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  1. Guy Martin WW1 Tank

    Just seen it; brilliant!! Well worth a watch. Guy was as good as ever
  2. Flight Shots

  3. Sitta europaea

    Absolutely superb GG
  4. New Discovery Sport

    My dad had one. He loved it. Real fuel was just over 40 I believe. It was a great car, however.... It ended up being 6months old and in the garage for around 2 months due to the 'Adblue injector sensor wire' snapping straight off. He was given a Disco 4 in the time it was in the garage and subsequently changed the sport for a D4 and he says its the best car he has had and hasnt had any issues with it. My dad has said though, he would buy another Disco Sport when he wants to down size as it really is a fantastic car. If you get a good one you wont be disappointed! Just double check on the Lumbar support as iy didnt come standard on the SE Tech we had which was my dads only real critisism. Dave. Also, its great in the mud..
  5. HH

    Couldnt be more true GG
  6. Yesterday’s sky

    Nicely shot...
  7. HH

    Absolutely brilliant!!!
  8. Trump in a dogs ear....

  9. Stonechat

    Not this time mate; Lunt Meadows. Thank you Impala
  10. Ardea cinerea

    Superb GG.
  11. Stonechat

    Thanks GG
  12. Iphone 8 plus camera

    thats the beauty of them... That is pretty impressive Stevo!
  13. Best off road tyre?

  14. Happy hour with the Hushpower

    Very good!
  15. Iphone 8 plus camera

    Good stuff steve I used to have an iPhone and from memory when you down loaded the lightroom app it created a 'widget' on the 'far left' page from the home screen (the one where you see the news etc) - from that there was an option to shoot the iphone camera in RAW via lightroom. Edit - This was taken on my iPhone 6s Plus last year using Adobe Lightroom to take a RAW image and then edited it on Lightroom. (Knew I had one somewhere ) Dave