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  1. sishyplops

    Briley spectrum invector chokes wsnted

    After cyl , 1/2 and full in briley spectrum extended invector 12g
  2. sishyplops

    beratta barrells

    some on guntrader about 5 sets i think, dont look under accessories, its under gun type , i:e it will say "shotgun" "air rifle" then there is a heading "barrel" https://www.guntrader.uk/Guns-For-Sale/results/e9c1-472c-b25f-9880
  3. sishyplops

    Browning b-80 barrel

    There’s a whole b80 just come up in the sales section
  4. sishyplops

    Browning b-80 barrel

    Depends if it’s on ticket , any beretta 301/2/3/4 should fit, I’ve got one but I’m not sure if I want to part with it
  5. sishyplops

    Browning b-80 barrel

    Where abouts are you?
  6. ill want £750 if im going to RFD it Mike, yes the woodwork is mint, as said the stock was brand new post should read chambers have been reamed not renamed edit typo
  7. sishyplops

    Briley spectrum invector chokes 12g wanted

    sorry Dave need invector
  8. As title , what you got (don’t need 1/4 )
  9. sishyplops

    Browning Ultra models

    Thanks guys
  10. sishyplops

    Browning Ultra models

    Hi all, I’m looking at a few used browning ultras and it seems there are so many different models it’s unreal does anyone know what’s what with these ? there are ultra gti ultra XS Ultra XT Ultra XSH ultra prestige , good grief
  11. sishyplops

    20G teague key

    Sorted ordered a new one
  12. sishyplops

    20G teague key

    20G teague key wanted if anyone selling many thanks
  13. sishyplops

    Beretta 20 Gauge Teague Mobil Chokes X 4

    Pm sent I’ll take em
  14. sishyplops

    Browning 325 sporter wanted

    Thank you but want a 30” sporter No pm received button