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  1. Now £530 ONO, in immaculate condition throughout with the box and everything it came with new. Please message me any offers or questions
  2. We use a 1000litre IBC container at the top of the pens and use that to fill a water butt which is then connected to the pipes for drinkers. This way any medication can be measured into the water butt. Hope this helps
  3. Hi, I will speak to you later about possibly buying a lot of these items but I need to speak to other shoot members first. Lewis
  4. lewis11


    I helped mum with her 13 ducklings (only 2 days old) cross a main road the other day, and they made it safely to a different pond.
  5. Hi all, I have the following two items for sale: Stilcrin 20g cleaning kit-Used-£10 collected from Melksham 20g Brown Leather Cartridge belt-Almost new-£25 collected from Melksham I can post but at extra cost Thanks Edit- Cartridge belt is leather
  6. You bet I am! I got a good deal as well so happy days
  7. Hi all I have some 20 gauge cartridges for sale- 285 in total. 65 x RC T3 28g 6 LOOSE 20 x Fiocchi 28g 6 LOOSE 75 x RC T3 28g 6 BOXED 125 x Fiocchi 28g 6 BOXED £50 collected for the lot may split for the right prices Thanks
  8. I ended up with a Beretta AL391 Urika wooden stock 28" barrel. Although its not new still came in original box with full set of chokes and oil etc. Very happy so far and it seems to cycle 27g superfasts well.
  9. Steve I know how excited you must be, I'm going to get an auto this afternoon!!
  10. Sorry, have somebody else now interested. If the sale falls through do you want first refusal?
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