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  1. Thanks for the update David all your hard work is much appreciated
  2. Hi this is exactly the same gun as my lad has he’s had it for about seven years and to be fair it hasn’t missed a beat he uses it for clays pigeons and pheasant, I think imho It’s a great gun to start with and I think there’s a few of them about so parts are good as well, any shot gun can let you down even the new ones, I don’t know how big your lad is but if he can manage it I would say go for it I don’t think you’ll be disappointed and they look nice with the sideplates as well regards Silverfox 1 just to add it was secondhand when he bought it as well hope this helps
  3. Well said, and another concern of mine is what happens when they attack Game shooting if they manage to get this band we lose the pigeon shooting as well back to square one
  4. Thank you gentlemen all sorted should be receiving emails now
  5. I thought I had but it was some years ago when I joined so it’s worth checking Just wondering if there is a lot of members like me not receiving emails that could be one of the reasons for the low response if the messages isn’t getting out to all members
  6. Yes you’re right that could be the case I’m going to check 👍 thanks I wonder how many other members are the same ?
  7. I am a Basc member have been for years and I haven’t received any emails at all of them yet might give them a ring, just wondering if all other members have, to be honest I only knew about these petitions because I’m a member on here
  8. As much as I dislike Peckham (whoops! sorry predictive text ) at the moment it would seem we have three focus points natural England Chris Packham and wild justice, The way I see it it will do it’s no good trying to challenge all three maybe divide our intentions Chris Packham is head Of wild justice and I think this is where we need to concentrate our fight back, two birds with one stone, divide and conquer One bit at a time which is exactly what wild justice are doing
  9. They showed pheasant shooting on Downton Abbey 👍
  10. +1 but some of the other shooting organisations are on the ball as well( hopefully) I do think we need to be actively fighting back on this and any other attacks we come under in the future (And we will that’s for sure ), I have been a basc member for years but sometimes I do think that they sit on their hands, i for one wouldn’t mind donating the price of a slab of cartridges or maybe tow Per year to any organisation new or old that could stand up And really take a reasoned argument to put a point across because I do feel that these that these groups like Wild justice are having things all their own way surely this can’t be good for us
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