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  1. Sig tango 4 3-12x42 ffp MRAD scope. Bought few months ago for a “trainer” .22lr I was building. Found that the 50y parallex was to far for the indoor range so switched to an inferior Nikko Sterling, but it focused to 10m. Very nice locking turrets with zero stop and click down on the zero stop. Has lots of elevation, around 30 mil. Illuminated first focal plane reticle that turns off if no motion is detected . Have tried it with an archer and gives a great picture. I have been trying to justify keeping it, but as I am trying to reduce my rifles I do not see it getting used. Very very faint mark as per picture from rings when angled to light in a certain way other wise like new. You can send off your data and have a custom elevation turret made for free to match you bullet drop as per the voucher included. Has sigs transferable lifetime warranty. £500 ono posted, are around £775-800 new
  2. have decided to switch my scopes around and now have this spare. Less than a year old. Comes with tier one rings 34mm law rings and butler creek scope covers. Has ring marking to paint finish as pictured from when I was adjusting eye relief. No crimping.£800 posted. These were close to £2000 initially and then dropped to £1350 with opticswharehouse who I bought it from.Mil adjustment, ffp reticle. Loads of elevation ( about 30mil from memory)
  3. Hi, have an unused set of .223 forster dies. Full length and bench rest seater. I also have a used rcbs 10 shell holder (.223 size) from when I previously had rcbs dies. £70 delivered for dies and shell holder, there is a small amount of oxidation on the locking ring when I checked them over as per the photo.
  4. I have started the great rifle and scope switch around of 2018/2019 and have now ended up with 2 spare sets of optilock 1” mounts. One set has a slightly damaged insert and non matching ( all present and working) screws. One set medium, other set low. Selling together for £45 posted.
  5. Paul Edwards is my choice locally, he is in Llangollen.
  6. Have been given some old shotgun shells. Some have cracking to the plastic and some tarnish to the brass. Not sure if they are worth anything to a collector before I shoot them off. Most are for a 70mm 2 3/4 chamber. Collection from Ch7 area. Will swap for 2 boxes of 30 gram fibre wad 2 1/2 inch cartridges or £ 15 11 Eley Hymax number 3 7 Eley hymax number 1 9 Danarms unknown shot size 7 “jones” by Eley 7 1/2 6 “Jones” by Eley number 9 5 Eley alphmax number 4 1 Eley alphamax number 1 1 Eley skeet extra number 9 4 trap number 7.5 1 international trap 32 g number 7.5 1 game bore super trap 32 g number 7.5 1 Rottweiler special mk 2 trap number 7 1/2 1 Eley vip 30 gram number 5 1 Eley Grand Prix paper cases number 5 cartridge (slight split to brass)
  7. My Sako 75 like the 90grain.243 ppu soft point. Have found ppu/privi in .308/.223 fmj to shoot horribly but always found the expanding in non common military calibres like 7x57 and .243 and .375 h&h to actually shoot well ( just over an inch groups). When I can’t be bothered reloading I go with these.
  8. This came on a .22lr I bought. i prefer exposed turrets in order to dial so have another scope on the way. this is nitrogen filled and marked as made in Japan on the ocular bell pointing at higher end optics. comes with mounts and bikin covers. £50 Ono delivered
  9. Still up for grabs for someone who can collect. Regards
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