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  1. I personally think the new defender will replace the Discovery 4. The Discovery 5 has become more akin to the Range Rover models. The Discovery 4 I think, managed to combine the rugged/working vehicle/off roader a Land Rover should be with the everyday drivability and luxury Land Rover as a company, wants to be.. A Discovery 4 could happily carry 7 adults in comfort and eat up the motorway miles without feeling out of place in anyway off the beaten track, with ample cargo/loading room. Personally, I think the D4 was the best vehicle Land Rover have made because of its ability to combine so many qualities into one vehicle - I think the new defender will also combine all the same qualities... We will see very shortly I believe.
  2. Good images mate👍 How you finding the lens? It’s the one I use and personally love it.
  3. I bet mate! Sounds good. It’s a great motorway cruiser.
  4. Well worth a re-take! Cheers GG 👍
  5. Mate, that looks superb! Enjoy!! Welcome to the club 👍 As it’s the Touring, you should have an electric tailgate too. And the glass that lifts up independent of the hatch, really useful! Dave
  6. Honestly mate, it is a cracking car 👍 you won’t be disappointed pal! The automatic is ace and I personally love the shape of the paddle shifters too - they’re contoured on the back and your fingers fit perfectly in them; really engaging. Most other paddles I’ve felt are just flat. Enjoy it mate, let me know how you get on pal. All the best, Dave
  7. I currently drive an 18 plate 320d M Sport Touring Shadow Edition 8 Speed auto. Simply put... it is fantastic!! The engine is awesome and the gearbox incredible. So incredibly smooth and efficient especially in eco pro mode (coasting function is good)... change to sport mode and it changes everything about the car.. the gear shifts are so fast and engaging, especially when using the paddle shifters. Oh and launch control is great... The 320d is a very efficient engine. I’m always around 49mpg going to work each morning. 32 mile round trip I’ve hit just shy of 57mpg too on occasion. Currently it’s showing around 8500 miles on the clock and running at 41.1mpg. I went down to Dorset (Tank museum trip) a few weeks back on a Friday evening (I live in Lancashire). Filled up before the journey, arrived at the location in the evening, next morning drove to the museum and then trundled around the country side and explored a bit - Sunday morning, £34 in diesel with slightly more than half a tank. Drove all the way back to Lancashire and then filled back up - £30... cannot complain at that. The car genuinely makes me smile every single day, it handles like a dream, is super efficient and super sporty when you want it to be. iDrive is awesome as well mate. You wont be disappointed. I’ll struggle not to have a BMW from now on... want to know anything more or if you’d like some detailed pictures of anything sending over for example, give me a shout. I have heard the 330D is meant to be a fantastic engine and even smoother with a big increase in performance with little drop in economy... if I could’ve stretch to the 3 litre I would’ve done and next time I would upgrade to one if I could. But for day to day driving the 320d gives a brilliant blend of efficiency and everyday useable performance. All the best, Dave
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