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  1. I have been saying for years that Essex Birds are often magnet aware. However, movement is important and flappers can, as said by Hidenseek below, scare birds if they flap at the wrong time. I have a flapper with remote control, which I use to get the attention, then turn it off as the decoys "reel them in". NB JD, all moving part of the magnet are covered with matt finish, camo duct tape. The motor also need to be hidden with a bit of stubble or weeds. I think birds round here are overshot and therefore over educated.
  2. I tried painting last year and ended up with RSI in my shooting shoulder, only just getting better now!
  3. I was once shooting a stubble field (full permission) and the keeper from the wood behind told me to leave "because his birds would be arriving next week and he wanted it to be quiet for them"!!
  4. Sorry, my fault! However, I do think that both we and game shooters shoot for sport really (although we can justify our "sport" by using the crop protection argument) and this is where the problem lies. We enjoy shooting live birds and many of the general, urban public find this, or can be led to find it, abhorrent. The lower we keep our profile, the longer we will be able to carry on.
  5. 100% agree. Some of these duck "drives" are an insult to the word "SPORT" and are just bag-fillers for the greedy, poor shots from the city. Many of these "Guns" don't even take a brace of oven ready birds home from a 200+ day. They are just there to take a photo of a full game cart and send it to their 1100 "friends" on Facebook. Just what Packham could use against us...
  6. One big difference here is that most fishermen practise "catch and release". Shoot and release doesn't really work! Absolutely right. The shoots I enjoy most are farm shoots, 8 friends shoot maybe 80 birds over 6 or 7 drives, the Guns and the beaters take them all home, then the Guns go out for a dinner. Very sporting, no mass slaughter and a fantastic day for all.
  7. Yes, I've done a "big" day, 225 I think, but the bag was filled in 4 drives, not the 6 you calculate. Not a big difference but it meant that a greedy gun on a hot peg could shoot, say, 20+ birds on 1 drive. Sheer greed, not sport. Anyway, I found there were so many birds that it was just like a simulated game clay shoot and quite honestly I didn't enjoy it much. Each to his own. By the way, I have been shooting, on and off, for 50 years, rabbits, pigeons, game, wildfowl and clays so I'm not an anti, just warning that I think we are in danger of giving the Packham crowd ammunition to use in persuading the uninitiated to join them. I do agree that clays are a good way to introduce shooters to our sport but it is very different in the eyes of outsiders.
  8. But no furry/fluffy/feathered things get shot and killed at the clay ground, so it's "OK" (PC) to enjoy that. Take some townies to a 250-bird day and let them see Guns cutting down bird after bird or a game cart full of 250 little partridges and you might get a very different reaction. We need to be careful!!
  9. How you see things all depends on which side of the fence you are on
  10. This is an example of what I mean - straight out of todays Daily Telegraph. I have no idea of the truth behind the story, in common with 99.99% of other readers, but it doesn't look good.... I like puffins, they are nice little chaps!
  11. The "Urban Majority" have no idea about anything outside their tiny, social-media-led lives. They see no need to own guns (why would you need a Perazzi in London?) and can be easily led to oppose them, fuelled by pictures of shooters "boasting" about a heap of dead "poor little birds" (just like those on my bird table), "slaughtered for fun" over a stubble field where they were "doing no harm". We know the truth but Packham and his followers have no interest in the truth. It's the same with electric cars. "Why would you need a vehicle with a range of more than 50 miles? Work is just round the corner. A pick up truck?? In the city?? OK for taking 500 semi-rotten dead birds to the butcher. We are treading a tricky path and should take care what ammunition we put out there.
  12. Surely a picture or video of a grey horde lifting off a rape or pea field would be better PR than a heap of dead pigeons which are unlikely to all find their way into the food chain?? By the way, how would you move that many, must have a fleet of pick-up trucks....
  13. kitchrat


    Maybe a 9-iron.... Out here in Canada I've seen wild turkeys kill and eat garter snakes, about 3ft long. In Alberta, they have rattlers, you have to be a bit careful in long brush when hunting Sharp Tailed Grouse! My "better half" got the classic warning from a 5-footer, it worked well, one squeak and a 6-foot backwards leap from a standing start and all was well (New Olympic sport?)
  14. They were on that field again on Monday, as I headed for the airport. Maybe you have another chance??
  15. Sounds good! I had a similar day the other side of Dunmow, (I'm from Jasper's Green) on a big similar field but shared with another team (Father & Son) down the other end. They had the best end (1st come, 1st served) and I had a lousy hide position, standing on the steep sides of a slippery, water-filled ditch. Shot well, I had 54 for 74 shots, the others had "about 40" for, I would guess, about 200 shots ("you have to put the lead in the air" brigade!) The point is, that a big field needs more than 1 set-up. If you were on that drilling by Andrews Field, (the leylandi suggest it) 2 teams could have had a game of ping-pong, like I did.
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