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  1. It wont be a thing of the past because some one goes and blasts x amount of pheasant or by what your average shooters gets up to. It will be a thing of the past because a large percentage of the uk are basically like chris packham. Deluded with no clue and like to force there opinions on others. The sort that have a melt down if they saw a fox being collared by a dog or a bird being blown out of the sky. They basically out number us and so eventually will more than likely win while our governments bend over to keep them happy. I am with you I want my grandkids and there grandkids to be able to
  2. People should concern them selves with there own business not what others are doing. The writing is on the wall for field sports be it in 10 years time or a 100. These guys have got it right they stick with there heritage. Kids seeing how far they can lob a possum can you imagine that over here. You would have the local nutters crying and accusing you of all sorts
  3. Yea I got one they are good value been stuffing me gun on the side of mine while i tramp to my perms to keep it low profile
  4. haha true enough. Personal I don't care what damage they do no more than pigeons. There not scarce so whats the problem with shooting them like we all ways have done for god knows how many years. Society has just gone so soft and expect country folk to pussy foot around the place don't hurt this don't hurt that.
  5. Here in wales I walked to my duck spot twice last weekend which means a tramp up the main road couple of miles. Pretty sure a police car passed but I didn't look up lol. I think police are being a bit more rational this time around. Gun was broken down and bagged up and I was laden with a seat bucket and great big rucksack at 5am . It was certainly good exercise nearly killed me lol
  6. Loads of rooks around absolutely loads. The trees are hanging with them around here
  7. Them loafs look delicious. You can't beat home made bread. I used to make a lot and got better and better at it. But it didn't keep long and sort of tied you up time wise as you had to be around the place when you timed the proofing etc. Bread make never gave as good results as doing by hand
  8. I am surprised. Never heard of the brand before but me and the son in law bought a hoodie each from here https://www.newforestclothing.co.uk/percussion-hooded-camo-sweatshirt.html and the quality and comfort is superb. We planned to try more percussion clothing
  9. Yes I have found amazon really good like that. A seller said on the actual product which was new warranty was 3 months yet a direct chat with amazon got a replacement at about 11 months
  10. Just as an update on this. It worked fine that evening after clearing off most the grease but the next morning on the ducks it was icey cold and it played up again. So stripped it down and got all the grease off I could see which was only a minute bit. Then hosed with wd40 and it has been perfect since. So as said above it needs no friction and I assume in the cold even the tiny amount grease was enough to fowl it. So thanks for the advice folks all good now
  11. But you might get run over tomorrow. There was a local air line pilot made a load of money retired and flew cargo planes for a hobble. Bought a harley and crashed and died 😞 poor sod
  12. That is good to hear. But I walked through the village about 3 years ago with a lurcher and a ferret box and barely made it the other side because some one reported me. The police lady was great though. I guess a lurcher and a spade over the shoulder is far worse than a gun 😞
  13. Yea this is the thing. Basc say you can walk around shooting but the days of strolling up the main road with a shotgun are long gone in a slip or not. So when I go duck shooting at week end I will break it down into a shopping bag with couple decoys. I need my waders though so just have to go with that one lol. I did email the firearms to clarify it was ok and they ignored me which I notice they do with questions like that being reluctant to encourage anything. Though in the past they have said follow basc guidance so that is what I will be doing
  14. The thing is breeders are knocking out any thing to make a quid so there is some major working stock dilution being bred. They all deserve a chance but when you hopefully get a dog for ten years plus makes sense to stack odds in your favor
  15. You can drive for vermin control yes but if you fancy a bit of good old rough shooting or wildfowling on your lonesome you need to walk. So this fine by me. Keeps me sane after grafting all week and affects no one. The anglers can go fishing the runners and cyclists can do what they want so now we have a small degree of wiggle room as well
  16. But you also should not vilify the running dog fraternity. Yes we have our idiots but that applies to all sports
  17. When I have emailed the firearms regarding covid in the past they all ways say follow basc guidelines
  18. In wales basc say since saturday night Outdoor shooting activities as a form of exercise are permissible as long as you can access your permission by foot from your home and return by foot to your home; and ensuring that your shooting activity is carried out alone or with a member of your household or support bubble. So on Friday I am walking down the main road gun in slip for a duck. Causing no harm and meeting no one. As I saw a chap put on another forum which I thought was well put. If I am good enough to work all week and keep the country running then I am good enough for a bit o
  19. Hunting with dogs is just so natural in any of its forms. It is part of country life and has been for god knows how long. Do these people want us to go all vegan and never an animal dies again. They really sicken me there views For example what planet is this person on. Just a complete fruit cake ================================== Unbelievable that this has been going on for years! In this day and age to hunt and kill innocent beings, that have as much a right to their lives as humans do, is nothing short of despicable, vile, and disgusting. I sincerely hope that n
  20. Have you folks over there seen this sneaking along ? https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/northern-ireland/bill-to-outlaw-hunting-with-dogs-in-northern-ireland-a-historic-opportunity-39898115.html They plan to stop all sorts including even a gun dog hunting to close all the loop holes. These nutters are pushing it as much as they can. https://www.facebook.com/huntsabsireland/ There is a survey here https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/7TSS3PF
  21. I am right in reading this that woodcock and snipe are to shoot on a Sunday please ? England and Wales No game may be killed or taken in any county on Sunday or Christmas Day. Game for the purposes of this section means pheasant, partridge, red grouse, black grouse and hare. Looks to be the case by the above but just double checking
  22. It is never as dark as you think it is just let the eyes adjust. If you can set and pick up a 100 yards of netting at night then getting setup to shoot a duck shouldn't be a problem
  23. Looks great another one try thank you
  24. I would appreciate that Sam I will pm you
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