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    29 year old lad who lives for today!! I work out in the middle east in the private security world! which takes up most of my time! ,, the rest is taken up with my wife and little ones and my bike.. Take part in most shooting sports in the UK (deer, fox,rabbit and pigeon) and so on!!

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  1. You got an email mate????
  2. As above in good working order. £150 inc courier
  3. Up for sale is my Stihl 201tq top handle saw.. in great condition with little use £250 inc courier
  4. Ideal, do you get your CPC driver card after the first section
  5. Is there a theory based test involved ?? Or is it just PowerPoint to death
  6. Guys, I passed my test in the forces before the CPC thing came in!! Anyone know what I need to do to get the training/qualification
  7. In east Kent guys
  8. 250 black gold 12g 30gms 6shot fibre for sale... last box so pick up a bargain for £55 collection with cert only
  9. Would consider a trade for a top handle or a smaller professional stihl
  10. No sadly not mate.. guy paid up
  11. Still available guys
  12. Haha only reason for sale is I have 2!! We use large bars on them! Only downer is the amount of oil we use...
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