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  1. Nick or Jono (Paul @ Merebrow) both v good
  2. 😂😂😂😂😂 They walk amongst us 😂😂😂
  3. They are incredible dogs, so clever! A lot of very bad bitework on that video though, they’re supposed to hold the grip and push into the bite, not tug 🙈
  4. Such an amazing feeling isn’t it! Especially on a Woodcock as they don’t give off much scent!
  5. Little update- she’s back with me as she wasn’t happy being left in the house for any period of time. Today she had her first game retrieve! I could have cried! Marked it, went out when sent, took a little while figuring out how to balance it but then brought it back pleased as punch with herself.
  6. Hmmm it was built in unintentionally from the top kennel to the bottom one, at least they’re all out having their constitutionals whilst we’re hosing them out! That said there is a fall from the front to the back of the kennel and a trench behind it
  7. Finished!! Dog cabins just been delivered!! At last!! Albeit first prototypes for hubby and his mate who have worked really hard on the kennels but perfect for our lot!
  8. Fingers crossed for you!! Who was judging? Didn’t join any clubs this year as our guys are all young, we’ve left too much of a gap really to be honest but hey ho…!
  9. Well done Lloyd, I think I know exactly where that last photo was taken!! It’s lovely ground once you do that loop and start back on the bank isn’t it! Last time we were there at a trial hubby’s dog ran in and the Judge spent the whole journey back ringing him trying to buy the dog off him 😂😂
  10. In all fairness bitches who live together tend to come in season at the same time and sometimes it’s just easier to get it over and done with 😂
  11. My hubby asked me what I want for my birthday in October - I said a divorce. Unfortunately he said he wasn’t thinking of spending that much 😂 Congrats, onwards and upwards 👍
  12. Lovely, best of luck with them all!
  13. Owner has asked me to put the feelers out if anyone would like to run two on and keep one, I’m not sure of the finer details but if anybody’s interested give him a call on 07766 519898 👍
  14. Flippin’ eck I’m working on the Royal Liverpool University Hospital project at the moment, I think I’ll be changing my clothes and boots when I get in from work before going anywhere near any of my dogs now 🙈 Cheers for the heads up!
  15. Oh definitely, there’s one boy in particular who is very biddable and cuddly, we’ve named him Ned ❤️
  16. Just the boys left now, the girl has gone to a lovely new home with an equally lovely chap on PW 😍
  17. Yeah I just don’t think he’s very au fait with that kind of thing 🙄😂
  18. Cheers, they are rather lush to be fair! 👍
  19. Be very interesting to see how she turns out - keep us updated won’t you 😊
  20. That’s actually really cute - is it me or does it seem to be taking after the cocker more in looks?
  21. For a friend who’s lost his password for PW! (Giveemsomestick) KC reg Springer pups, one liver girl, one liver boy and four black and white lads. Eight weeks old, ready now. Dam by FTCH Clearmeadow Flash of Countryways. Sire is a dog I bred by FTW Edwardiana Mercedes and out of a bitch who is FTCH Helmsway Henry x FTCH Buccleuch Ivy of Whitehope Fab little pups, really stylish, full of beans and happy. D&D, microchipped of course and wormed and flea’d up to date. They’re at my place as due to his circumstances changing he couldn’t whelp them and look after them. Dam is of course here to be seen too. They really are super pups, I spend half my time looking at them and persuading myself that I absolutely dont have any more room to have one myself without building yet more kennels and we’re not doing that plus I have a new job with long hours 🙄😂 £900, N Wales, Near Chester Sire’s pedigree
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