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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen I was also at crufts my 2 chessies were entered I had success with both of them which I took tongue in cheek and the younger one as not yet gone on the marsh but they both come from working stock as with the other chessies there they were true workers fit for purpose. The dog that took best of breed 3 years running is a Wildfowling dog.
  2. roefall

    Camo Nets

    Hi would be interested in 1 of each pending pic's please
  3. Hi guys just to chuck another scenario into the mix i use 140gr Hornady SST's with 47gr's H4183sc powder in my 6-5x55 Blaser and as never left me wanting. Shot all 6 deer species with it cracking round. roefall
  4. I've used a 6-5x55 for the last 8 yrs tremendous calibre we all have our favourites i know I've shot all 6 species and never found it wanting 140g sst hornady's does the trick for me. all the best roefall
  5. Wayne not bothered about the jacket but where did you get that hat ( song climbing up from some where i think ) happy new year to you and one who must be obeyed regards Del
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