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  1. CCI Blazer .22LR

    £70 /1000 wow ! lot cheaper here(my local) http://www.kirklees-guns.co.uk/rimfire.html My CZ varmint loves them and so does my 10/22, cheap and reliable CZ likes em more than the Ruger though. Ruger didn't like Federal Champion
  2. Offensive Weapons Bill

    or make your own with a piece of steel and a grinder
  3. Moisture problem cheap pumps

    £35 here every 5 years I'm happy with that and sold the pump for over half of the bottle cost
  4. Moisture problem cheap pumps

    I tried a pump. After pumping my webley raider up from empty I went out and bought a 3L 300 bar bottle and sold the pump. Only costs £2 to top bottle up at local gunshop which is only a couple of mlies away and I can get pellets while I'm at it.
  5. Weihrauch HW77 .22

    Ooops I mean gun watch
  6. Weihrauch HW77 .22

    contact the seller on pigeon watch as they won't see it here as they aren't a member, and remove your email from your post, bad idea to post it on a public forum.
  7. Daystate Pulsar Sling?

    I've got an old Daystate MK3 .22 12 lb/ft stripped it and re sealed it (£10 a set from Daystate) new set of batteries £27 were in it when I got it, and I get 150 ish shots from a full tank.
  8. worst ever TV programme

    Love it I've been watching it from the beginning on Netflix as well as the new ones. The bar of chocolate in the shop clip on youtube cracks me up😂😂 Hate "talent" shows and pointless reality shows there's loads of them
  9. Count Dankula and the nazi pug.

    I can't help but picture this every time I see that headline
  10. Opening FAC

    Thanks for the replies will talk to FEO
  11. Opening FAC

    What has to be done after I've had my FAC for 18 months to get my certificate opened?
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-politics-43299953
  13. Selling land rover

    Can't get the proper one anymore
  14. Mossberg 500 .410 pump

    I was using mine on a clay shoot practice stand and I could hear people behind saying it sounded like an air rifle.
  15. Illegal pocket knife?

    Been walking round with one of these on my keyring the thought occurred is it illegal despite having a small blade http://www.christycompany.net/products/pocket-knives/