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  1. I know the OP is in England, but just in case it helps anyone else is looking to do the same, in Scotland it is not a legal requirement to have any permissions or checks to get the install signed off. Although no one will check you have to follow building regs which are easily available. If you don't follow building regs and the worst happens your insurance is very unlikely to cover you.
  2. If that’s the case it’s about right for a weekend job only one climber leaving everything behind. If it was here approx £200 a day for climber and £120 for groundsman. Lots of add ons can be added after that, distance from base chipper, removal of waste, dog poo tax!
  3. They dont have to be hard wired. They do have to be interlinked (this can be wireless) and have to be either tamper proof long-life lithium battery or mains connected. My MIL got a quote from an electrician to install everything needed in her house for just over £700, I put in wireless, long life battery units for less than 25% of that.
  4. Some beef ribs I cooked in the UDS last week. And a chicken on the rotisserie attachment. Love the UDS, pretty much set and leave, holds temperature within 10° for hours unless the wind changes significantly.
  5. Agree with you on this, I tried the pizza pan idea and found it was just not the same, ok for a roman style pizza but just does not work for Neapolitan style which is what the wood fired pizza oven is best at due to the high temperature. I have two wooden peels which I use for launching pizzas, a light dusting of fine semolina is all that is needed to stop sticking. you can also have extra dough stretched out ready to go. If I remember I will take plenty of photos and do a write up of the whole process I use for the food section next time I do pizzas.
  6. Yes, if water gets inside its not the end of the world but takes longer to heat up. At first I had an empty pot on top of my chimney to block off there and the bit of wood used to mould the door to block that off, these are possibly pictured earlier in this thread. I have upgraded to a proper chimney cowl and used the template to make a double skin door made from some steel sheet offcuts. The next step is to experiment with different pizza dough! Yours looks good but its a minefield and depends what pizza style you are aiming for, its like arguing over what calibre is best for roe.....
  7. We got our first tick three weeks ago!
  8. Sorry, just seen this, I put waterproofer in the render mix then painted with masonry paint. My oven has been uncovered all winter, and used on average every second week. The only damage to it is a few small bits of paint (less than 5p size) have come off. This happened the day early February when the official temperature in our village was -18.7°C overnight, the cold also blew the same masonry paint of parts of our front porch.
  9. The NC500 the other end of the country is fully booked already too! Agree with this, although I have lived 5 miles form Stonehaven all my life and I have never been to Dunottar Castle. I think we all forget some of the things we have on our own doorstep.
  10. Last year I bought a Metabo Mitre saw and so far very impressed with it, sort of a mid range saw although doesn't have double bevel. It replaced a 10 year old B&Q cheapy performance power machine which met the same end your Einhell!
  11. Agree with this but the issue is still with the fish supplier, in particular they should not have given rams to a new tank! Find a good 'local fish shop' not one within a garden centre and not a chain, definitely not pets at home! Just be warned, fish tanks can be like guns, start off with one and they multiply.
  12. Good news you got to see a vet and it is nothing serious. Price is good too, I'm guessing your usual vet is part of a chain and the one you went to see in still independent? Not always but usually it seems to make a difference, my vet is independent and always has someone on call 24hrs a day. They will always at least let you talk to a vet out of hours to see if they think it is an emergency if they do take them in straight away, even on Christmas day, if not they will give you an appointment first thing the next day. Price is also very reasonable. A couple of years ago we took a 10
  13. That is disgraceful, surely they have more than one vet on at a time. I would 100% be getting a new vet and making sure they know why
  14. Thanks, wont see much traffic, only really my trailer going over it maybe once a week. Is there any of the products which should be avoided?
  15. If your vet says they cant see your dog until Friday and you are as worried about it as you are you should be getting another vet. I would expect my vet to see something like this on the same day.
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