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  1. Cheers Westley really does sound good! And not far either... 👍
  2. Sounds perfect, cheers. Looking forward to going now 👍🏻
  3. That’s great cheers everyone for the replies. I work shifts so I’m occasionally off on Wednesdays, too which should be ideal if it’s not as busy then! Dave 👍🏻
  4. Cheers for the reply Bob 👍 will be making a trip to them soon. Dave
  5. Hi guys, Catton Hall.. heard of it, but never been so quite fancy a trip over to shoot. Looking on their website though, it seems to be advertised as an ‘adventure’ style place designed for groups to ‘have a go’ and can’t see anything about just normal club level clay shooting. Do they run a normal ‘turn up and shoot’ sporting practice layout for clays at all or have I got the wrong end of the stick? Cheers, Dave 👍🏻
  6. It’s a good useable size I think but I suppose everyones uses are different. The Trans-k9 dog box which was bought specifically for our Disco 5 does actually fit in my Disco Sport. Although the left/middle seats need folding flat and pushing all the way forward on the rails in order to do so. But when I’m shooting I tend to have the rear fully flat anyway to get all the kit in so it doesn’t really make a difference for me. Or you could just get a Transk9 box for the Sport which will fit in the boot with no seat faffing required!
  7. Hi mate, yes I got in touch with Northern Diver who confirmed refills and tests will resume from 12th April 👍 No great hurry so I can wait until then. Thanks for the reply Fisher 👍 I’m sorted now though for the time being cheers very much.
  8. Hi mate, Was this recently? Thanks for the offer too 👍🏻
  9. Hi Dave, it’s Northern Diver I have messaged thanks 👍 OPP, thanks very much for your reply. The tank is a BISLEY 3ltr, 300 bar bottle. I presume a purpose built PCP one as it’s a Bisley? Rifle is a BSA R10 mk2. Also, just a quick thanks to all for your replies. Regards, Dave 👍
  10. Hi, I have had my PCP air rifle and 300 bar refill bottle since 2018 which I bought from a friend who was selling up. I haven’t used it all that much since buying it but recently I have been thinking the divers bottle will be due a refill soon. As such, I have emailed a local dive shop to enquire if they are running a refill service during the pandemic for which I am awaiting their reply. However, I have also done some further reading around divers bottles and started to get a little worried in terms of getting the bottle tested every 5 years.. having looked at the on
  11. There’s a scene in Gladiator where you can see a bloke in jeans realising he’s just stepped onto the set and then casually taking a step back so he’s out of the shot lol.
  12. I personally really enjoy his videos and the music... It gives an insight into another world of shooting, one which I would love to take part in and one which I suspect a lot of people aspire to do. I think his videos are excellently put together and filmed and let’s face it, he’s a cracking shot! Other than his very awkward hand shakes, he is a great guy who obviously has an absolute passion for the countryside, shooting and field sports; as we all do. He is just trying to show the wider audience what the countryside and shooting is about and I respect him for doing that.
  13. Good choice. Best thing is go shoot them back to back..
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