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  1. Yep that’s a lion I had one in the early 90’s i think it was 49 or 59 quid brand new. The wood on mine was horrible. I think I sold it to a school mate and upgraded to a bsa super sport.
  2. My sister has a gunmark kestrel that might be for sale she lives in Evesham
  3. I bought this for my son at start of lock down but he has lost interest in it. It cost me £350 for the printer alone On amazon . It comes with everything that came with it plus extra print beds and 3 rolls of printing material. I’m not very technically minded but will try and answer any questions if I can. Looking for £250 plus postage or collection from Ox77hn
  4. What are these chassis like? . I fancy a MDT but never seen one in the flesh
  5. Mora companion carbon blade cheap and easy to keep sharp
  6. Bit more than what you want to spend. But worth https://www.screwfix.com/p/dewalt-dcd778m2t-sfgb-18v-4-0ah-li-ion-xr-brushless-cordless-combi-drill/979hf?mi_u=COM_2189110223&utm_campaign=E20W13AX1&utm_source=email&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Hero1&utm_term=Hero1 I’ve had this for 18months plus and used it a lot, still going strong
  7. Hoggs stuff usually comes up small go up a size round the waist
  8. Ive fitted one to my 452, but I used a picitinny rail. So it sits a bit higher and you can get it further back to get proper eye relief
  9. He is just using it as a single shot at the moment till he gets used to it. A pump was not my first choice for him, but I fancied one, it was a bargain and on the door step, he is still very comfortable with his yildz 410, so we will see who uses the pump the most
  10. The serial number is 069, the build quality on it is unbelievable for such an old gun, if it keeps going as it is it will outlast my boy who’s 11.
  11. I bought the 620 20g for my lad that was in gun trader, lovely little thing, well chuffed with it
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