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  1. I've just had mine done at a dive shop £35 + £1.50 for 3 O rings
  2. defender


    I saw a car brought in for mot with no inner brake pads at both sides at the front, just piston onto disc.
  3. defender

    Neat bike

  4. I had my 2.5d up to 81mph on the clock down a long hill......... poor old engine , wont do it again. It's had a new set of pistons since then.
  5. It's usually far away like at the very top of a tall pine tree but it's got a loud cheep, I'm not sure if it adds a bunch of twittering after its cheeped for a while or if it's another bird joining in.
  6. Where I work its surrounded by houses with big gardens There are regular wood pigeons, doves, black birds, magpies the odd crow and other birds that I don't know . Including one with a red chest that's been about for a while that goes cheep cheep cheep on and off all day. Some of the woodies and doves come quite close.
  7. Mine started oiling up 1 plug then it miss fired so I had to sell it turned out 1 piston had a hole next to a ring groove.
  8. 86/87 the regal van and the mini were £168 tpf&t I remember that, price was same when I changed the insurance over.
  9. lol.............. Me too except it was blue, no car licence, then I got a mini 1275gt and passed my test
  10. You need some of these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/IKEA-Bevara-30-Food-bag-Storage-Clips-Freezer-Fridge-Bag-Sealing-Clip-/163150800248?_trksid=p2349526.m4383.l4275.c10
  11. or some kind of conversion to run the pump from a small engine
  12. I've got an Eberspacher in mine with a timer, it's a bit of a bodge but its been like that for a long time (nice and toasty)
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