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  1. I get over 200meg download but when my vpn is connected it drops to 80 some sites wont let you on with a vpn.
  2. I've got an 835 and a 500 .410 Hushpower
  3. I got one that said it was suitable for rim-fire and when I shot it it turned the targets spoon shaped. I got a refund and hammered them back flat between 2 large hammers and use them for airguns.
  4. I look on wish, then check eBay and its usually cheaper, sometimes a fair bit. Plus at least on eBay there's buyer protection because there's a lot of junk on wish.
  5. I'm sure it can only be mot exempt if it hasn't been modified yup all here https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/670431/vehicles-of-historical-interest-substantial-change-guidance.pdf
  6. Fixed, it was the gas valve after all, if it wasn't illegal to do so I could have done it but it was done professionally by a gas safe engineer.
  7. Yea I've read about new boilers not even managing to get to 10 yrs without requiring replacement whereas that one is over 30 yrs old and the whole system has needed 1 electric valve, 1 pump and a few thermocouples in it's life. Annoyingly if I'd done it myself it would have only been out of action for less than 2 days
  8. Yea I've done it before and it worked perfectly and just in case I put a co monitor in the boiler room and it was fine, but I'm not going to do it again. I think genuine ones are still available at 3 times the price of a universal one. He did say to me that the boiler is probably 40% efficient whereas modern boilers are up to 98% efficient.
  9. Not yet he had a look got the boiler parts number and says he is going to get a genuine thermocouple
  10. Thanks for that, I held it for so long my thumb had a gas flame imprint and let it go very slowly and it still went out. Fortunately I've found someone I know who is on the gas safe website and they are coming tomorrow and I cancelled the one mentioned above.
  11. Think I've got someone, it's been a nightmare so far with leaving voicemails and no one getting back to me and phones that ring and ring. What I need to know now is what can cause the pilot not to stay lit when I release the grey button to me it can only be thermocouple, gas valve or weak pilot light flame just in case they try to bamboozle me. Oh and how much is it to become gas safe?
  12. Ah well, even though I can get all the parts and I've done it before many years ago, I'll have to get someone in
  13. The pilot looks to be heating the thermocouple, its a case of removing the thermostat cover 2 screws, then removing the main large cover 4 screws, then removing the thermocouple next to the pilot, then the tube to the main gas valve and unscrewing the union on the main gas valve then reverse of removal. As far as I can remember no gas pipes or gas fittings have to be removed, its an old boiler with a huge square flue. Thorn Olympic 38/50B
  14. Just thought I'd ask in case there are any gas fitters on here. My boiler pilot light has gone out and won't stay lit. It's an old boiler and it's had a few thermocouples I fit one maybe 15 yrs ago the last one was fitted by a gas engineer. Gas safety has got a lot more strict since I fit one, would it be best to call a gas engineer or would I get badly done if I fit it myself?
  15. defender

    Air fryers

    I have an actifry and when I do oven chips I don't add any oil as they have oil on them anyway.
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