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  1. Wanted in any condition Ltl Acorn Camera security box, I need 6 more in any condition, rusty, bent anything asap. PM please if you have one to pass on. D2D.
  2. I should hold on to your cash for awhile, I may just be wrong but there's more meddling from Brussels in the pipeline regarding semi auto rifles etc. ATB D2D
  3. Hi I have a .22 BSA Airsporter that was my uncles, I have never used it so it can go..... Yours for £95 I'm near J9 M20 Ashford. ATB D2D
  4. As was once said to me "work is a gross intrusion on my leisure time" how very true. ATB D2D
  5. Recently on a farm shoot I decided to build a backstop (butt) purely for zeroing, first attempt was sandbags, 20 of them it looked impressive for a while but after awhile the bags got pretty chewed up and started collapsing, latest thought was old car tyres staggered on top of each other and filled with earth to form a wall maybe 3ft high by 8ft, what do you think has anyone tried this idea? Rgds Rob.
  6. Ashford Guns were knocking these out in plastic about a month ago for £33, so they should be available at most gunshops I would have thought. At £28 pounds obviously a bargain. Cheers Rob.
  7. No I cant either, have already supplied my usual locals but thought Kent PW shooters might like an easy callbird, perhaps no-one on here operates a Larsen trap? It can be very difficult getting that first bird or the original call bird decides to up and die. Cheers Rob.
  8. Now having to knock them on the head on a daily basis. Anyone need a call bird? Rgds Rob.
  9. As a matter of interest what happened, what price did it make in the end? Rgds Rob
  10. This is on ebay and has already made £1001.00 with 5 days to go, the guy is hedging his bets and the ad should be removed, I am looking for a quad and asked a few questions the asking price had been increased to £1250 " to match offers received" yesterday. Mods please consider removing the ad as imo its not an outright sale. Rgds Rob
  11. I put this up last year and had no takers but here goes, Currently I have 6 magpies that I have overwintered in a crowtrap. If anyone wants to collect a call bird, from the Ashford Kent M20 J9 area to get started they are welcome. PM me please, I will keep one for you until end of Feb. Cheers Rob
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