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  1. 20 bore; yes or no

    pm sent
  2. Engine Sounds

    Top fuel dragster no contest as they say no replacement for displacement
  3. New l200 or Navara

    how about the new fiat as it is a mitsi anyway?
  4. Remington wingmaster 410

    thank you but a bit too far and dont really want to pay dealer money, appreciated though
  5. Remington wingmaster 410

    After a remy wingmaster 870 in 410 if anyone selling one (not the express version) many thanks Sishy
  6. Browning Ultra XS 12 gauge

    thats great thanks for the pm replies much appreciated
  7. AYA de lux box lock

    No worries they are lovely guns
  8. AYA de lux box lock

    £1350 it's a real minter full colour , rechocked to 1/4&1/2 by Jason Harris of sporting gun fame, I'm in Norfolk , send me your email address if you want some pics, I'll bet it's the best in the country
  9. AYA de lux box lock

    Got a mint 12 bore version of the best quality boxlock which is the forunner to the no4 deluxe if you're interested That's a std no 4 on the Freeads not a best quality boxlock version
  10. DT10 Left Handed preferably adjustable

    I think Keith at Celtic guns has one on his website, just finished drooling over a few, good job I live the other side of the country I think 😊
  11. 20 bore; yes or no

    I've got a 687 sporter in 20g multi sporter great little gun, although I do have a 686 and an A303 in 20g also so the 687 only rarely comes out. Might be persuaded to part with it 😜
  12. Mandel Invector Ported chokes full set

    now sold
  13. Beretta A302 manual

    great news
  14. Teague invector 12 extended swap or sell

    Now sold
  15. Beretta 682 x trap 12 gauge

    What's the date code? Also wh did the refinish is it tru oil? looks great but looks tru oiled