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  1. WinchesterDave

    Eastbourne Airborne

  2. WinchesterDave

    Botaurus stellaris

    Never fail to impress with your images GG superb capture!
  3. WinchesterDave

    ESS new member

    Brilliant photos and a lovely looking pup mate.
  4. WinchesterDave

    Small garden visitor

    I was around 1 meter ish! Cheers mate Thanks for viewing Thank you! Cheers for viewing Cheers GG enjoying full frame! I think I will use 6D for everything now other than Birds in Flight - 7Dmkii is still king for that!
  5. WinchesterDave

    Suzuki Jimny.

    If the G wagon and Wrangler had a child, it would be....
  6. WinchesterDave

    Small garden visitor

    Cheers mate, was happy with how it developed in Lightroom.
  7. WinchesterDave

    First shot with the Cre8 28 gauge

    Brilliant! Nicely done
  8. WinchesterDave

    Small garden visitor

    Not posted any pics in a while! New camera came this week and spotted this little guy in the garden. So obviously, I had to try and shoot it!... Canon EOS 6D Canon EF 70-200mm F4 L Settings: 1/200th - F4 - iso 200 (for those interested) Thanks for viewing. Dave
  9. WinchesterDave

    Good timing

    Very cool
  10. WinchesterDave

    Beretta 693 Field

    Yep I have a 690 field 3 deluxe Ltd Edition ... it's brilliant... Dave
  11. WinchesterDave

    3/4 and Full

    I have mate yes. I know what you mean about wanting to push put a bit more. Dave
  12. WinchesterDave

    Ardea alba

    Very good GG
  13. WinchesterDave

    guess the pellet ..4

    Just a bit of fun mate
  14. WinchesterDave

    guess the pellet ..4

    Pleased it's caught on
  15. WinchesterDave

    guess the pellet..#2