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  1. Went out last night at 7pm keeper had said a couple of pheasant kills had been found near the release pen. Set up the fox pro with adult rat call on quite. In comes charging in a vixen. Wouldn’t stay still but still meet a sticky end. Back in the keepers cottage for a cup of tea by 730pm.
  2. Got two glass bottles kicking around 1 green glass round bottom wine bottle 1 essolube oil bottle both are quite old and in fairly good condition. swap for something shooting related and interesting? will post at swappers responsibility as there glass. Will be well packaged but it is Royal Mail. location Oxfordshire
  3. 3 more in the last week all with pard nv008 on tikka t3 223 2 dogs and a vixen total 471
  4. Dropped my lad of for scouts in the woods where I shoot (camp fires and cooking) left him at 715pm and walked down to one of my favourite seats on the edge of the woods had a dog fox come in to the caller at 830pm. Walked back up and picked the boy up at 845pm.
  5. Went out last night to christen a mates new high seat. Had two one vixen just before last light and one dog as it got dark. The dog came running in to the caller from 300 yards away. Pard nv008 does the business again.
  6. Seen one on free ads today https://www.freeads.co.uk/uk/buy__sell/leisure__hobbies/hunting__sporting_equipment/guns/air_guns_rifles/35771893/webley-service-rifle/view?utm_medium=crm&utm_source=alert&utm_content=35771893&utm_term=Latest+ads++Air+Guns+(Rifles)++++#.XWFlpiTTWEc
  7. Out last night set up the caller and had a dog fox come in like a steam train within 5 minutes. Saw a cub a couple of hundred yards away but was in a field full of cattle so no shot available.
  8. Fox fever. It ain’t the scope or the rifle so can only be the user😜
  9. Out last night with my mate lamping had 5 foxes but missed 3. nearly all cubs. Not all the fields have been cut yet so hopefully will get another couple of good nights soon
  10. Well done. Have you tried your pard yet.?
  11. Out again tonight another dog fox in the same spot as Friday, after telling some youth to sling there hook tearing around the woods on f#$king motor bikes. Makes my blood boil! I’ve got a Solaris laser and it does make it better but the on board is more than good enough for sensible foxing range in deepest darkest Oxfordshire.
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