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  1. Did somebody mention A hushy 😂 Welcome to pigeon watch
  2. Hi I’ve been looking at getting some electric ones i’m in a similar situation to yourself I’ve been using the Emtec ones which I find very good but a bit muffled so decided I’m going to get a pair of electric ones, i’ve been doing a bit of research on these and the cens do you seem to be quite good and have been going for quite a few years now but apparently There customer service isn’t that good which kind of rules them out for me, there doesn’t seem to be much between The custom fit guards and the vario’s at the moment I’m thinking the vario’s because of the Basc discount, haven
  3. This^ Start off with a standard overall length and leave the bullet seating length for later, otherwise you have too many variables going on at once. work your Powder load up first and see how it shoots, One thing at a time 👍
  4. Merry Christmas Mel & Lin Best wishes for 2021 Let’s hope next year is a better year for us all, Merry Christmas all stay safe and well Regards Silver Fox 1
  5. Evening I’ve just checked the Hornady 9th Edition reloading manual and it says The 150gr sst cartridge overall length is 2.735” hope this helps
  6. That’s really nice thanks for sharing keep up the good work⭐️ Ps I hope you shoot better than you play the recorder 😂
  7. That’s great thanks i’ll have a look
  8. Thanks for reply they sound good ( excuse the pun ) i’m going to wait until early next year now hopefully things will be better then good luck with the search for the new hat lol
  9. Hi we’ve just been put in tire 4 had a text this morning from the Gamekeeper all the driven pheasant shooting has been stopped, I’m on two different shoots in Kent I don’t know if this is of any help but maybe things might be different in Scotland, i’ve booked to go clay shooting this morning as well that was also cancelled Regards Sf1
  10. Thanks for the replies, I’m probably going to have to wait for a while until all the lockdown is over as I’m in Kent and just been placed in tier 4 and all the non-essential shops have been closed, not that I’m in any hurry it will give me more time to do some more research and make my mind up which one to go for
  11. Thank you for the reply, i’ll have a look at the vario’s as well I must admit I think it might be handy to have something you can turn off after I finished shooting as I probably would Forget to take the batteries out, I think I will talk to both companies before I make my mind up. Happy Christmas and stay safe Sf1
  12. Hi All i’ve had my recon pod for over a year now still going strong with no problems, I use them all the time for foxing and zero my rifle off of them too, I regularly take foxes between 90 and 200 yards with no problems I would feel confident at taking a 300 yards shot just that situation hasn’t arrived yet, Are they more stable than quad sticks probably not but I found them to be really good like anything practice makes perfect.
  13. Hi just wondering if anybody is using custom fit guards (cfg) and what you think of them, is there customer service any good? Would you recommend any other brands, i’m thinking about treating myself to a set of digital ones for shot gun and rifle shooting. I’ve had the noise breakers for a few years now and found them very good but they don’t do digital and they probably need upgrading because of changes to my ears fit etc, Any thoughts or feedback would be great regards Sf1
  14. Good choice that looks a very nice rifle, I’m interested in how you get on with it keep us updated regards Silverfox 1
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