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  1. Variation on a theme

    To me, it looks ok
  2. Trump in a dogs ear....

    I saw the title and thought, why would someone want to break wind into a dogs ear?
  3. Classic car as an everyday motor

    I mostly use a motorcycle for my commute (1999 gs500e), but if traffics quiet or weather is realy bad I have my 1985 land rover 90 with an eberspacher heater on a timer for when it's really cold
  4. Saga Cartridges

    I saw sega cartridges 😆
  5. Fordson super major restoration

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/fordson-new-performance-super-major-/382259562200?hash=item59007206d8:g:IKMAAOSwIVhZ7ip6 Aww was getting interesting
  6. Mossberg pump 410

    I've got a 410 I've used it on a clay shoot practice stands and people were saying it sounds like an air rifle with subsonic cartridges. Tried some 2 inch cartridges but they fall through the lifter and dangle by the brass rim. It didn't like magnum eley non sub cartridges they'd stick in the barrel. Havn't used it for a while since I got fac though it was cool not wearing ear protection
  7. Impact wrench

    I've got 2 an earlier steel front one and a later titanium quiet one, had em from new the old one about 16 yrs and all it needed in that time was a new trigger. The old one is still just as powerful as the newer one.
  8. Miroku ml-22

    Thanks I'll try that
  9. Miroku ml-22

    Recently bought one and I would like to know how old it is? is there any way to tell there are no letters in the serial number
  10. Air pistol

    Probably something low powered co2 or single stroke pneumatic then spring might be too much they do recoil more
  11. Air pistol

    I got one of these in 177 and i like it https://www.solware.co.uk/smk-pp700w-pcp-air-pistol
  12. help me out with some advise

    I once shot a woody at maybe 15 meters and hit it in the chest area and it dropped off its perch dead on the floor. Hw35 22 and un be known to me 14ft/lb when I found out I soon fixed it, within 2 hours.
  13. Brownells

    I ordered them from little skeeters and they arrived no problem Can't remember how much they were it was a couple of years ago
  14. **** in gun shop

  15. LR Series - lost rear drive

    I broke loads of halfshafts when I had a s3 if it's broke on the outside end it's easy but if it's broke on the inside it's harder. One time it damaged the sun and planet gears. I even broke one I was rolling back slowly and I let the clutch in in first and pop.