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    29 year old lad who lives for today!! I work out in the middle east in the private security world! which takes up most of my time! ,, the rest is taken up with my wife and little ones and my bike.. Take part in most shooting sports in the UK (deer, fox,rabbit and pigeon) and so on!!

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  1. Daz1986

    Ladies shooting trousers

    Wanted - ladies pheasant shoot clothing size 12, in particular trousers/breeks thank you
  2. Daz1986

    Baikal .410

    We are working near Guilford all week if you can get that way
  3. Daz1986

    Baikal .410

    This is mine and are in lovely condition
  4. This is mine and are in lovely condition
  5. Daz1986

    Zeiss 4.5-18x44 ZF frontier

    Ideal. It didn't seem right mate
  6. Has anyone got anything to say about Zeiss 4.5-18x44 ZF frontier Looking at at buying one but don’t know much about them? Usually stick with Schmidt but this is cheap
  7. Daz1986

    Gun watch issues

    For some reason my gun watch account is going mental!!! My old account said not valid! I opened a new one and now that's not valid ether Any admin have any ideas
  8. Daz1986

    .410 for daughter

    If your still looking I have a Baikal 410... nice and light with pretty much zero use! £175
  9. Daz1986

    .357 humane dispatch revolver

    Cheers buddy. I already have 38s on there so can have the both
  10. Anyone know of any dealers that stock section 5 pistols in the south east??
  11. Daz1986

    Young ones

    In am in Canterbury mate
  12. Daz1986

    Young ones

    My little one has started to show a big interest in to clays! I bought him a Baikal single shot but now looking to upgrade him to something else o/u or SxS! If anyone has something suitable in the back of there cab let me know
  13. Daz1986

    .308 set up

    .308 set up needed. Anything considered up At the right price. Must have scope and mod
  14. Daz1986

    Handing in rifles

    He has been in touch with BASC and it is all very interesting at the mo as he has told them about all so will see what's said in the coming days
  15. Daz1986

    Handing in rifles

    It all is a little mental. I am only going on what he said to me but seems there was nothing done wrong by him and she has been charged..