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    match fishing, shooting, lurchers.
  1. Its just a thought, Last season on 4 or 5 outings I had to take my bouncers in to get the birds to commit themselves, and it worked out great. Possibly if the wind is not moving those wings enough on the bouncers, then from a great height they could look dead.
  2. Just come across this interesting article. what do you think? click the link :- http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/bril...02?crawler=true Tucker
  3. The lads have told you nearly everything you need to know. A nice damp night, a torch with a narrow beam as not to spread the light. I go to the local park and will come back with at least 200 in an hour +. A lot of them I get in two,s as they are getting ready to mate and are locked together. These will last me for a 5 hour fishing match. A little tip:- get a two ltr ice cream tub, put two holes in the sides with a piece of string through so it goes underneath the box with enough string underneath to get your foot in. then put two holes in the back of the box with string, and tie it rou
  4. BUY ONE OF THESE, IVE GOT TWO THEY WONT KNOCK THESE OVER Lixit Quick-Lock Crock 20 oz. Lixit Quick Lock Crock 20 oz. Feeding and watering bowl fixed to cage with removeable bowl. I GOT MINE FROM HERE :- http://www.companionschoice.co.uk/category...d_Feeding_1.htm THEY LOCK IN AND YOU CAN USE THEM FOR FOOD & WATER. you can buy them in most pet shops , leaves you plenty of floor space. TUCKER
  5. tucker

    T, B & J.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes guys only got back from sunny CORFU last night. So i can enjoy myself now with a bit of shooting Would,nt go again, nice to be back TUCKER.
  7. Cheers Bobt :o Have you got any details on hireing it or a phone number. Any info you can give me. Thanks again :o Cheers TUC
  8. 4 members are celebrating their birthday today hymax12uk(38), Crossbow-Ralph(17), Joneszee(34), lanber(46) Have a great day lads, and a brilliant night All the best Cheers TUC.
  9. Does any one know of any rabbit pens for hire in the north west, or not too far from here. I have read that you can hire them by the hour. The only one I can see on the net is KENT, a bit too far from Liverpool. Any info would be appreciated Cheers Guys TUC.
  10. tucker


    Sounds more like LB No offence meant TUC
  11. All the best boys Have a great day (and night ) Cheers TUC.
  12. Any one going http://www.basc.org.uk/content/basc_back_with_a_bang_at_ TUC.
  13. tucker


    Im looking for a dog carrier, if possible a Deluxe VARI kennel (medium) or the standard Vari kennel (medium) Cheers TUC.
  14. Happy birthday AmateX(20), darkassassin(30), OLDJUDDA(49) :wacko: Have a great day Cheers TUC.
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