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  1. Ok cheers will see if a pair turn up, what are you after for it?
  2. Hi all as title looking for 12g flush fit invector (not inv +) in 1/4 & 1/2 (or near as dammit ie 3/8 & 5/8 or a pair of 3/8) teague or browning don’t mind many thanks rich
  3. What media player are you using, great pic clarity on yours, I made the mistake of using fibre wads on a few, I thought wow I blew that to pieces only to see the whole clay fly past in the next couple of frames lol
  4. How many do you want ? I’ve got about 250 from memory , think they are a 6.5 30gram I don’t have the original slab boxes with the handle but have some in Original boxes others loose I think, where abouts are my original post on here couple of weeks ago Hi all anybody want to swap pigeon / game cartridges for clay carts? obviously looking for comparable quality im looking for 28g plastic or fibre 12g in 7.5, 8 or 9’s to swap I have : 12g clear pigeon fibre 30g 6’s x 425 velocity fibre 29g 6’s x 100 ely fibre 32g 6.5’s x 25 trust plas 28g 6’s x 350 RC JK6 plas 35g 4’s x 50 victory starlights plas 32g 6’s x 25 RC sipe plas 32g 5’s x 225 GB supersteel plas 32g 4’s x 100 ely pigeon select plas 30g 6’s 100 ely realtree plas 30g 6.5’s x 250 ely highflyer fibre 30g 6’s x 100 20g gamebore trad game fibre 38g 6’s x 50 express HV game fibre 25g 6’d x 300 hull county HP fibre 25g 6.5’s x 50 gamebore supersteel plas 24g 5’s x 50 im happy to take 12g swap for the 20 bore carts or 20g clay carts but these must be fibre wad please note numbers are approx but should be near as dammit , I’m near diss south norfolk , I’m not looking to sell but swap only
  5. hi are you about this afternoon ?

    1. hi all looking for a 30" beretta A303 barrel or whole gun, pref for multichoke I have looked on GT thank you many thanks
    2. Ah bit far don’t really want to post it, looking on line they are not that much new
    3. Where abouts are you , I’ve got one I’m in Norfolk , I think it’s an ameristep doghouse it’s a big one that folds into a backpack
    4. I think I saw some on guntrader under accessories
    5. Agreed but Clay guns shoot a lot of 28gram carts, a wildfowl gun needs to be a fine balance of carry all day weight and heavy cart recoil absorption
    6. Cynergy chokes are just invector plus chokes, ive got a cylinder choke though if you're interested
    7. 303 or 391 you won’t go wrong I’ve got both in field models , some mint 303’s about for £500 ish and nice 391’s £500-£1000, I find the 400 series a little clumpy and not as nice in the hands 391 30” sporter job done !!
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