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  1. If I knew that I wouldn’t miss anything lol I guess with the pressure of competition we all miss but watching it back you can see you are over the top or in front / behind have you tried one?
  2. I disagree on that , I use a shotkam on clays and can clearly see why I miss, when watching back 100 clay shoot I can say on each one if I’m going to miss it just by where the dot is , it’s easier on clays as it is a consists target but I found out the ones I miss I am generally above the clay , I bought it second hand albeit a month old and the previous owner had left some videos on it, as soon as I watched I said in front, in front , in front , in front it was that obvious , I assume they saw the same thing and solved their own problem , wouldn’t be without mine at the moment , love watching it back
  3. Assuming you’ve tried the obvious browning dealers , try premier guns
  4. I put mine in an ultrasonic cleaner , sane with ported chokes
  5. Hi I’ve got a couple of 391 beretta urika forends for sale both 12g one is varnished and nice wood suitable for Mobil chokes it’s used and a bit sooty with a few marks (slight difference in fit I believe from optima chokes ) the other is an optima version and is pretty much new , I believe it’s xtra grain (so enhanced grain not the wrapped version) £30 for the Mobil version £40 for the optima pics on request plus postage of £6 I also have a stock that matches the Mobil forend but it has been shortened and is a bit cosmetically challenged but maybe good for a junior £15 plus post
  6. be quick theres one on ebay!! they generally get removed very quickly but if you make contact with the seller at least youll have their details, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TEAGUE-12g-Beretta-Choke-Tubes-1x-3-8-1x-5-8-In-Good-Condition/264664494528?hash=item3d9f3bb1c0%3Ag%3Ah7MAAOSwNvBeagP0&LH_ItemCondition=4
  7. Looking at your pics of your front tyres I assume that the car has a thrust line that has not been compensated for. the garage may have set the front toe correctly but if they have not checked and compensated for a thrust line you will have probs , think of it as following an old mini down the road when they crab as the subframes weren’t always straight , if you c max rear axle is not straight you will have a thrust line , let’s say it’s 3 degrees to the right, the rear is not adjustable on a c max I don’t think so the front wheels need to be set pointing in the same direction as the rear axle so also need to be set 3 degrees to the right , the tracking (toe) can be set before the direction to compensate is done , it’s easy peasy on a set of lasers
  8. thats what i though so may just go in as a non registered shooter birds only
  9. Hi all , are you allowed to use a Shotkam at a cpsa registered shoot? just want to check as cant find anything on cpsa website, as technically with a wifi model someone can tell you where you are missing with its instant playback
  10. Can recommend Cens passives well pleased with mine
  11. thanks guys, (have emailed wabbitbosher) just after wood really dont want another complete gun
  12. sishyplops

    AYA no4 stock

    Hi anyone got an aya no4 stock for sale or stock and forend thanks
  13. Ok cheers will see if a pair turn up, what are you after for it?
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