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  1. Good choice. Best thing is go shoot them back to back..
  2. I tend to only use eco mode on long motorway journeys. The biggest difference you’ll feel is the lack of response from the throttle which I really dislike during day to day driving. My Disco Sport eco mode also turns down the AC and will turn off heated seats if they’re on, for example. It’ll basically turn off non essentials in an effort to save fuel. In some vehicles with auto boxes it will disengage the gearbox and coast when you take your foot of the pedal which I found annoying in my Golf and 3 Series. Doesn’t do it in the Disco Sport though.
  3. I have an SX3 which I shoot clays with sometimes and can’t fault it. I am sure the SX4 is just as good, too. I have always thought the Benelli Super Sport looks the business. Last year, I had the chance to use my SX3 back to back with a Browning Maxus Ultimate and a Benelli Super Sport. Having shot the three of them back to back, and wanting to really love the Benelli, I came away thinking if I had to pick one for clays, it would be the Browning. Not that the Benelli was bad by any means, I suppose the Maxus just felt ‘familiar’ with it being gas operated and very
  4. I’d probably look at the new Subaru XV..
  5. Thanks 👍🏻 yes it’s a joy to shoot..and carry!
  6. A few pics of some game I shot on Saturday..Thanks for viewing 👍🏻
  7. Yes, I agree. I always shoot shot size 4 on duck through my 12..but struggling to find anything other that 24g 5 for the 20 bore. Not heard of the Mirage cartridges that Kraai has suggested but would be keen to try them if I can get hold of any. I was only saying after the shoot to the group that the GB load I was using would be great in a 4..wonder why they don’t make them with 20 bores now being so popular..
  8. Thanks for letting me know will check them out 👍
  9. I shot these today on duck so I thought I would share my first impressions. I think the cartridge is generally ok. However, as stated the ranges do need to be kept sensible. We shoot a lot of duck coming up off a river and I think they’re good for that initial ‘flush’ when the ducks are springing up. But as soon as they’re ‘up’ I didn’t feel as though they were up to it. I took two birds which, despite being hit and looking as though they were dead, when picked they weren’t (granted this can happen with any load). One occasion the duck looked dead in the air, landed and then decided
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