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  1. A few snaps from yesterday

    Cheers chaps
  2. Sitta europaea

    Brilliant compostion
  3. British Shooting Show

    I am going again this year
  4. A few snaps from yesterday

    Thanks guys These where all taken at Lunt Meadows Dave First two birds are Stonechats.
  5. Hawk Harris

  6. A few snaps from yesterday

    Having not been out with the camera for a while, and it being a glorious day yesterday..I decided to see what I could find at the nature reserve. Once the light had dropped I also had the pleasure of watching three Short Eared Owls hunting infront of me Thanks for viewing Dave
  7. BR

    That is some light! Very nice image.
  8. Fire in Liverpool wrecks 1600 cars

    These screen shots are off the Sun's news article from today... Its an old ish RR Vogue I think. The article shows a video of the fire which was captured by a women on her phone I was parked in there not all that long ago either...
  9. 50 yard Stags

    Gorgeous light GG...
  10. Brilliant / Dodgy gifts?

    Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch off my parents and some SealSkinz Sporting Gloves off my girlfriend - main two. Usual chocolates and bathroom stuff also. I shall be testing the gloves tomorrow beating
  11. New Defender 'spotted'...

    Found this 'mock up' image of what it could potentially look like...
  12. Seeland Trouser Recommendations

    They are relatively thick I suppose...but I dont think theyre that thick that they become too much, no. They have kept me warm and dry on both shoot days and when im beating. Dave
  13. New car

    Superb cars mate! I miss mine..brilliant off road too. Enjoy
  14. Seeland Trouser Recommendations

    I use the Seeland Marsh trousers. Very good quality and ive kept very warm and dry.
  15. H

    Still an inspiration GG...absolutely fantastic! Are you still on the hunt for the 1Dx?