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  1. Daz1986

    BMH Pups

    We have just had a stunning litter of Bavarian mountain hound puppies and have 2 stunning dogs left. Dogs will be vet checked and vaccines will be given. £1550
  2. Daz1986

    BMH Pups

    They are going to be cracking pups and yes will on on SD asap
  3. Daz1986

    BMH Pups

    Due in 2 weeks are my Bavarian mountain hound pups. Mother is a superb tracking hound Who works most days.. out of work she is a beautiful family pet. The dog is also an amazing tracking hound worked daily with an amazing temperament between these two dogs I’m almost certain they will produce wonderful puppies. Dogs will not be KC as the owners of our dogs wished when we bought them, if we have pups we wouldn’t KC dogs will be health checked and vaccinated as well as chipped for the next owners bitch £1650 dog £1550 dogs are si
  4. Wanted is a large monsoon jacket
  5. this is my gun and sadly needs to make way for another rifle! cab isnt big enough anymore
  6. They are amazing dogs. We will be keeping 2 of the pups to ensure hour working pack is at the best for many years to come..
  7. so in light of these crazy puppies prices we are going down the mine field route of having a little from my bitch! we are between a rock and hard place at the moment as all will go to working homes (this is a condition to use having a litter) we clearly don't want to just give them away but want to be fair! being a breed that isn't out on the popular market there isn't really a price guid to go off! anyone here shed some light on calculating price of a pedigree BMH thanks in advance
  8. Have a new kofts 20g never been fired
  9. I have a new kofts 20g that’s never been fired!! Steel shop proofed multi choke! New with box and 2 years warranty
  10. Apparently hot gassed can leak in to cab and also melt bits
  11. The saga continues!!! So I had a leak on a pipe from the compressor!!! However!! With that sorted they noticed a squeal from the front end!! Crossover pipe leaking from somewhere!!! Apparently it’s not safe to drive !!! Bloody landrover i cannot see why this wood be a major issue! But it’s a pig of a job where ether gear box out or shell off just to gain access!
  12. Mat many thanks for this.. will get her booked in I think and see if they can set it.. it’s not to much of an issue it’s more annoying on the odd trip where you have to stop and start !!
  13. So today fault codes where done!! Nothing but EGR fault came up.. she has been blanked off so clearly not deleted! That was the only code
  14. Haha I have a couple with the green oval and it’s only really this old girl that is playing up
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