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  1. Long time since I had a D22 and cant remember if mine had a lock as I never use the locks on my tailgates but I have found the link below which tells you how to fit an actuator to the frontier (US version of the Navara). If you don't have an existing lock the mechanism may still be there. Nissan have a habit of just using the same part for lots of things e.g the front doors of the D40 have the mechanism for child lock but the switch is hidden behind the panel, you only find out when something moves the switch and you cant open the dorrs from the inside. https://www.nicoclub.com/archives/nissan-frontier-electric-tailgate-lock-install.html I have fitted actuators to a couple of friends D40s
  2. If you have decent tyres traction is not a problem, however the best tyres for wet grass are not the same best tyres for wet roads. I have Grabber AT and don't have problems on wet grass, if there is ant slipping just engage 4wd and not much will stop me, have actually recovered a duster whilst whilst still hitched to its caravan which was stuck on a slightly hilly campsite, just told him to leave it in neutral and just steer to follow me. The ATs can be a bit tail happy in the wet if you done expect it, you just need to remember not to accelerate too hard coming off roundabouts or tight corners and all is fine. I have never been turned away from a campsite in a pick up, whilst they are officially a commercial every place I have asked say they only don't allow most vans and especially transit tippers! One site said if they didn't allow pick ups they would be turning away about 15% of their business.
  3. Maybe not a big difference on insurance but definitely cheaper on fuel. My existing pick up gets 26mpg on general driving and 22mgp ish whilst towing our caravan (swift challenger 574). My old one got 18mpg on general driving and a pittyful 13mpg whilst towing 🙈
  4. A friend of mine was killed in a farm accident involving a grain dryer a few years ago. Five years before that his brother was killed on the same farm in an accident with a combine.
  5. Was going to reply to the same post but this reply is almost exactly what I was going to say.
  6. I did yesterday but just refreshed the screen and it went away.
  7. New Nissan Navaras all do, I don't own a new one but had a loan of one and it had low box.
  8. They can be battery operated but must be a sealed battery which lasts the lifetime of the alarm (7 years).
  9. I fitted fireguard+ to a few properties, on advantage of them is that the packages come with a remote to silence them which comes in handy!
  10. Not on this scale but if im removing galvanising or zinc coating from screws I drop them in a jar full of standard vinegar and a couple of hours later the coating is gone.
  11. This was Sunday night taken from the top of the Cairn o mount in Aberdeenshire. Just to add a lot of these photos you see is not what you see with the naked eye! all we could see was a faint green glow. A 15 second shutter speed was needed to get these photos (I may be wrong as these were taken by my Mrs, I was just the driver to get to the top of the hill. There is an app available which gives you alerts or website www.aurora-alerts.co.uk
  12. I assume the OP means the technique of crowning woodies by just cutting off the wings then pulling the crown out by hand like this video (although he does make it look harder than it is). I cannot help if you can do partridge in the same way but guess you can.
  13. This is correct, but it is stupid. I have twice used my OBD reader to cancel a code to put the light off in front of the MOT tester and as long as he seen the dash with the light out it was a pass.
  14. These things seem to be popping up more and more, does anyone have any idea what they actually are? Have seen them In a few gardens whilst on my bike and noticed them next to some of the fisherman huts on the dee yesterday.
  15. Should have said they are like sweet chestnut, a lot more 'spiky' looking than horse chestnut. The seeds could possibly get confused with acorns they are a similar size but more patterned. The site below show variation in the castor bean seeds https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Representation-of-the-variability-in-color-and-size-observed-among-seeds-of-castor-bean_fig3_221921966
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