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  1. I hadn’t come across this press I just Googled it and it looks very similar to the RCBS
  2. I’ve just got my Silver pigeon 3 687 out of the Cabinet to check it and it has very slight rub marks at the end of the fore end the same hadn’t noticed it until I read this post, purchased about the middle of June 21. I’m interested to see how you get on and thanks for sharing regards sf1
  3. Mirage can cause problems with the point of impact especially if the Mirage is very bad it can look like the targets moving so your aim point could be different every time you shoot having said that it’s probably not the Mirage that’s affecting you as you would notice it more through your scope then with the naked eye
  4. It doesn’t keep it cool it stops the heat Mirage of the moderator when you’re looking through the scope
  5. In a nutshell yes it’s possible I have a moderator cover on my silencer for the same reason, A 1 in 10 twist would favour a lighter bullet it might be your rifle doesn’t like the 55 grain bullet you’re using try some different Bullets, another thing is your barrel free floated if not as the barrel heats up it will cause your groups to shift
  6. Thanks for the offer i’m sorted now I have bought a Forrester coax it was delivered Thursday i’ve reloaded some rounds on it and I’m very pleased, good luck with the sale of your rock chocker regards sf1
  7. Yes you’re right not at the moment, I am stocking up every time I go to the local RFD i’ll pick up a couple of boxes, I was talking to him the other day about this and he said once he sells all the lead Amo he won’t be buying anymore because he doesn’t wanna get stuck with it, i’ve tried a couple of boxes of 25 grain Hornaday ntx which are okay but not as good as the 30 grain vmax in my rifle anyway
  8. Hopefully by Now they’ll be some Bunnies about on your permission now after such a long wait,Winchester do subsonic hollow points for the WMR shoots exactly the same as the 22Lr, what a versatile little rifle i’ve considered getting rid of my 22Lr because I have the best of both worlds with the WMR but I’m going to hang on for a while yet because the Lead ban is not going to be easy on the wmr or the 22Lr I don’t think
  9. There always seems to be extra bits you need to buy to go along with these presses
  10. RCBS presses seem to be popular and probably for good reason i’ve watched some really good reviews I quite like the Forster coax but are they worth the extra dollar
  11. The press has an aluminium frame it’s worn around the RAM, all the linkage is made of steel and has not been a problem it’s only the main frame of the press that’s aluminium I suspect yours might be the cast steel one, I think my Press was a cheap get you started press i’ve had it for quite a few years But it has quite a lot of play around the Ram.
  12. Yes I’ve been looking at RCBS. anybody using a coax are they just the fashion or are they worth having
  13. Evening all my reloading Press is just about worn out it’s one of the aluminium framed Lee Single stage Press i’ve had it for quite a few years and it’s served me well, so it’s time for a new Press i’ve had a look online and there are loads of presses it’s a bit of a minefield, I think I’m going to stay with a single stage press Any advice And recommendations would be appreciated regards sf1
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