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  1. All sorted thanks to dodger 👍
  2. Yep I didn’t really take much notice of the chequering, had to go back and have another look, advertised as highly unusual 🤢 that it certainly is, I wonder how long that will be hanging around?
  3. Yes it does look like, If it had the right strain on it and a bit more time that could be really nice
  4. Thanks everybody for the information And lancer425 for the reloading link, That Lee shotshell is quite cheap going to look into the Reloading more, at The moment it’s looking like a no-brainer
  5. Is it a lot cheaper to reload your own cartridges, something I hadn’t really thought about for shot gun although I do reload for my rifles, May be interested in Reloading if the prices are right
  6. Makes me wonder what some people do think, shooting big loads at birds they don’t need to, since I’ve been loading the past two seasons it’s really open my eyes to what you can shoot with a 28g 6 through a nice old sxs some of the guns I load for don’t want to put any more than that through 130-year-old gun
  7. That doesn’t surprise me a couple of years ago on one of the other shoots I beat on one of the boys took a pheasant home when he cleaned it it had a plastic wod in it
  8. Kinder defeats the object, maybe one of these Carlos fandango limb savers might work 😉
  9. 😂 I think if I wanted to shoot loads like that I would stick to my 12g Mind you I was wondering what a load like that would be like to shoot through a 20
  10. I bet they pack a punch. On the shoot where I go it’s a big shoot and the birds are not low I’ve seen the guns that can shoot take some really nice pheasants out with a 28g6 in a 20 but there are birds there for all abilities
  11. I appreciate what you’re saying and I know he’s been let down by suppliers but it would be nice to know what was going on had no contact it’s been six weeks now ☹️
  12. I don’t think I’d fancy eating it either if it was hit by the full pattern at medium hight😝
  13. 😂 I didn’t think it would be long before someone commented on my spelling predictive text that’s my excuse anyway tried to edit it once but didn’t seem to want to know, do you think it will be okay to shoot these Pigys at 80 yards though 🤭
  14. That was my other option is I would’ve liked a side-by-side as it’s more traditional but there always seems to be a but i’ve always shot o/u it’s what I was given when I first started shooting, A bit like when you first start driving I bought the same car I learnt to driving in as I knew I could drive it, rabbit Boshier on here had a lovely AyA no2 I so very nearly went down that route
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