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  1. howzat


    Wanted okuma airframe fly reel 4/6 or spools
  2. Just seen the Guns on pegs video, a " Mr Pigeon " offering a days pigeon decoying all equipment provided for only £250 a day, plus £2.50 for every shot taken, it could cost as little as £1000 for a days pigeon shooting, what a bargain, or are they nuts.
  3. Just seen thousands of pigeons flying east to west over Lisvane north cardiff, continues stream for about an hour, then nothing, all flying very high well out of shot, have seen this many times over the years at this time, no body seems to know where they come from and where they go to.
  4. Was very lucky to be given an almost new Beretta Silver pigeon 12 bore,the property of a dear friend who died suddenly from a heart attack, as I had it as a gift from his family, I decided to have it fitted, went to A J Rule in Somerton Somerset who was an ex Purdey stocker and gunsmith, I was surprised when he brought out an O/U try gun, which he adjusted to suit me, and then altered my gun to the same measurments, when I collected the gun it felt so perfect I was amazed, I have to say that since then my shooting improved dramaticly, it wasnt a cheap job I think it cost £185+vat, but to me it has been worth every penny.
  5. After seeing the videos on the pigeon shooting in Spain, is it possible to get a trip out there? howzat.
  6. Thanks for the interest in the Browning A500, IT IS NOW SOLD. HOWZAT
  7. Thanks for the interest guys, I have photos in the camera , but waiting for 12 year old to get back from Cornwall to put them on , will update as soon as poss howzat.
  8. Managed to shoot 8 over emerging peas Hereford last Wednesday
  9. Paid decoying. Has anyone seen the recent advert in The Shooting Times for pigeon shooting in Northhampton for £30 a day,is it any good or is it just a money making rip off ? Be nice to know if someone has any info. howzat
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