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  1. Too much slagging off of others going on. Got bored reading it.
  2. The case I offer to the landowner/keeper is that I will never shoot anywhere near game cover or roosting woods and will ONLY set up around the perimeter of the game shooting area. That way, IF my activities have any effect on gamebirds, it will be to stop them wandering away, sort of dogging in. Often convinces the landowner, although I was once turfed off a farm because "The pheasants will be coming in next week and I want it to be quiet"
  3. It's the wires that are my nightmare. Pigeons sitting on them, before dropping down to feed, can be seen by any pigeon for miles around and will attract them better than anything. So, you see laden wires and set up. Of course, the pigeons leave and you have lost the advantage. IF birds return at all and you shoot one, you are back to square 1 again. As happened to Sam, the will go to another place, if no shooting results, they will build up there and you look like a fool. When I win the Euro millions and buy a shooting farm, false wires will go up, with a system of pulleys to move lofted
  4. These days I find "lines" are actually "flock-strings" where a bunch of birds sit in the trees until they all follow a brave pathfinder in to feed. Anything scares the situation and it's either back to the trees and start again somewhere else or "forget it, I'm not hungry anyway"
  5. Welcome back Cat, long time no see.. Yes, Herts and my part of Essex do seem down on birds wrt a decade or 2 ago but I don't think you can blame the kites, who are mainly carrion eaters. Changes in farming methods (better drilling, cleaner combines with chaff cutters, early cultivation and now the reduction in OSR) are taking their toll, plus overshooting too, is making pigeons every-device-aware. Right now the main feed seems to be about 5.00am, with a top-up, if nice and quiet, about 7.30 - 9.00pm, not the usual hours of a pigeon shooter. My farmers will not let me out at dawn for fear
  6. Yes, I've seen this too. Rare to find lodged wheat or barley these days, sadly. (farmers don't agree, just like they like to get the peas well into the soil!)
  7. I'm not sold on this lupin idea, yes they are legumes but there are 2 large fields planted with them and he's put gas guns out, must really want the crop. Lupin seeds, what's the going price?? Now, THESE are lupins, in the bottom right of the picture; (ignore the bears ripping my rock walls down to look for ant nests!) Totally different leaf. Come on JD, help me out here.... (or I'll send the bears round!) Now these are the things, soy beans, photo from google:
  8. Don't look like the lupins that grow in my garden. Google soy beans, looks quite good.... I'll keep watching and update as required. Cheers
  9. Hi team, came across a crop I didn't know, my best guess is soy beans. It was on a few fields I can't shoot but for future information, the pigeons loved it. It was drilled about 5 weeks ago and is only just starting to show because of the drought. Pigeons have been on it all the time, but mainly only EARLY. 5.30 -7.00am. Someone had some shooting most of one day but it wasn't mad stuff, shots every 10-15 minutes. but there again, their hide stood out like a sore thumb. Some birds are still on it early, despite a gas gun. There are more on weak-growth areas of a nearby OSR field, ca
  10. I have shot them eating the flowers and/or the bits recovering from their earlier attacks They are doing that right now, down the road from me (no permission) After that I would say harvest time.
  11. Wow!! 766 pages to read before bedtime! Seriously, I did find the bit about colour vision, most interesting. So my painting of all my kit in matt green/brown is not stupid! (I did have a blue milk crate for example) Many thanks, now all you need to tell me is what speed to run my magnet, if at all!! Cheers, JK
  12. As people have said, some days they work like a charm and some days they don't. I think that's got a lot to do with how many times they have seen them and associated them with danger, how hungry they are, how long their memories are plus loads of other factors I expect! However, it's the speed controller I'm interested in. I've never had one, mainly because I don't know what speed is good. I don't think magnets work so well when the battery is going flat and they are getting slow. Is it radial velocity or actual speed of the decoy birds (which can be adjusted by arm length) that you think
  13. DEFRA says crop protection is essential. Go to the BPCA website.
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