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    29 year old lad who lives for today!! I work out in the middle east in the private security world! which takes up most of my time! ,, the rest is taken up with my wife and little ones and my bike.. Take part in most shooting sports in the UK (deer, fox,rabbit and pigeon) and so on!!

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  1. Will get her over to you tomorow

    1. Hawke Vantage + 6-24 x 50 IR AO Rifle Scope as new condition £60 posted
    2. Daz1986

      .357 humane dispatch revolver

      Will have a brows thanks mate. Yes also got 38 on there
    3. Daz1986

      .357 humane dispatch revolver

      357 2 shot revolver wanted.
    4. Daz1986


      How much please mate
    5. Daz1986

      Ruger precision bipod swivel

      Looking for a Ruger precision gen 1 bipod swivel!!!
    6. Daz1986

      .308 set up

      Replied mate
    7. Daz1986

      .308 set up

      Budget is ideally within a £1000, been looking at tactical rifles but will consider anything. Ideally has to be up the the strain of deer and target shooting.
    8. Daz1986

      .308 set up

      Wanted is a .308 set up. Minimum scop and rifle. Will consider anything
    9. Daz1986

      Barbour jacket and overboard bag

      Do you have a pic of jacket buddy
    10. Daz1986

      Sussex land agent

      Now then mate. Well to be fair I am hoping for a good few acres of grazing land with the odd patch of woodland. Able to maintain land and fencing with sporting rights to. Possibly put a few birds in
    11. Well as above, looking to get in touch with a Sussex land agent in regards to sporting let's! Any names or numbers would be hugely appreciated
    12. I am also in Kent and manage an arable farm. Have quite a good patch of 20,000 acres plus possibly help you with a day or 2