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  1. I personally always throw away the first couple of shots and then start testing. However, it depends on what you are shooting. If in the field then assuming you are a good boy and clean your gun regular then the first shot has to be spot on - you can't tell the quarry to hold still for a while whilst you fire off a couple of bedding in shots 😀 If target shooting then typically the first few will be sighters anyway. So IMHO just get shooting and work out which combination of components works best for your gun - ignore the cleaning bit Final note. Never get your barrel get too fouled anyway
  2. I would look at the two cases from the two shots that hit high. Look at the primers! Compare to others. I suspect they are going to be very flat with metal flow around the firing pin divot. If flat then you have some over pressure event. 100 such reasons for this and as has been suggested over charging is a prime reason. I've heard of some powders - vihtavuori - not being temperature stable although its not been exactly hot these past weeks. I've had powder, again vihtavuori, go off on me! and would stick in the powder flask! thus candidate for under and overcharging. What ever the cause get the rifle to a gunsmith for checking and maybe re-proofing (mind you sounds like you have already done that 😄 )
  3. Just be careful shooting squirrels with a .22. Consider if you miss! a CCI subsonic 960ft/sec 40gn bullet fired at the optimum angle of 25degrees will travel 1590yds and have a terminal energy of 5.5ftlb - OK not going to kill but sure won't aft hurt. I use CCI CB which is a lighter bullet and lower velocity. 37gn bullet and MV 710ft/sec manages 1133yds and has a terminal energy of 2.2ftlb (only just above a airsoft which is considered non lethal) Still going to hurt! Generally I like Eley subs.... and don't overstretch the bullet capability.
  4. OK after discussions it has now been re-enabled for PW and BASC members! pwmember5 is good to go!
  5. Hey Guys, Was just about to place an order with A1 Decoys and tried the old discount code 'pwmember5' and it appears to no longer be valid. Anyone know of a new code? Cheers
  6. I know of a shoot in Northamptonshire that are big on Grey's and have a huge area set aside for natural breeding. It is also supplemented with reared day-old's
  7. I'm actually reloading for someone else and then once I have some starting data I will teach the owner the whole reloading process. Not sure I would ever want to go near 7mm RUM with its short barrel life when you could almost achieve the same velocity/energy in a STW. OK belted cases have their own issues (bulging)
  8. How did I miss the Nosler data (should have gone to specsavers : This is a beast of a cartridge! Never loaded belted cartridges before so it was a bit of an eye opener when one has to consider the small, but very significant, bulge near the belt. However, solved with the Belted Magnum Collet Resizing Die from Innovative Technologies :: http://www.larrywillis.com/ My usual 7mm08 compared to the STW
  9. Hi all, is there anyone out there who has loaded 7mm STW. I'm looking for load data with European powders i.e. Vihtavuori 160/165 I have stacks of data with USA powders! Will be starting with 140gn Nosler bullets. Cheers Guys
  10. How can you have matched dies - They do completely different jobs! You may have 'match' dies i.e. supposedly more accurately made and have much finer adjustment mechanism but I can't see how matched and dies can be words collectively to describe dies. If you said who the dies were made by the green box maybe more significant. Have to say I agree with everyone on here - dies are mass produced so unless its a custom calibre then just get on an use them and don't worry about the 'matched' aspect. ps good calibre to reload - been doing this for some 40 years
  11. Not a lot to go wrong on a 505 - very good indeed!
  12. Not sure what that link shows? I was referencing a British Proof House not a international Org that might have different take on specs.
  13. Why not pose the question can a 67mm cartridge be safely used in a 2 1/2 chamber to a proof house. At the end of the day these guys are playing in this area every day
  14. Well I'm afraid you have lost the most important piece of diagnostic help I can give. One comment - you are setting COL by magazine length - VERY BAD gauge of bullet depth!!! If you are pushing the bullet into the rifling then there are two things that can happen. Firstly it takes more energy to get the bullet moving which causes peak over pressure. Secondly if the barrel is tight you could be pushing the bullet back into the case! This can also generate a higher peak pressure. This potentially excessive pressure could be the cause of primers lifting in their pockets (although I would have thought you would have metal flow into the firing pin hole!) If nothing else learned - get pictures first :yes:
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