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  1. WinchesterDave

    Hinds in near darkness

  2. WinchesterDave


    Cheers mate
  3. WinchesterDave

    Milvus milvus

    Brilliant mate
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    One taken late this afternoon Thanks for viewing, Dave
  5. WinchesterDave


    I have the Winchester Select Deluxe Field. It was my first gun and has truly been faultless over the years.... It's a 28inch barrelled, 3inch gun and it has done everything I've asked of it, be it, clay shooting on a Sunday, driven pheasants, walked up, pigeon shooting, and morning flights for geese on the marsh... It's very light and fast handling as well. It's my go to gun when I just want to use a 'no fuss' gun and one that'll get the job done. I'm sure you'll love yours if you buy one. Kind Regards, Dave
  6. WinchesterDave

    Bit ten

  7. WinchesterDave

    New auto

    I can only reccomend what I have... so the Winchester SX3 is good and has never let me down. I think all the new semis are good though so get what fits you and what you like id say! I've always wanted a Benelli...
  8. WinchesterDave

    Anyone ever seen this happen on a gun?

    Guys, Thank you for the replies and useful advice. Genuinely appreciated. Dave
  9. WinchesterDave

    Anyone ever seen this happen on a gun?

    Thanks TC Indeed ha! Cheers.
  10. WinchesterDave

    Anyone ever seen this happen on a gun?

    Noted. Thanks. I wouldn't attempt that. Cheers for the reply:) Thanks for the reply walker. It's got a while before another shoot so it will be let to dry slowly. Oil finsihed, yes. Will apply oil once top lever isn't catching. In terms of taking it apart; barrels, hand guard and reciever/stock for basic maintainance. I haven't and wont remove any wood from metal. Dave
  11. WinchesterDave

    Anyone ever seen this happen on a gun?

    A reassuring comment to read! Thanks oowee. It really did get wet yesterday... more so than it has before! I've tried the gun again today and although it's still rubbing it is better than yesterday. Once dried thoroughly I will put some wood oil on it Dave
  12. WinchesterDave

    Anyone ever seen this happen on a gun?

    Can wood 'swell' when it gets soaked?
  13. WinchesterDave

    Anyone ever seen this happen on a gun?

    Cheers for getting back to me mate! I don't understand why this has happened? The gun has been faultless and has been wet before. I regularly oil the wood after a shoot. It was bought new in 2016 and hasn't been used extensively by any stretch of the imagination.
  14. Hi guys, First driven day for me yesterday. Good start to the season apart from getting soaked!!! My gun was fine all day, however when I got home I noticed that when closing the gun the top lever wouldn't re-centre! It was stuck in the open position.. Never seen this before and it has never happened on any of my guns before after getting wet. Any suggestions? I was able to close the gun and then manually realign the top lever and then open it again but it was rubbing the wood. Thanks guys, Dave Its a Beretta 690 Field iii by the way.
  15. WinchesterDave

    Just a Mallard

    Absolutely superb!