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    29 year old lad who lives for today!! I work out in the middle east in the private security world! which takes up most of my time! ,, the rest is taken up with my wife and little ones and my bike.. Take part in most shooting sports in the UK (deer, fox,rabbit and pigeon) and so on!!

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  1. Daz1986

    Handing in rifles

    He has been in touch with BASC and it is all very interesting at the mo as he has told them about all so will see what's said in the coming days
  2. Daz1986

    Handing in rifles

    It all is a little mental. I am only going on what he said to me but seems there was nothing done wrong by him and she has been charged..
  3. Daz1986

    Handing in rifles

    I understand the factor behind why they would. As for storing his guns! I have all his slots open on my ticket however he has been told they must go to his local shop for storage! I totally understand the risk side of things just a little taken back in to how they won't allow him to store in a friend's free of change.. Hopefully it's resolved for him asap
  4. Daz1986

    Handing in rifles

    I am a little taken back that one of my shooting buddies has been asked to hand in his firearms and shot guns to a local gun dealer for keeping and hand in his fac due to his ex hitting him in the brave and the police being called!! First question is! How can this be right that she has been charged and he has to hand them in! Second! How does he appeal this?? Thirdly. Has anyone here encountered such issues Any info is very greatful due to me being asked and I have total lack of knowledge here!!
  5. Daz1986

    DjI phantom 4 drone

    Sorry guys sold pending usual to Chris
  6. Daz1986

    DjI phantom 4 drone

    Replied mate.
  7. Daz1986

    DjI phantom 4 drone

    I totally agree mate. I would love to keep it however the amount of hobbies I already have a mounting up lol
  8. Daz1986

    DjI phantom 4 drone

    Up for sale is my DJI Phantom 4 drone. The drone comes with a tough carry case warm battery remote control and spare propellers. The drone is as new condition.. £475 of would swap for scope of similar value
  9. Rifle still for sale
  10. Will get her over to you tomorow

    1. Hawke Vantage + 6-24 x 50 IR AO Rifle Scope as new condition £60 posted
    2. Daz1986

      .357 humane dispatch revolver

      Will have a brows thanks mate. Yes also got 38 on there
    3. Daz1986

      .357 humane dispatch revolver

      357 2 shot revolver wanted.