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  1. That’s brilliant! Really like that, well done Scarter 👍
  2. I was going to start a post regarding this but since one has already been created I will dive in on this one... Planning a trip to Ribble Bank tomorrow. Just to confirm, are they definitely now open and shooting and it’s still handing over cash? Many thanks, Dave
  3. I have a 2018 BMW 320D M Sport Touring - it ticks all your boxes and is great to drive. I find it a perfect balance between performance and economy and the automatic gearbox is absolutely brilliant. Comfy, looks good, loads of room, full of tech, brilliant long distance cruiser with good fuel economy and great fun when using Sport mode and Either ‘S’ on the gearbox or paddles. I would genuinely, highly recommend. 330/335 would be even better to drive... All the best with your decision, Dave 👍
  4. These were taken on a single track road between Loch Garry and Loch Hourn.
  5. Evening chaps, Not long got home having spent another week in the Scottish Highlands. Here are two photos from the trip.. Cheers, Dave
  6. I use SealSkinz Sporting Gloves. Absolutely brilliant. Warm dry hands all season would thoroughly recommend. I wouldn’t have anything else and when my current pair is up for replacing I’ll get the same. I went for the sporting glove over the shooting glove as I prefer to have both my thumb and trigger finger exposed when shooting rather than just my trigger finger. I find I get more control of my safety catch and cartridges with both thumb and finger exposed. Dave
  7. My Dads Disco 5 went in for some warranty work and they gave him an Autobiography p250 Velar. However, we couldn’t get the dog box in so he asked for something bigger so they gave him a Range Rover P400e Autobiography looking online they're 6 digits! The massaging seats were nice, mind...
  8. One off fee. Buy a car for £25,000 on finance, for example, in two years time the car is worth £20,000 (again for example) but you have £22,500 left to pay off your finance leaving you in negative equity. your insurers will give you the current market value of the car at the time of write off but you still have X amount on finance to fund yourself - GAP insurance bridges the ‘gap’ and gives you the difference to make up to what you bought your vehicle for initially. Thats my understanding of it anyway. If you’re Vehicle is on finance and it gets written off and you’re in negative equity it can sting without GAP, basically. Dave
  9. Loch Ailort. From Fort William, take the road towards Mallaig then take a left towards Ardnamurchan. It is taken on this stretch of road Dave
  10. Last night tonight in the Highlands unfortunately, but the light didn’t let me down.... snapped this on the way back to the lodge. Cheers for viewing Dave
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