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  1. Good condition but does have a few storage dings , length of stock is 12 3/4” This is NOT the lop , from memory I believe lop was 14 1/2 ish, has beretta curved butt plate £55 posted to uk postcodes, can’t upload pics but can send via text or WhatsApp
  2. As above reply they are Mobil but predominantly fit beretta or benelli
  3. Very very good condition with little use , Teague extended Mobil chokes in 20guage, complete with Teague case and key, chokes are cyl, 1/4, 5/8 and full £140 inc postage
  4. Sold the 425 , was going to keep one or the other depending which sold first,
  5. yes sorry i wanted more than £40 including postage for a stock and forend
  6. Hi I’ve got a forend , in fact I’ve got two one is a xtrawood and the other extra grain , one is for optima but I can’t remember which one, I think I’ve got s stock as well but from memory it’s been shortened, I’ll have s look later when I’m home , do you have WhatsApp so I can send pics if your interested cheers. Rich
  7. sishyplops

    Miroku stock

    short tang has no screw hole in trigger guard, long tang has 1 maybe 2
  8. Doesn’t quite work that 24” flat = 48” round , it’s Pythagoras’s fault
  9. a medium in musto is 40" chest, i have the xl version an that is a 46-48"
  10. After cyl , 1/2 and full in briley spectrum extended invector 12g
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