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  1. Take a look at off the map travel. The are specialist in Arctic holidays and northern lights. Very knowledgeable and a fantastic quality service.
  2. gav05

    Mortgage help

    Thanks that makes me hopefull. They make it alot harder than you would think. I wish I could afford to buy it outright but unfortunately not in a position to. The issue seams to be risk factor. Ie if it all goes wrong not that it will but say i default the mortgage and there left with a half refurbished pub to sell. And that might not get the same Value as mortgage. The brokers are the ones that told me all building work would have to be done to the plans and the building signed off to get a residential. Think this is because there is quite a lot of existing structure th
  3. gav05

    Mortgage help

    Yes I have got a breakdown off all works I'm in a trade myself and have coated the whole project. But I can get a commercial mortgage or a residential mortgage or bridging finance. Iv read about a self build mortgage apparently it can be used for renovations. Problem is it's completely livable in as is just paint it and new carpets and move in. Unfortunately not that simple as the change of use planning means it needs to be turned into the plans that were submitted. These are different to its current layout and it needs 100k to do the works but I've not got that laying about so I've the plan w
  4. gav05

    Mortgage help

    This is what I wanted but as said not available as still can't secure the mortgage based on the gross development valve. Apparently 120k isn't enough profit security. And it is only bridged for 12 months that's plenty of time to do the works but after that the mortgage for it would be more than I could afford. But if could buy it at agreed price and do the work bit by bit over 3 years I could afford it. I'm going to have to keep trying with brokers and hope I can find one that knows a way around it.
  5. gav05

    Mortgage help

    Still hoping that there is a special lender for such a property. But after 10 or so lengthy phone calls with brokers it's seaming less likely.
  6. gav05

    Mortgage help

    Cheers. My thinking too. Even the experts can't advise me. Local planning department said the minute a meaningful start is made its enough to class as residential. But mortgage lenders saying needs to be completed and building regs signed off. but wouldn't say to what constitutes as complete i.e no paint on walls and not plastered or Finnished but livable in might be my style but apparently to much of a building site look and it's not going to get the correct valuation. Problem is they are all happy to come try value it at £350-500 each visit but then tick the commercial box and still want the
  7. gav05

    Mortgage help

    Anyone able to give me some advice on how to get a mortgage on a commercial property in this case a pub. We have made a offer on it and been accepted. It has commercial to residential change of use planning approval. So we thought sell ours and buy that and do up and develop as planned. This is where it all becomes a mine field. No one will give a residential mortgage on it as it's still a commercial property and no one will give a commercial mortgage on it as it's de- licenced and not viable as a business and we don't want to run it. So it seems the only way to do it is with a bridging financ
  8. What's the barrel length please also lop and chokes? Can't seam to see spec. Also is it still available?
  9. I got some great bits Pair of shooting socks new musto buckden boots pair of hanwag gtx high boots some gin and a smile of my 5 week old baby girl could not be happier. Not so good a bottle of whisky and a broken watch glass without knowing how it happened oh and a cold Regardless as to what you give or receiving I think Christmas is about family and friends and being together Happy Christmas all
  10. My wife is due November 20th and is currently convinced that little one is coming tonight 🙃 so nervous yes. Excited more than anything also our 1st but found out the sex as the wife wouldn't wait. Hope all goes well for you it's a great precious time in life.
  11. Iv just got mine finally. Went for a Nissan nivara tekna through vanarama. We'll pick up is great and is just what I wanted. The hoops and waiting with vanarama is not worth it.The services is appalling and the are constantly full of lies and passing the blame round there office. Turns out they just order a pre reg truck through a dealer anyway and then avoid all calls and blame nissan in this case.i added a cab for the back and got told 2 days before the proposed delivery it was not in stock therefore I couldn't have the truck till September or I could remove that option and have it in 2 we
  12. I called them this is a braces this is a day with minox blaser and sauer rifles not your own gun and ammo. So no turning up with your own gun. Just to clarify this Is free ammo through the above guns but not sure on quantity etc still going but think I will need to be careful with the cheque book.
  13. Hi sparkle should be down for rifles and clays?? That's fine im bringing .223 and 17hmr so will bring a few of each should do it.only allowed to hold 120 cf but that will do I don't fancy cooking my barrles. Other than the obvious food etc camping kit is there anything else needed?
  14. gav05

    Live rabbits

    Hi all wanted live rabbits for rabbit pen. As many as possible in the Rutland Linc's Northamptonshire Cambridgeshire Leicester area can collect cheers
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