. When I had an sx3 I found it would cycle anyload as long as you used 67/70 mm cartridges. Mine only had the standard spring
  9. Big dog fox under the lamp with the 243 total 63
  10. I had a similar issue with my brand new 452 many years ago. Mine was a dodgey extractor claw. Take it back in to your rfd it’s an easy fix
  11. 100 % agree you have to put the effort in and make yourself know to folk before they are going to let you wander round there back garden with your bang stick
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