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  1. some nice pics there and your all making me jealous as my camrea is busted up due to dirt getting into it
  2. We put about 15-20 out of one marsh on the way to the foreshore two nights ago. The area would be about 1/4 of a football pitch. Loads of them up here in N.Ireland if ya know where to go but we don't bother much with them.
  3. She would make a good scare crow
  4. Nice to have the time "in between flights" (and a mrs who dosn't mind) I wasn't allowed every sat morning to shoot so she had to go Very nice pic as alwats mark
  5. be back later with some pic's when i sober up (note the time now)
  6. ROTFLMAO And thats the truth he he
  7. good I think its a good idea (even though im ******)
  8. Right guys this is a chance to have a laugh and have a bit of a shootout between ourselves. So come on who is up for it. P.S. I noone else goes I AUTOMATICALY WIN the trophy. Venue = Hollow Farm Date = He who dares wins Just for a laugh, come on
  9. I should get my new gun tomorrow all being well (with TNT parcels). A nice shiney new Silver Pigeon 3 O/U multichoke-field gun. Thats my xmas present to myself and the (x) girlfriend said 'F you' and packed er bags Life can't get much better than that :thumbs:
  10. Shot them on chickweed once. We had gone to a bean field which had been ploughed in the day before but on our way home found 3 fields together with stubble/chickweed. We shot 90+ (can't remember the exact number) in about 3hrs sharing the same gun.
  11. I like a prefare a lighter gun myself with a shorter stalk, I suppose thats what im used to anyway (AYA Yeoman O/U FC). I guess (as you suggest Cranfield) is try them out. Dazza Cheers for the offer, my mate shoots a silver pigeon and I liked it for the lightweight feel and how easy it came up to my shoulder. I just got offered a more expensive gun and can't justify the expense along with the weight difference. Cheers guys.
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