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  1. All sorted now. Thanks for all the offers
  2. Sorry a bit rushed that post. Would like 28" barrels and multi choke if poss. Not too bothered if its a bit rough (no major damage tho) And would be ideal if it was within a 1 hour drive of Sunderland but RFD to me is poss.
  3. spacemonkey

    Semi auto

    Semi auto wanted. Got £250 poss a little more What you got?
  4. Been sold, thanks all for any interest shown.
  5. You also have Steve Smith Shooting ground at Dinnington (near the airport) http://www.stevesmiths.co.uk/ been there a few times and found the ground very good, You also have Bywells up by morpeth, not shot there yet but have a very good shop and the salesman is full of useful info, i found him very very helpful.
  6. Thats how i started. My mate took me out and thoroughly enjoyed myself, a year later i have my own gun and getting stuck right in. Still a cr*p shot tho
  7. I got a 686E sporting the other week when my sgc came through only paid £800 for it but it was off a good mate. love the gun but now looking for another one for the wife, the spending never stops
  8. Aye true, never thought of that.
  9. Do any Clay shooting events get shown on tv? Was thinking with the Olympic Games soon it may get shown at some stupid time in the morning when no one is up. Found this the other day and would like to watch more. http://www.fieldsportschannel.tv/clays/
  10. Got my licance the other day and went out today and started the spend. Got myself 500 Ealy Olimpic carts and a Beretta 686E. I was like a kid on crimbo morning when i got up but now well skint lol. Cant wait to get stuck in to some clays but will have to wait a few weeks before i can
  11. Already have a gun lined up, going to get a Beretta 686e that ive been using when ive been out shooting with my mate, thats just the start i know but will all come in time. Cant wait for it to be all sorted i feel like a kid waiting for cristmass to come.
  12. well he has been and gone, think everything went well, have to wait about 2 weeks to see but he says everything looks ok. Hope to be all up and running just in time for my birthday
  13. Thanks all, q's i thought would be asked tbh but just wanted to ask. Been shooting clays for a while now but just wanted to get my own gun so i can go when i want not when my mate can go with me. Not a Makem but a Geordie living in exile. lol
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