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  1. defender

    Ruger wanted

  2. defender

    Distillery Tour

    I went round a few a while ago took advantage of not driving, started with one in keith. I just turned up and didn't book, one I went to we were on a main road and the traffic ground to a halt managed to get down the slip road on a turn off with a sign to another distillery
  3. defender

    Another Handgun shooting in London

    It's everywhere https://www.examiner.co.uk/news/west-yorkshire-news/huddersfield-carnival-shooting-anger-after-14910119
  4. defender

    Flies grr.

  5. defender

    Yokel Mobile

    foers ibex https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ibex_(vehicle)
  6. defender

    Motorbike restart

    New plugs
  7. defender

    TD5 Turbo Replacement Help

    I've seen one blocked solid with carbon
  8. defender

    hft targets

    I bought one off ebay the same that said it was suitable for 22rf I was dubious but I gave it a chance, 35 meters subsonic ammo ruined it. sent an ebay message with photos and they refunded my money then I beat it with a big hammer and got it something like. I'll use it with air rifles in future I also have some targets from here http://www.nockover-targets.co.uk/home.html
  9. defender

    Scope magnification for 22LR?

    bsa sweet 22 scope has 18x I put one on my cz 455 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bsa-Visor-Sweet-22-Scope-6-18X40SP/222415786959?hash=item33c90393cf:g:2bsAAOSwke9aJTfk
  10. defender

    Bee/Wasp Dispenser

  11. defender

    Annoying TV Advertisements

    also they had death threats you need the adturds website vent some badverts with like minded people
  12. defender

    CCI Blazer .22LR

    £70 /1000 wow ! lot cheaper here(my local) http://www.kirklees-guns.co.uk/rimfire.html My CZ varmint loves them and so does my 10/22, cheap and reliable CZ likes em more than the Ruger though. Ruger didn't like Federal Champion
  13. defender

    Offensive Weapons Bill

    or make your own with a piece of steel and a grinder
  14. defender

    Moisture problem cheap pumps

    £35 here every 5 years I'm happy with that and sold the pump for over half of the bottle cost
  15. defender

    Moisture problem cheap pumps

    I tried a pump. After pumping my webley raider up from empty I went out and bought a 3L 300 bar bottle and sold the pump. Only costs £2 to top bottle up at local gunshop which is only a couple of mlies away and I can get pellets while I'm at it.