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  1. kitchrat

    What Species Do You Enjoy Eating The Most ?

    Am I the only vote for WILD turkey? I am also told that Sandhill Cranes eat really well but don't want to shoot one. (not allowed in BC or Alberta but OK inSaskatchewan) Coots are also recommended by my shooting buddy but I don't fancy them! Kitchrat
  2. kitchrat

    Pigeon shooting suffolk

    Yes, my pal and I did a "Goose flight and duck flight" day with them last year. Just got dumped off by the "guide" and told to get on with it. Has no shots at geese and about 5 shots at duck. Complete con, they had my money then hid behind the "That's shooting wild game" ticket but in fact had made almost NO attempt to put us on birds. NEVER AGAIN!!
  3. kitchrat

    The migration has started...

    Sounds like great fun! But where in the country are you? West to East? Where have they come from and where are they going? Send some to Essex please!
  4. kitchrat


    Yes, I've had birds with little else but snails in their crop so they must be able to grind them up. On the same note a wild turkey I shot this spring had a few complete hazel nuts in it's crop. Now that would take some grinding!
  5. kitchrat

    Stubble disappointment & size

    Have these fields been cut with a combine and chaff-cutter, or baled? I have a theory which says that a chaff-cutter lets cut chaff drift down onto any lost grain and covers it up. Don't forget that pigeons cannot/do not scratch like chickens do. Then, sometimes, as mentioned on other posts, a field seems to get more attractive to pigeons once it is roughly cultivated. Is this because the chaff has been tipped off the grain??
  6. kitchrat

    More golden time

    I never intended to question YOUR reporting, Motty, but as my shooting is in Essex, the story you related is beyond belief. I know there are some good flocks my way from time to time and good bags can be had but a massacre on that scale????
  7. kitchrat

    More golden time

    Not wanting to question your observations/reports but 500 shots in 2 hours?? That's more than 1 shot every 15 seconds!! Did he double/treble-gun it with loaders?? Who opened the boxes of ammo? Did the gun burn his hand?? Anyway, great to hear of your brilliant day, laid barley is almost a thing of the past but I know you have had a remarkable spell of weather and storms. I bagged my 4th ground squirrel last week. JK
  8. kitchrat

    Feel like a England batsman

    This pulling out at 60-70 yards is what they have been doing 90% of the time in my part of Essex for years. I put it down to overshooting, do you remember ridiculing my post about educating Essex birds - "mensa pigeons!" you called them?? Shot my 1st wild turkey last week, they are quite well educated too... At least you can call them in. Cheers, Kitchrat
  9. kitchrat

    Where to sell pigeons in Essex?

    Thanks to you all for your ideas. I never got a reply from Howletts. Pubs can work but usually Health and Safety rules prevent them taking birds legally (at least that's what they think), same with butchers.. In addition, I hate driving about, spending time and fuel, to give away something that will appear on the menu for £7.99. Keep thinking please!!
  10. Selling pigeons in Essex.

    It might be worth giving Pete Theobald a ring. He shoots loads of pigeons and lives in Rettendon just south of Chelmsford and probably uses someone not a million miles from you.

    Whether he'll divulge his outlet remains to be seen, but he's quite approachable guy.

    I've got his number if you wish to try.


    1. kitchrat

      Where to sell pigeons in Essex?

      that was the 3-hour round trip!
    2. Following the demise of Hide and Deeks at Bishops Stortford, I have been struggling to sell pigeons. "Fortunately" I haven't shot many until the smashed-up maize-cover season this month. This year, the maize grew well, with lots of cobs and for once, the pigeons liked it! The 1st Sunday, my team shot 155, which I took to Rigby's, for 25p each. However, with the traffic round Chelmsford etc, the round trip took me 3 hours and used half the cash on fuel. The next couple of weeks we had 75 and 120, filled our freezers with breasts and gave many birds away. Does anyone know of a solution to the problems of successful pigeon shooting, nearer to Great Dunmow?? Many thanks, JK
    3. kitchrat

      Did it work for you?

      Cat, That's my point exactly! Kitch
    4. kitchrat

      Did it work for you?

      Several posters have been asking for a spell of cold weather to focus the pigeons on rape. Well you got it, but did it work? For me, strangely, it was a negative event. Pre-snow, I had a large farm with lots of patchy rape which was getting attention. In spite of the inevitable gas guns and game cover, I managed a good day's sport in high wind the other week, even though they came from the wrong direction (behind me), down wind at Mach 2 and swirled away on seeing it was a trap, I had 20 birds and some great sport. (I could not shoot in the other direction due to a busy road) Another few farms, with better established taller rape were also getting interest. Then it snowed - lovely!!?? Spent all day Tuesday riding round. The snow had (naturally) covered the shorter, chewed up rape but the birds had not gone on to the taller stuff which was showing through. Saw some on ivy, a few on acorns and one flock sitting in the trees(when I stopped the truck, 200 yards away, they flew off, never to return). Overall, I saw far less birds. Just goes to show how unpredictable they can be. Off to see what the thaw has brought....
    5. kitchrat

      Do geese "Cross-decoy"??

      Yes, it was blatently half-hearted