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  1. After a take down case in this style if possible. Will take cartridge matching bag too. I've searched the entire internet with no luck
  2. Whatmuff

    270 Brass.

    Hi Norrie Can I take these please. Pm inbound
  3. This is amazing. Increase my taxes so we can get more hardened police cars. And if they could make the footage into a sat night film that would be great.
  4. And this is my point Mick, where has it gone wrong to think that the average person working and living in a city/town should have to move elsewhere in a Country to live based on affordability. I'm not saying central London but just basic parts of the SE. We have almost priced out nearly all of the population in that area, if we were to start again near no one would have any funds to buy anywhere at those prices. There are leading economists that agree with my point of view and it's only the rich and investors that don't. Just saying to someone well if you can't afford it move to south Wales where it's cheaper just doesn't cut it. I get that people need to move maybe a few miles or the next town but not 100 miles away. The problem is so much worse than people are making out and it's going to destroy the economy when the property market blows up.
  5. What possible difference??? Errrrr rent? £850 for a 1 bed flat in SE London or £400 in Lincolnshire.....
  6. depends what part of the UK you live in, and it wouldn't be disposable income if you had to cover all bills and living costs with it for an entire fasmily.
  7. If you make it so complicated and use jargon that the purchaser won't necessarily understand short-term then you can sell him what ever you like. You can't tell me every solicitor these days goes through new build contracts with a fine tooth comb, most of it is done by assistants or paralegals. Can you honestly tell me you read the 5 pages of terms and conditions in the mobile phone contract (if you have 1) of course you don't. We put an amount of trust into the person we deal with and use them as the subject matter expert and with trading laws and consumer rights we hope they brief us with truth on the item we are buying or buying into. People don't have time or the ability to understand contracts these days. Take the military and some of the recent contracts, some of them have backfired and are pretty much useless and not fit for purpose. Have a watch of "the flaw" on Amazon Prime. It has professors in Economics from Yale and Harvard University's and a few others including psychology economic professors. They are saying the exact same thing as I have with regards to equality and share of wealth and the last time the wealth distribution was this bad was 1929, and we know what happened then. We never learn anything about our monetary system or history as it keeps repeating itself, people seem to think that its fair pricing 80% of the population out of a simple thing like buying a home to live in or putting food on the table or having a family, and they also seem to think 90% of the country's wealth should go to the top 1% it's insane. If you think the pitchforks won't come out then think again. Just look at France at the moment! Petrol rises 23% and 280 000 people take to the streets. That's nothing to what will come around, think London riots X 10. The moment that these big CEOs, footballers and famous stars get is just a number, it's just a token to be paid to enable buying and selling of goods within an economy. If you keep printing that currency with the intention to inflate asset prices then that cash just ends up in the wrong hands and the rich get richer by investment and the poor get poorer by inflation. It will fail as it's not sustainable. Watch this program, I only watched it last night and it's incredible.
  8. All great in hindsight. I think the worlds central banks have created the biggest debt bubble ever and it's unsustainable. The markets are cracking and property will no longer be an asset class. I doubt there would be many living in poverty on pigeon watch Bostonmick, but I know a few family members that are struggling. Aunty is a nurse with 3 kids and regularly visits a food bank and the other is my sister in law and family and lost his job, I send him money every now and again just so he can feed the kids. Both of them used the help to buy scheme, interest rates and other rated hidden in the contract have been rising along with groceries ect and they are finding it harder than before. But I wouldn't go anywhere near saying they are in extreme poverty I would more say they are no longer living a comfortable lifestyle.
  9. Hmmmm my brother works for the council in those areas. That's pretty poor economics to develop a currency and monetary system that forces some of our most important members of society to travel so far from such deprived areas. That's not fair, and that's been my point. The price of homes and the current economic situation could have been controlled a long time ago however it has been pumped up for the benefit of the rich. Sorry mice... Now I'm out.
  10. I live in the South East and there really isn't anything for 90k. As far as Luton or Ashford may get you a flat for 150k but this is insanity in itself. Anyone who buys a flat for 150k with interest rates at near zero is asking for defaults and repossession.
  11. Agreed I can't understand why it's so expensive. But it's the entire South East. There is no where to commute from, everywhere is priced way to high and many low income workers will never be able to buy or rent in these areas.
  12. The nurse unfortunately died on the way to work. She had to buy a house in Lincoln and travel to Bromley on 3 trains and a bus. And on the second train in London she was robbed and stabbed. And her husband left her anyway. My story would have been great if people didn't pick holes in it..
  13. Yeah it's kind of got out of hand and I can't argue with children. I'd like to see those 4 up against the professor though. I'm out.
  14. Could be! Let's face it it's so hard to believe anything that the media or people publish these days.
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