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  1. My Dads Disco 5 went in for some warranty work and they gave him an Autobiography p250 Velar. However, we couldn’t get the dog box in so he asked for something bigger so they gave him a Range Rover P400e Autobiography looking online they're 6 digits! The massaging seats were nice, mind...
  2. One off fee. Buy a car for £25,000 on finance, for example, in two years time the car is worth £20,000 (again for example) but you have £22,500 left to pay off your finance leaving you in negative equity. your insurers will give you the current market value of the car at the time of write off but you still have X amount on finance to fund yourself - GAP insurance bridges the ‘gap’ and gives you the difference to make up to what you bought your vehicle for initially. Thats my understanding of it anyway. If you’re Vehicle is on finance and it gets written off and you’re in negative equity it can sting without GAP, basically. Dave
  3. Loch Ailort. From Fort William, take the road towards Mallaig then take a left towards Ardnamurchan. It is taken on this stretch of road Dave
  4. Last night tonight in the Highlands unfortunately, but the light didn’t let me down.... snapped this on the way back to the lodge. Cheers for viewing Dave
  5. Would need a slightly faster speed than 1/125 🤣 good photo mate
  6. Nice analogy haha! I do admire it when stood on peg and it’s a dream to shoot Cheers GG
  7. Thanks mate doesn’t make me shoot any better but it’s a lovely gun to use
  8. Only early doors yet mate I’m sure you’ll get beneath them
  9. Our syndicate had its first day today. Finished on a bag of 28 with two lost between the four guns. I started my day with a left and right on a pair of Mallard (as per the picture) and contributed 9 to the overall bag. My cartridges today were Hull Steel Game 32g 4 and Gamebore Black Gold 30g 6. I hope everyone has a brilliant season. All the best, Dave
  10. Hi Dave...used to shoot on lunt/ince blundell many moons ago, the alt is good for duck and always a few kicking about...my mates dad was part time keeper for inside the wall shoot...is that where it is or further down over the bypass...good area all together round there...might be able to do the odd day for you if doesn't clash with other days.....cheers dave

    1. Hello everyone, Thanks for viewing. Due to being let down this close to the season we are after one or two beaters with a dog. We are a small, friendly farm syndicate in the Ince Blundell area with mixed shooting including woods, cover, ponds and part of the River Alt. We meet up early doors in the yard and have a brew and bacon buttie before heading out. We bring our own lunch but tend to have a special day towards the end of the season with a buffet. We will shoot days of 4/5 guns and 3/4 beaters with a ‘one team’ approach to the day. We also put on a beaters day towards the end of the season. If anyone is interested please drop me a pm and I will forward on details to our shoot captain. As I say, it is a small friendly shoot with a great bunch of guys and all very welcoming. Great banter as well 👍 We shoot 12 days during the season which starts on October 12th for us and beaters day is set for the 18th Jan. Also, beaters are paid at the end of each day. Thanks for viewing, Dave
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