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  1. I have had two ranges and I have had all the above done as well as, new batteries (regularly), rear wash wipe system replaced, reverse cam. Now being fair they are a great drive and command the road, you get to your peg and sit on the tailgate and you feel like the ********. But when you buy one bear in mind it will break. If you know that your fine. That said I've bought a landcruiser.
  2. Curve ball Spent 300 quid on le chameau in jan. Split in march Bought jack pyke neoprene full side zip Been working on the house in a building site theybare mint Hunters are abysmal and to narrow lots of ankle twists But it is personal so go for thatbretail experience of le chameau and hear the noise of paper tearing as you are ripped off!!!!!!!!
  3. Hi many thanks for that, I am aware of the seasons. It was an enquiry in readiness and maybe even for pigeons. But thankyou anyway
  4. Hi gents had my first experience of wildfowl this year and thoroughly enjoyed it. I would really like to try some rough shooting and wondered if any pw members go out in cheshire lancashire derbyshire who would be willing to take me. I am happy to pay and cover any costs incurred. But im not a bad shot and very keen to learn all aspects. Wouldnt be a regular thng so no obligation. Just a one off session. Ta Simon
  5. Because pigeonwatch entries are the barometer for experience in customer service!
  6. Shot 75 at worsley which should win the a class but it would appear they have lost my card!
  7. Gamebore Black Gold 7.5 and 8s in plas 28grmm F2 225£ Ouch But I do like them What can you do Black Gold plas 7.5 and 8s F2?? If they are right my squad will have loads. CUrrently paying 225
  8. Harmless, Andrew runs all the events and day to day at Worsley, if you call up and explain that you want a bash as it were I am sure he can sort you out a taster session with an instructor at a reasonable price. He is a hell of a nice guy and very accomadating. If you do not have a SGC you will need an instructor or go with an SGC holder you know to get you started. Newbies come to Worsley all the time and are always helped out to go out. I cant recommend the guy enough. Andy will sort you out (Just dont mention his golf..... its awful)
  9. Cg barrels in 32 sounds like a plan. I very much get the impression that itsbpersonal preference and not a scientific reason. Many thanks chaps. Oh and i have a beautiful wife who cannot cook whatsoever.
  10. I won A class! Ok it was a poo score, but i still won! Make em harder mossy! :yes:
  11. Thanks so if it feels right go with it! Appreciate the advice, just want to get better and didnt know what effect it was gonna have. Simon
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