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  1. Yes I am.Whereabouts are you and is it the model with the extended chokes.Could you pm me so I can give you my e mail for pics etc.regards Richard.

  2. Hi Richard I have a 682 gold E that I’m thinking of moving on factory left handed 30 inch Multi choke Sporter very good condition let me know if you’re interested
  3. Morning ladies and gentlemen Merry Christmas and wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year
  4. Yes in my Humble opinion as lead comes out of the Ground and another one how many people do you know that have died of lead poisoning? And for the record does any member on here know anybody who has died of lead poisoning?
  5. Hi I’m looking for a good quality Leather loaders cartridge bag
  6. In a nutshell no you can legally buy parts for your moderator and have them posted to you it’s only a complete moderator that you would need a variation for, give wildcat a phone lovely people to deal with and great service i’m not sure how you would stand with your old moderator as technically when you put the new one together you would have two so I would double check on that
  7. You should be somewhere it near, just to find tune it I probably use velocity it’s probably not worth altering your coefficient until you get out past 500 yards maybe
  8. Practice and shooting to your capability and being honest with yourself that you are capable of making such a shot is a big factor in all types of shooting really, have you seen the video from Simon6ppc in the sporting video section a day with my 223, he has done his homework and a lot of testing to be able to shoot like that hats off to him
  9. All down to field craft really, I have had many foxes sit out at all different distances from 50 to 300+ yards sit and try to figure out where the noise or squeak is coming from it is possible to stop a fox Dead in his tracks if you shout at them but it doesn’t always work, The same as I shoot quite a lot of rabbit and sometimes if you squeak then they sit up to see what’s going on and you get a better shot again it doesn’t always work, i’ve also had to shout at Many foxes to stop them getting in the truck with me 😂 by the way bullet flight time out to 300 yards is about a quarter of a second
  10. I’ve got it I’ve got it I know who it is it’s Alan Carr😇 or Ryland🤫
  11. I actually think there slower A friend of mine tried them through his semiauto as well and said the The same. it’s not a lot more it’s just noticeable
  12. Hi I was given a box of 32g 5 Lux to Try took them pigeon shooting last week I must say I’m quite impressed had some good clean kills I wouldn’t normally use a 32g 5 for pigeonLike most on here a 28g 7 1/2 does the job for me but I wanted to try them because I’m interested in using them for pheasant which I think I will be doing, The only thing I noticed they were A bit more punchier then a normal Lead 32g 5 but only just a little bit more punchier 7 1/2 pounds over and under so not too bad on the shoulder but probably not the sort of cartridge you would want to put through a side-by-side
  13. That looks really nice, shame about the holes hope you got a good discount buying half a rifle 😉
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