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  1. As per above, wondering if anywhere is open that’s local… I usually shoot at Kelbrook, Catton Hall or Ribble Bank … all closed on a Monday. Thanks in advance 👍 Dave
  2. You’d probably pick up a Freelander 2 for £11k which I’m sure would tick all your boxes - comfortable on road and very good off it 👍 Worth a look, and likely to hold its value better too. Dave
  3. I believe the SD4 in the car you’re looking at is the 240hp twin turbo.
  4. As per the above - FYI Just seen on the Catton Hall Facebook page they’re no longer running open practice on Saturdays. Only Wednesdays 10am to 4pm. It states the Saturday Practice will resume in October. Dave 👍
  5. I remember, many years ago looking at my first DSLR. I was set on a Sony camera. Picked one up, could not figure out how to use it. I then Went to look at a Nikon and Canon… Having handled them both, decided on the Canon EOS system. So simple and intuitive to use and it was that which made my decision. The image quality and reliability have been 10/10 and I have upgraded my Canon EOS cameras a few times over the years to the point where I now run two - an EOS 7d Mark ii APSC Sensor and an EOS 6D full frame Sensor camera. I also have an EOS M3 Compact System Camera with an APSC sensor. If you are new to DSLRs, the buttons, setting, lens options etc can be quite daunting and having a genuinely simple and intuitive system helps the process of learning greatly. As said, there are plenty of good used cameras about which will be in your price range. Dave 👍
  6. Interesting 👍 did your scores improve at all? Saw an empty box or two of the Pro Ones in the bins at Catton on Saturday.. suppose they could’ve been yours haha? How come the Black Golds aren’t for you? I’m trying to stick to the Eley Superbs now in an 8. I’ve been getting on well with them recently. Dave 👍
  7. The high towers were good. Struggled on the over head target (I always do on that type) but enjoyed the high driven one! I thought all the targets were enjoyable though and enjoyed shooting inside the wood, too. 👍🏻
  8. Went to Catton Hall today - top ground really enjoyed it 👍 will be visiting again soon in the future certainly!
  9. Cheers Westley really does sound good! And not far either... 👍
  10. Sounds perfect, cheers. Looking forward to going now 👍🏻
  11. That’s great cheers everyone for the replies. I work shifts so I’m occasionally off on Wednesdays, too which should be ideal if it’s not as busy then! Dave 👍🏻
  12. Cheers for the reply Bob 👍 will be making a trip to them soon. Dave
  13. Hi guys, Catton Hall.. heard of it, but never been so quite fancy a trip over to shoot. Looking on their website though, it seems to be advertised as an ‘adventure’ style place designed for groups to ‘have a go’ and can’t see anything about just normal club level clay shooting. Do they run a normal ‘turn up and shoot’ sporting practice layout for clays at all or have I got the wrong end of the stick? Cheers, Dave 👍🏻
  14. It’s a good useable size I think but I suppose everyones uses are different. The Trans-k9 dog box which was bought specifically for our Disco 5 does actually fit in my Disco Sport. Although the left/middle seats need folding flat and pushing all the way forward on the rails in order to do so. But when I’m shooting I tend to have the rear fully flat anyway to get all the kit in so it doesn’t really make a difference for me. Or you could just get a Transk9 box for the Sport which will fit in the boot with no seat faffing required!
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