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    29 year old lad who lives for today!! I work out in the middle east in the private security world! which takes up most of my time! ,, the rest is taken up with my wife and little ones and my bike.. Take part in most shooting sports in the UK (deer, fox,rabbit and pigeon) and so on!!

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  1. Daz1986

    250 Gamebore black gold

    One with the little gadget I believe.. i am in kent
  2. Daz1986

    Ipad mini 2 16gb

  3. Daz1986

    Ipad mini 2 16gb

    No probs mate.. is PayPal good for you???
  4. Daz1986

    250 Gamebore black gold

    250 30g-6 fibre board Certificate holders only located in Kent £75
  5. Daz1986

    Samsung S6 or S7 Phone Wanted

    I have an s7 up for grabs.. unlocked in good condition
  6. Daz1986

    Ipad mini 2 16gb

    Due to an upgrade I am selling my iPad Mini 2 16 GB in very good condition and full working order.. Sadly the iPads does not have a box only a charger Will be sent 1st class recorded £75 Can send pics on request ( apologies for edit! Just been updated by my son that I had the wrong model stated)
  7. Daz1986

    Izusu dmax locking issue

    I have no clue on the mechanics of it, i re connected the split wires and now both work fine. There is a good old YouTube vid that shows the mechanics and it has to be something to do with the electrics not realising a spring within the system... i am am not mechanic lol but yesterday it didn’t lock with ether the fob or the key! Today with the wires connected she all works lovely
  8. Daz1986

    Izusu dmax locking issue

    It’s a 2017,,,,,, problem sorted after a look in the light. so problem was the glass door on the truckman back wasn’t locking! On closer inspection there was a small cut in the wires (never even noticed they exsisted) once I fixed the cut she is right as rain thanks for the suggestions
  9. Daz1986

    Izusu dmax locking issue

    I have tried a few different things but the key didn't seem to work. I will strip her tomorrow failing that it's back to the dealer
  10. Daz1986

    Izusu dmax locking issue

    As above my dmax rear glass is not locking with the central locking fob or the manual key!! Anyone had this problem or know a fix
  11. Browning Woodsman Short Rifle Slip - 122cm. Up for grabs, lovely condition and all in working order. Straps for adding extra equipment, Double zip for using a padlock. Side pockets. Specifications 122cm £50 ovno with postage
  12. Daz1986

    Tweed hoodie

    Ideal for stalking. Mate has one and great quality
  13. Daz1986

    Tweed hoodie

    In need of a tweed hoodie, size medium
  14. Daz1986

    Ladies shooting trousers

    Wanted - ladies pheasant shoot clothing size 12, in particular trousers/breeks thank you
  15. Daz1986

    Baikal .410

    We are working near Guilford all week if you can get that way