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  1. Good choice that looks a very nice rifle, I’m interested in how you get on with it keep us updated regards Silverfox 1
  2. Yes a piece of AR 500 will stop your bullet Dead but it needs to be hung from some chains so when the bullet strikes the plate it angles The pieces down to the floor The bullets disintegrate on impact As Ar 500 is bullet- Proof And will last you years I zero my 223 at 100 yards using this, no messing about with expensive targets just a can of spray paint, have a look at best Fox call UK website Tom’s targets hope this helps regards Silverfox ps it will be cheaper than your car 😂
  3. If you would split I would like to powder hopper and stand, it would need to be posted though which I would be willing to pay for let me know what you think regards Silverfox
  4. I’m paying £12.54 for 50 regards sf1
  5. Yes I have one and a friend I shoot with has one too. What one-shot said is spot-on using the 30gr vmax it’s noisier than the .22lr because of the Sonic crack Point and shoot out to about 120 yards The wind does affect the bullet a bit but it’s fine when you get used to it, The 30 grain V-max Is A nice round to Shoot providing the rifle you buy likes them. I can’t compare it to the 17hmr because I’ve never owned or shot one regards Sf1
  6. Hi Subaru Forrester are very capable vehicles depending on ground clearance. I’ve always used Landrover ‘s myself and pretty much the main reason for this is because I know my way around them like the back of my hand So any repairs I am able to do myself. The last couple of years I have been running a Ford Ranger wild track I must say that I am very impressed with it I like the fact that the double cab interior has plenty of room and the dogs can go in the back which keeps the interior reasonable doesn’t end up smelling like an old dog kennel, Another plus point is any rabbits foxes i
  7. Hi have you had any luck yet, I’ve just checked my three reloading manuals and they don’t list any loads for n135, I had the same problem bought a tub of N133 to load for another rifle I have but can’t find any load data for my 22.250 looks like a trip back to my local gunshop when we are allowed out again for some n135 as well Let us know how you get on if you find anything all the best BSafe Sf1
  8. Start saving your pennies it looks like you’re going to have a shopping trip pretty soon good luck Sf1
  9. Exactly. That’s what I mean about grey area, Probably every expert will have a different opinion 🙄
  10. That’s another story don’t get me started on that one 👍
  11. If you’re covered no problem, I phoned BASC yesterday and was told if there was an accident it will be down to the gun experts so if they say you shouldn’t putting steel shot through a non-proofed gun you wouldn’t be insured, I know what they say about having your gun multi choke or cutting bits off of your barrel they say they should be re-proofed I wouldn’t fancy going to court over it
  12. Yes quite right, The point I’m trying to make perhaps not very well is if you’re putting steel shot through a non-steel proof gun and some sort of accident happens I don’t think you’re insured, The insurance company could just walk away and say it’s down to you you shouldn’t be doing that, A bit of a grey area I phoned them and asked this question and was told that’s one for the gun expert, I could imagine them banging on about The gun not being made to shoot steel where are the proof Mark’s, what do you think the experts would say I’m not sure I would fancy going to court
  13. Gun cover. Just General insurance From BASC. How would it be third party insurance if you’re not covered for accident there would be no insurance surely
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