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  1. i shot there this year and shot a little better than last years "stevie wonder at midnight" performance its always a fun shoot and the bloke who always seems to man the last stand at the far end is always very helpful with words of wisdom he wears snazzy ear defenders we enjoy the fair as its not MASSIVE and Darren who does the gun dogs is always worth chatting to
  2. yup im working as well on the 1st but as soon as i get home on leave i shall be out on the WWA marshes. having not shot on the marsh last year due to losing my adult dog i will be keen this year
  3. i use them and i've had good results with them sure people scoff at them and make comments like "your gonna look daft carrying that on a shoot day" but its another valuable tool for use in training your dog just like your bag of training dummies and tennis balls which im sure no one takes ona shoot day either?
  4. can he juggle chainsaws and ride a unicycle???
  5. mine travel in the back of my Discovery in a transk9 crate thats sat on top of a lintran drawer unit
  6. no longer own the astra and have got this sitting in the shed along with a set of roof bars too. the rack is a high line one that does not obscure the cars lights so no light boards required £50 ono would prefer pick up or meet with in reason or will package up if some one wants to arrange a courier
  7. was just thinking that looks like the latest isis suicide vest for the discerning suicide bomber
  8. beeredup


    its a crying shame that most politicians have a built inability to tell the truth and speak openly and frankly
  9. nice scoob i still miss mine after all these years
  10. first dibs please what condition are they in?
  11. i grew up having regular contact with my nans westies and i must of gotten off lucky as even as a toddler probably doing things to them that i shouldn't of done i never got bitten?
  12. Heres mine in his shooting jacket on the marsh
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