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  1. I bought this at the last Game Fair but have lost weight and means it no longer fits, after having worn it only a handful of times. It’s predominantly green checked but a clearer description can be obtained from the photos. The jacket is 100% pure wool and the lining is 50/50 viscose and acetate. The chest is 44” short, shoulder to hem is 24”, nape of neck to hem 32”. The jacket has a double vent with three buttons on each sleeve and two down the front. There are four internal pockets. I’m looking for £70 and would prefer collection only but if a buyer requires delivery, this will be an additional £6.50. I’m having the usual problems loading pictures but have others which I can send by PM if required. Thanks More photos
  2. Have you been peeping at my set up? It's not revolutionary but this is my end result after experimenting a bit with the lighting arrangements. The benefit of kitchen units is that you can configure as you want and add to them when needed but there are plenty of YouTube videos if you want to make something more bespoke which I've done for a reloading bench rather than my second one for tinkering or general work. I've added locking rubber wheeled castors too so it's mobile when needed and by using kitchen units and a decent chunk for the top, mine has come out at just over 35" in height which I find comfortable for standing as well as sitting if cutting dovetail joints or similar close work. I found that the designing was part of the enjoyment but be warned, it's addictive. Best of luck.
  3. Price reduced and to include the dies. I've updated on Gunwatch but the revisions haven't come through on the advert here so please look at the link included for full details. Thanks
  4. Puggers

    Modern life.

    Some have been mentioned but my own contribution would include - disrespectful, self-absorbed and self-entitled people. This would include kids who have a tantrum because they don't have the latest mobile, designer coat, etc. have no intention of making any contribution to life to, God forbid, earn the said item and despite their parents not having unlimited funds and already forked out for the former "latest" item - parents who allow the above to happen and simply encourage more tantrums by constantly giving in and then wondering "why did my lovely child turn into a sponging brat?" - over-use of the word "legend" - the upwards inflection at the end of sentences that makes every statement sound like a question - paying for car parking at extortionate rates - over-use of the word "guys". This appears to be at epidemic levels in some circles now and when somewhat bored at a recent event, I started counting the number of times it was used. 18 times in the space of around 5 minutes and including twice in the same sentence. Yes, I know I should get a life! - the unabated greed that some treat all inclusive holidays where you see mounds of food piled onto plates only to be left for another plate to be filled - jeans that are worn half-way down one's '***** with their designer grundies on show - phrases such as "reaching out" when "could you give him a bell and ask for a hand" will suffice and not make the matter sound so dramatic - the TV show "Friends" on constant repeat when I personally didn't find it funny the first time round - women that think glugging prosecco as the new fad makes them "posh" and alluring. No, it makes you loud and unappealing. The same can of course be said for some blokes smashing "craft ales" down their neck - blokes well into their more mature years wearing skinny jeans, overly tight shirts with bulging bellies, overly gelled hair (if not scooped into a comb-over) to try and look like their teenage son. How old mate? - my lovely wife when she tells me to stop moaning Chapter 2 will follow....
  5. Puggers


    I'm going to try and introduce this at the next football match I attend and encourage all fans to wave when something commendable happens. . Not of the two or one-fingered variety of course! Plus when someone is injured, we can give them a supportive wave off the pitch in case anyone is offended by the traditional clapping. It's bound to catch on and instead of the created "singing ends" I hear about, we could introduce waving ends. Like the OP, I think I'm getting too old.
  6. Hi, Both items offered before they go on an auction site. The Beretta gilet is of a fleece material and particularly warm. It stretches under the arms with a ribbed material which also around the neckline. The zip works without issue, there are two deep pockets to the front and the Beretta log is embossed/stitched into the left pocket and below the neck on the rear. It measures 66cm from pit to pit and 88cm from the top of the neckline to hem. I'm looking for £45 posted. The 5.11 trousers were an impulse buy and worn once. They have a semi-elasticated waste with two pockets front and rear plus one on the right thigh. The measurements read 34" x 30" but the inner leg is actually 28" as I had them professionally shortened. I'm after £15 posted. Thanks
  7. Are you after full size or a breakdown for a shotgun? I have a Brattonsound breakdown no longer required.
  8. I can never work out what one of ours wants. We have a rather large "farm bred" cat which howls to go out the French doors into the garden, only to be found in his bed in the utility less than a couple of minutes later having ambled round the side of the house and in through the cat flap and even though all the doors are open. We've watched him do it! They're not my wife's best friends either when they drag rabbits in through the cat flap.....
  9. That's correct, as per the final line in the advert and priced accordingly.
  10. Hi Stu, Thanks for the interest - let me know as soon as you catch up with your mate. Cheers
  11. Replied through the same, Steve although catching me via a PM on here is easier. Cheers
  12. Near Doncaster so unfortunately, not even close to bordering Essex.
  13. As part of my final and reluctant efforts of a clear out, I've a metal case of 12 Bren magazines for sale. The magazines may have been repainted prior to coming to me, but they fit snugly into their case and have a lovely sense of historic value to them. I have no idea of when they were used. I can't add much more but if anyone wants any additional pictures please let me know. I'm looking for £60 but this will need to be collection only as they are not light! Alternatively, if not too far, we could meet up somewhere, providing I'm not going miles out of my way - please check with me first via PM. If we agree to do this, I'd like 50% of the payment up front please so we don't have wasted journeys, having been stung by trying to help purchasers before - no offence intended to genuinely interested buyers. Thanks
  14. These are a lightweight Weaver-style mount which enables you to position a scope over the barrel and forward of the receiver. I used it on a Marlin 1894 and it improved the ability to shoot with both eyes open when using an extended eye relief scope. It's made from aluminium and is matt black but having had a scope on it, there are a couple of small marks I've tried to show in the pictures and which will be covered when the new scope is mounted. These sell for around £80 - £85 and I'm looking for £20 posted which is for the mount only as per the pictures. Cheers
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