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  1. Hi Nathan it’s the A7 ret mate none illuminated
  2. Evening all I have decided to sell my Schmidt bender 8x56 klassik hungaria LM A7 ret scope it’s 10 months old In mint condition no marks on the glass or the scope body comes with the box and instructions and nine years two months guarantee I would like £350 delivered. All the best S f 1
  3. Lovely cat though if I was going to have a cat that’s probably what I would have. 500 quid though mind you what price can you put on happiness, I thought Gordon Bennett was quite a good name 😹
  4. Oh I see just wonded why all the best Keith 😉
  5. Why Dave or Keith?
  6. Evening All I spoke to the guys at powder monkey today they said they officially open the week after next, they’re there from time to time at the minute taking deliveries, they’re not too sure on the opening times at the minute but they’re thinking 10 till 4 Monday to Friday and possibly a late night opening on Thursday they didn’t say if they were going to open Saturday or not, seem like really nice guys
  7. My son-in-law works on the industrial state he said he’s going to pop round Monday and have a look, i’ll put a post up with opening times as soon as I know
  8. has anybody got any idea what their opening times are I’ve just been up there to have a look and they are shut?
  9. Welcome to Pidgeon watch, I think all the applications are done on an individual basis, so as long as you are safe and can handle a shot gun ( The same as all who shoot ) can’t see why you would have a problem, good luck and good shooting
  10. I hadn’t seen this post , good idea and good luck with it. It will be interesting to see how you get on regards Sf1
  11. You’re right of course he is doing it for a reaction , but the thing is he’s not going to go away and they are going to keep on so I think ignoring them it’s not really an option. I hope the Eagles are found, and not just because it would make them look silly ¡¡¡
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