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  1. Cheapest place I've found BFGs has been on ATS, cheaper than the place I usually get from with fitting included.
  2. Nope, not even going to click play and give it a view.
  3. The seats on the NP300 dont fold down like in the D40. And with 4 collies and 2 cockers theres not enough room!
  4. 62 plate will very likely be fine and they will treat the back of the chassis in in attempt to slow the inevitable. I have a 08 plate which failed the chassis check with a crack where the tub mount is and two holes on the inside of the chassis. The gave it some ridiculous high value and decided to send it to spain the fix the chassis. Whilst its away the have lent me a 67 plate Navara but unfortunately with no canopy so no where for my dogs to go, but fine for my daily commute and shooting wagon when I don't need a dog.. I also have a 61 plate which went in for the chassis check everything was fine with it and had it back the end of the next day after they had treated the chassis.
  5. Looks like a goose egg to me.
  6. stumpy69

    Dentist bill

    I wish all dentists earned this or even close to it, my mrs is a dentist and brings no where near that home. If she did I would probably stop working and finally get the house finished and be able to go on more extravagant holidays than taking the caravan to the west coast. Generally if a dentist is an associate half of what they earn goes to the practice owner sometimes more, although this covers the nurse and rent of the room including chair and equipment. If someone does not pay not only does the associate not earn anything for the treatment carried out they also have to pay the practice owner for the other half of the expenses. If the practice is NHS they also have a duty of care for all patients on their books and cannot by law refuse to treat someone who is in pain no matter how much they are in debt to the dentist.
  7. Worked part time as a groundsman for a tree surgeon, totally knackered after a days work but was never happier
  8. Thats exactly what I do.
  9. stumpy69

    Knives in cars

    To be honest (here anyway) ive always found them to be understanding. Did get questioned once why I had bolt cutters and a 3' gorilla bar, rest of the tools sort of told the story. I have also gone into the local court to pay a speeding fine wearing a jacket I had worn for shooting the week before, forgot there was a knife in the pocket until the metal detector beeped, security guard was understanding, possibly because the way I was dressed and let me go on my way.
  10. stumpy69

    Modern life.

    But remember I said Scotland, some folk here will fry anything, fish, pizza, pies, mars bars..........
  11. stumpy69

    Modern life.

    To be honest, this one makes sense well certainly in Scotland. If something is just said to be fried it usually means it is cooked in a deep fat fryer.
  12. When I smashed the glass on my trucktop I claimed it on insurance and think it was £40 and they did it at my work, would probably cost more in time getting a bit of ply or acrylic to fit
  13. Your probably meaning the new version but I have an 08 plate auto. I get an average of 17MPG and when towing can average as low as 11MPG. The newer version I believe is much more fuel efficent tho.
  14. I wouldn't buy ski boot online, you really need to try on lots to find which ones have the best fit, even two of the same size, brand and model can feel different on your feet. Best to go to a good boot fitter and try everything they suggest on. When I bought my last boots I was in the shop for nearly three hours and the experience and time taken by the fitter was well worth the £50 I could have saved by buying online.
  15. https://www.screwfix.com/p/jg-speedfit-ug102b-mdpe-male-adaptor-25mm-x/36722 This one should do it
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