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  1. Large Cock Pheasant

  2. GCG

  3. Shot two Coots

    Top notch again mate
  4. What would you reccomend..

    As it is early days yet I am unsure to be quite honest. I am hoping that once I've handled a few and shot a few... the budget might be easier to establish, if you get me? Dave
  5. What would you reccomend..

    Cheers for the input guys, I've had a look online at the different Daystates and FX rifles... I think the shooting show next month will be very useful...so much choice! I will have a look at fit and feel and try and shoot a few, too. Thank you once again, Dave
  6. What would you reccomend..

    What makes the Wiehrauch better mate?
  7. What would you reccomend..

    It certainly didn't! I had a feeling it would hit me lol... The target club ive contacted and organised to go and see is WiganTSC. Dave
  8. What would you reccomend..

    Cheers for all the replies guys I do think that I am going to have to try and handle all of them and see which feels best. Thankfully the shooting show is not far away.. I feel as though 177 is the way to go, maybe, with it being a multi use gun... All the best, Dave
  9. What would you reccomend..

    Wow, very nice! That was another question, calibre! 22 or 177...? Loads of what I've read people say 177....but coming from shotguns the bigger the ballet the more knock down power you have at range...I presume the same must apply to air... I understand 177 has a flatter trajectory etc but does that out do the 'stopping' power of the 22?
  10. What would you reccomend..

    Is your bsaFAC or sub 12 Stu?
  11. What would you reccomend..

    Brilliant! Cheers Stu, I must admit the r10 can get a bit heavy after a while.
  12. What would you reccomend..

    Yes, I agree! It is certainly the right 'tool' for the job! Why the s510 mate?
  13. What would you reccomend..

    Thanks for the reply Newbie what was the deciding factor for your decision to buy Air Arms?
  14. What would you reccomend..

    Some of you know I have recently borrowed a friend's air rifle to sort some pigeons out around the barns for a permission. Having shot a few now, I can honestly say I am absolutely loving it. I am thoroughly enjoying learning as much as I can about air rifles. Before I borrowed the rifle, I had only ever used shotgun and never really thought about air.... However, I can absolutely see the point of Air and absolutely love using it. Having not shot rifle since I left the Army Reserve, I have consequently contacted a local target club and I am going down to see them this month to see what's what etc etc. As a new guy to air I have inevitably been looking online every day at different rifles, manufacturers, reviews, pellets and other kit/accessories that go with it. Now, if I were to buy my own pcp for both target use and field use which would you reccomend including scopes? I have been looking mainly at Air Arms s510, Weirauch HW100 and BSA R10 SE. They seem to get good reviews and at the minute the one I've borrowed is the R10 Mk2 which is great fun and looks the business in the Black Pepper laminate, I think. I would appriciate any advices and reccomendations Thank you in advance.. Dave I forgot to add, I am going to the Northern Shooting Show next month so I will hopefully be able to have a good chat to the manufacturers and hopefully try a few out on the range
  15. Airgun noob - info required

    Chaps, Cheers for the genuinely useful information I have been to See my friend and he filled it back up using a 'divers' cylinder and showed me the safety aspect of it. Really enjoying learning about air rifles and everything that goes with them All the best, Dave