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  1. Think Firdom might be right. just looked on Beretta’s site and shows a 690 Field 111 & when you click on that describes it as a 693 Field. obviously just depends on how someone describes it.
  2. Anyone have one or have any experience of a Beretta 693 Field, 12g. Can’t find any reviews on the net so any opinions good or bad would be grateful.
  3. Hi,

    interested in the camera. Are you ok to post to Merseyside area and how much would it be on top of £250 for camera.

    Also how would you want paying bank transfer or Paypal 



    1. Currently on sale at Alpkit from £38 - £29. So an even better bargain. Ps - I have nothing to do with the company.
    2. I will take these please. Have sent you a pm
    3. I will take these please. PM me with payment details etc
    4. From time to time I will mix a raw egg in with the dogs meal (Dried Food) and they seem to enjoy it for a change. Is there any issues with doing this good or bad or does it even make any difference. Thanks for your thoughts.
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