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  1. defender

    Grenfell Tower Bonfire Video

    Saw somewhere that there have been more arrests over the burning of the cardboard tower than the real one
  2. defender

    Fireworks ban

    There was something similar last year https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/201947
  3. defender

    Car keeps getting a flat battery

    been there done that
  4. defender

    Car keeps getting a flat battery

    I've put my phone on video record and put it in the boot and glovebox to make sure lights go out when closed before now.
  5. My 410 mossy 500 holds 3, 2 inch cartridges in the mag but they fall through the cartridge lifter and jam it 2, 2 and a half inch cartridges work ok
  6. defender

    RIP Burt Reynolds

    Just watched Smokie and the Bandit on sky on demand after I heard the sad news
  7. defender

    Replacement for cayenne?

  8. defender

    Daystate magazines

    pm sent £25 177
  9. defender

    Pump for PCP or is tank my only option

    I'm fortunate that where I fill mine is under 2 miles away and only charge £2 to top up and I have a 3L and a 10L cylinder £35 every 5 years for cylinder retest. I started off with a pump but soon got rid and got a cylinder, the 10L lasts ages Another shop showed me a air rifle cylinder that had been only filled with a pump and it was very rusty
  10. defender

    Ruger wanted

  11. defender

    Distillery Tour

    I went round a few a while ago took advantage of not driving, started with one in keith. I just turned up and didn't book, one I went to we were on a main road and the traffic ground to a halt managed to get down the slip road on a turn off with a sign to another distillery
  12. defender

    Another Handgun shooting in London

    It's everywhere https://www.examiner.co.uk/news/west-yorkshire-news/huddersfield-carnival-shooting-anger-after-14910119
  13. defender

    Flies grr.