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    shooting fishing and my dog ps and the wife and family

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  1. wisemans in Cannock been told they are good
  2. looks like you had a fab day and I like the lab posing for photos that made me chuckle
  3. bode.boden


    bourght franchi harrier as a second gun as discribed in add is in really good nick
  4. bode.boden


    just like to say a big thank you to mick ( wabbitbosher) for sorting me out again with a gun and very nice to meet the misses
  5. I read this on Game/ wildlife conservation trust news letter
  6. totally agree with wot you are saying but luckily enough we can shoot on our land as well as ferreting mainly lamping but we do try and keep the ferreting to seasonal for that reason (digging ) but it dose help to keep you fit lol
  7. as above but if it's pest control then it as to be done all year round our the land owner will find some one else to do it which is wot we have to do no matter wot time of year as they keep horses
  8. have a Lamber sporter 28inch barrels multi choke 14/1/2 lop I use as my main gun I personally think is a good all round gun I am 6 foot tall and around 14stone and fits me ok
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