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  1. defender

    Grounds for divorce?

    You need some of these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/IKEA-Bevara-30-Food-bag-Storage-Clips-Freezer-Fridge-Bag-Sealing-Clip-/163150800248?_trksid=p2349526.m4383.l4275.c10
  2. defender

    PCP Compressor

    or some kind of conversion to run the pump from a small engine
  3. defender

    Def 200 tdi running problems.

    I've got an Eberspacher in mine with a timer, it's a bit of a bodge but its been like that for a long time (nice and toasty)
  4. defender

    [SOLD] Torque Screwdriver

  5. defender

    [SOLD] Torque Screwdriver

    pay pal ok?
  6. defender

    HALFORDS FREE MOTs !!!!!!!!!

    I know someone who works there and the free ones don't fail much as they have usually been somewhere before and been checked over. It seems they just go to their usual garage and get it sorted then get a free mot.
  7. defender

    Drones over Gatwick

    "More than 20 police units from two forces are searching for the perpetrator, who could face up to five years in jail" More like a moderate fine and some community service thus sending the message its not that wrong to disrupt an airport.
  8. defender

    Drones over Gatwick

    and air gun licencing in Scotland stopped domestic pets being shot
  9. defender

    Drones over Gatwick

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-sussex-46640033 bit late less talk more action
  10. defender

    Drones over Gatwick

  11. defender

    Drones over Gatwick

    Looks like a job for a clay shooter😁 Wonder if the operators will be caught?
  12. defender

    plastic polution rant

    Well something similar, didn't seem racist and I found the island of rubbish. I saw a video on you tube about islands for sale that nobody wants and there were a few with beaches where rubbish washes up all the time Nice
  13. defender

    plastic polution rant

    "The Government of UK has reportedly announced that it plans to impose a new 15p tax on sandwich packaging as part of its ongoing effort to cut down upon plastic waste." Yea right more like ongoing effort to find more ways to steal our money off us
  14. defender

    plastic polution rant

    It seems even if loads of countries recycled correctly there will still be enough left that don't care and the seas will never be right