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  1. It's usually far away like at the very top of a tall pine tree but it's got a loud cheep, I'm not sure if it adds a bunch of twittering after its cheeped for a while or if it's another bird joining in.
  2. Where I work its surrounded by houses with big gardens There are regular wood pigeons, doves, black birds, magpies the odd crow and other birds that I don't know . Including one with a red chest that's been about for a while that goes cheep cheep cheep on and off all day. Some of the woodies and doves come quite close.
  3. Mine started oiling up 1 plug then it miss fired so I had to sell it turned out 1 piston had a hole next to a ring groove.
  4. 86/87 the regal van and the mini were £168 tpf&t I remember that, price was same when I changed the insurance over.
  5. lol.............. Me too except it was blue, no car licence, then I got a mini 1275gt and passed my test
  6. You need some of these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/IKEA-Bevara-30-Food-bag-Storage-Clips-Freezer-Fridge-Bag-Sealing-Clip-/163150800248?_trksid=p2349526.m4383.l4275.c10
  7. or some kind of conversion to run the pump from a small engine
  8. I've got an Eberspacher in mine with a timer, it's a bit of a bodge but its been like that for a long time (nice and toasty)
  9. I know someone who works there and the free ones don't fail much as they have usually been somewhere before and been checked over. It seems they just go to their usual garage and get it sorted then get a free mot.
  10. "More than 20 police units from two forces are searching for the perpetrator, who could face up to five years in jail" More like a moderate fine and some community service thus sending the message its not that wrong to disrupt an airport.
  11. and air gun licencing in Scotland stopped domestic pets being shot
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