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    I have a lovely male Peregrine which I intend to fly at snipe,,,any one know any ground around shropshire area,,that holds snipe, Regards Tony.
  2. I can shoot with both,but I did once win a very posh captains clay trophy,with my aya side b side,,,when all the posh folk had o/unders,,,me and the wife couldnt afford the meal on presentation evening,,we were called thru the diners to collect both trophies,then we caught the bus home,,,I would always prefer a side be side,but cant see why its matters what other guys use,,,enjoy when we can,,
  3. Seriously,Guys thank you so much for as usual great info,now I know what Im missing with, half or quater,,stay safe you lot.
  4. Sorry to upset you all knowing pocket book experts,,,you know the definition of an expert,,,an X is a has been,and Spert if a drip under pressure,Morning.
  5. Hi I have an aya yeoman over/under internal chokes have 3 grooves top barrel and 4 in the lower barrel,,,any one have any idea what they mean,,choke wise,, Regards Tony.
  6. Welcome Salmonrod,,,do a bit of fishing my self
  7. In My second year well,this year does not really count,,,fished the Severn and the Dee,,,mainly game,,but we could maybe team up and save on diesel,,,also I am retired and fishing on my own,gets a bit boring,, Based in Bridgnorth,
  8. Any more seats /poles or nets left my mate.

    1. paul hart

      paul hart

      Hi yes just ring order line on 01405862539

  9. Have flown on that moor,,very famous in the falconry world,,,I seem to remember,the actor,,,Robertson Justice,,,used to take a team of peregrines/pointers every season... Yes Llyod Lemon and white is correct though the lemons do carry a reccesive gene where,some have an under shot lower jaw...Yes Morkin English Pointer,,,,best one Ive ever had,,,clever and a great nose,
  10. Sorry guys not pigeon,,but love this photo,,young Peregrine bred by me on a grey partridgeI used to put 200 plus down,,but the buzzards and foxes had most.. Tony.
  11. Thanks J any relation to the Great Fred J Taylor,,,now theres a character..
  12. Hi Guys /Gals,,,just a few words about myself having joined ,recently,,,I used to shot a lot of pigeons when ,I was young,then fell in love with Falconry,,moved to Scotland flying grouse,with some Wildfowling thrown in.Took up Deer Stalking,but having been ripped off left right and centre,toying with jacking that in,so got my shotgun ,and my old deeks/net back now looking for some ground,,,to have a go at the woodies,you never know might lead to some Stalking,Oh also Hang Glide and Salmon fishing ,[dont ask] wife tells me Im 67 years old, Stay Safe, Tony Brownhill.
  13. Shropshire,,bridgnorth,,,I breed and fly Peregrine falcons,lived in Scotland for a while flying at grouse ,,,do a bit of Salmon fishing and Hang gliding[dont ask] Regards Tony. Sorry Guys its just that the Stalking forums require big money,plus its mostly all sewn up,,as I say not looking for loads of deer,just one for the freezer at xmas,,unless of course the land owner wants the thinning out,I have my DSC1 any fully insured, Tony.
  14. Hi Guys having lost my tiny tiny bit of deer permission,due to some one paying loads of money behind my back,,a guy I took on there once to help him out,,,I am now looking for any small piece of ground ,,with a few deer passing through,,,not looking for large amount,,,willing to pay ,, old guy retired,, Thank You Tony ,,,old rentokil technician,so pest control free.
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