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  1. I have a mossberg 600at New haven as well, when i did my initial research into it there were quite a few mentions of the only difference being some anti rattle bands around the magazine tube. Mine doesn't rattle so it must work.
  2. Be careful with the new 870's the quality might not be what you expect. One of the local gun shops had one of these in and when i looked at it the wood/checkering on it was very poor. To be honest the overall feel wasn't much better either considering the price.
  3. B25 B2G only because i am lucky enough to have one. 😂 In all seriousness though, one thing to look at is the top lever on them. Open and close it a few times and look at the closed position of it. It should be to the right like below, if it is to the centre then you might have a season left. However is it is to the left is needs the locking bar building back up, so a bit of welding work done by a decent gunsmith. This is the top lever of my B25 C3 after having said work done. For around £3k I would seriously look and see if you can step up to a B25 C3 here is my B2G above my C3. Nothing wrong with the B2 but.....
  4. Also to add to gordon's list check the position of the top lever when closed. When you are looking down at it if it is to the right when closed you are ok, if it is to the left the locking bolt might require welding or replacing depending on how worn it is.
  5. got 3 yesterday and saw 2 more just out of range, all running away from the feeders 1297
  6. Northerner

    Crystal Hunting

    https://ukfossils.co.uk/2004/03/22/high-fell-quarry/ https://ukfossils.co.uk/2004/01/08/barrow/ There are a couple of site but there isnt much, a lot better to search for fossils in places close by. Just watch out for SSSI locations and such.
  7. I have booked a meeting with my local MP (Geoffory Cox) for next saturday. It took less than 5min to do, so quick god knows what i will say as i have never done anything like this before 😂😂
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxbhACN26bc&list=WL&index=4&t=0s This is what i followed when i did my cheapo fabarm semi auto and that came out so much better.
  9. There is also the club at Tavistock that shoot every other sunday, you will have to search on facebook for their details.
  10. 3 yesterday for me, saw 3 more but they disappeared. 23
  11. https://canadianfirearmsblog.ca/identifying-counterfeit-impact-sport/ Essentially, if the battery compartment has coiled springs as contacts, it is probably fake. The real deal have clips to hold the batteries in.
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