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  1. He’s got big shoes to fill, looks like he’s nearly done it!! ❤️❤️
  2. He obviously has a high prey drive. I guess garden birds appear suddenly and then seem to dart about, pure kyptonite for a sight hound with high prey drive!
  3. So sorry, he looks like he had the best life with you!
  4. Hi, he’s found his new home subject to meet and collection. Thank you!
  5. Oooh a friend of mine has these, one of her chaps has won loads showing AND trialling, just shows how versatile they are! Beautiful pups!
  6. 😂😂😂😂 brilliant
  7. He definitely is, I’ve found him on MyKC. I’ve chased the breeder many times but have since given up.
  8. A chap that we whelped the mum for 👍
  9. He can do either but if he does feel the need to take them off he keeps them in his sunglasses case of course - where else would he put them? 🤔🤔🙄😂
  10. Lovely little cocker dog for sale, make a super easy beating dog. Yellow / golden roam (I’m not very au fait with colours!) Environmentally sound, loves a tennis ball and returns it to hand. Knows sit and recalls well. Just an all round jolly cocker. He was going to be my daughter’s first sniffer dog but just doesn’t quite have the ‘oomph’ for it and is a little too laid back for the job. He’d make a lovely family pet / easy working dog. Docked, dew clawed, microchipped, vaccinated. KC reg but we never received the papers from his breeder so selling as not KC 🤷‍♀️🙄 £1500 ono, N Wales, Nr Chester.
  11. Very true, Pablo throws himself into his positions ie ‘down’ so fast it’s comical 😂
  12. The clicker is simply there to mark the behaviour you want, that’s all. It shouldn’t be used to get the dog’s attention. Have a look at this - I’ve not watched it all the way through but hopefully it’ll clear things up a bit
  13. Five years ago - he must have had her when he was younger than I thought!
  14. Just love this photo of my 15 year old lad and his gundog that I took tonight. They’re joined at the hip and have an incredible bond - he’s had and worked her on shoots and walked up since he was 10. Shes the only dog on the big commercial shoot near us that’s exempt from being on the lead, even at the big flushing points. Wouldn't think it to look at her but she hunts so hard and fast she turns brambles to matchsticks! (Well obviously she doesn’t but you get my drift!) She came into the house whilst she was recovering from having some lumps removed from her legs and never went back out in the kennel 🙈 Inseparable pair - I swear he loves that dog more than he loves me 🙄
  15. Musto breeks, size 10, worn once and washed, £10 collect from CH7 or can post @ £3.50
  16. Wow that’s really interesting thanks for posting that! How is she Steve?
  17. Ahhh yeah I totally get you 👍 Few from today! Botheration the other files are too large - never mind!
  18. It was his reward for outing - do you think it’s a bad idea? Seems to work - I get the long line may tangle …
  19. Idiot 🙄😂 Muscling up nicely though!
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