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  1. Rem 11-87 furniture

    couple of sets on ebay but advertised as 1100 1087 (not 1187) assuming a typo

    audi saloon engines will probably be the same, but will cost a reasonable amount to do and need to make sure the electrickery bits are all the same
  3. Nicest stock wood for my budget?

    mk38 grade 5 sporter with adjustable comb Problem solved
  4. Car value.

    All I can add is my ranger did 25mpg come rain or shine for 3yrs, changed to gulf and shell did 28 , been running our cars on premium brand ever since and locally she'll is 1p per litre more than morrisons so about £1 more to fill up in the disco but consistantly get 4-5 mpg more, no brainier, locally we had major issues with cars having map or maf issues all were on supermarket fuel, none of our 3 cars had any issues whatsoever as they are all on gulf or shell, I will never go back to supermarket fuel as an aside our neighbor was a tanker driver for shell, and says it's not the same contrary to the op,
  5. Shooting with glasses,

    Don't go varifocal i Tried a pair and my shooting went from pretty good (skeet AV 23, dtl 22 locals clubs x2 AA class) to utter rubbish , missed everything unless was straight at target , dropped to near B class (local clubs) couldn't hit a cows *** with a banjo as we say in Norfolk , went to bifocal and normal service resumed, always bridesmaid at one club and win most at the other , I fond varifocal would bend the target coming in, so I would mount the gun above where the actual bird was then have to find it and chase it, never tried upside down style, but as my browning has a real low comb I can get down on it and still see a good site picture
  6. Nicest stock wood for my budget?

    You are blessed with some lovely guns red dot
  7. Nicest stock wood for my budget?

    CG would probably offer the best wood on a new gun in that budget or buy a second hand 325 grade 5 or 6, or 425
  8. Car value.

    Make sure the gearbox had its oil changed at 40k
  9. 20/28g Shotgun

    I bet thats a beauty
  10. 20/28g Shotgun

    Make sure you get one built on a dedicated 28b action, some are built on 20's, 30" would be my choice, eell would be my choice
  11. Steel no4 / full choke

    if you want peace of mind call into a gunsmith and buy a 1/2 choke, or borrow one if you have mates with same gun, what is the gun??
  12. Old Mossberg or newer Hatsan 12g pump

    save up another £50 and get a winny sxp
  13. Browning Midas Invector Plus Chokes

    do not confuse Invector with Invector plus they are different chokes your post mentions both, ive got the titanium briley ones they are lovely and light and get really good kills with them
  14. .177 or .22?

    Ive always had .22 in springers and .177 in PCP, just easier to load a 22 into a springer if you have fumbly fingers, I have an hw100kt in 177 just superb
  15. Hi all from Mid Suffolk

    welcome from across the Waveney Valley