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  1. I have resently gained fishing rites to a stretch of the Kennet and have been told that there is a lot of pike in the two weirpools that are on the river. I have never fished for pike before and i would like any tips about wich lurs or dead baits to use and how to use them.
  2. I have been out lamping twice this week and both times have acounted for four foxes they are every were and there stupid too. On friday i shot three foxes in the same field and then one in the next field along. I have a feeling that they have been released on to my land wich is illigal!! and i was just wandering wether any of you have experianced anything similar.
  3. Have any of you guys got any tips for catching moles. They keep poping up in my garden and i keep setting my trap but i never seem to catch one.
  4. I only use hemp or flax as i find that the spun nylon gets caught on everything and doesnt hold the rabbits aswel. I make my nets 20 meshes long and i vary how wide i make them some times i make them 18 meshes all the way through and some times i make them a diamond shape if i am in a rush i do this by tying 10 meshes onto the ring then working up to twenty meshes in the middle of the net i do this by when i get to the end of the row i bring the needlle back through the last mesh and then tie the knot as usual this adds another mesh o to that row.When i get to the middle of the net(10 meshes d
  5. Wonder Boy


    On the land that i shoot on we have some trouble with poachers with lurchers takin what ever they can get. What they do is eather very late or very early they stop on the edge of the road wich runs through the estate and just lamp the field if they see something they will go for it. This makes them quite hard to catch as if they are spotted they just say "I was just letin my dog out for a ****". They know what they are doing and there cocky too for instance last year when we were cutting the maize we had the maize surrounded with guns because we were sure there were going to be a fox in there.
  6. Wonder Boy


    Do any of you guys shoot crows and if yes then how i have tried but they seem to be able to see me were ever i am so i cant get close enough. Any tips will be appreciated.
  7. I was just wondering wich is more affective lamping from a vehicle or on foot?
  8. It usualy takes me between 30 and 60 mins depending on how i feel or if i get interupted.
  9. I quite often shoot rabbits and foxes from the back of a landy with another gun and a lamper and we have shot a few big bags of 120+. We use 12g with 30g of sixes. The only peice of advice i can think of is to know were your shooting by this i mean remember were houses, roads and other places were damaged could be coursed are because the last thing you want is to be smashing someones window.
  10. What i do is run my thumb down the spine of the pigeon until some were between the wings i feel a small bump and then i push it until i feel it click the pigeons head flings back and forward and then the are dead i find this is the best way of dispatching them without damaging there neck bars.
  11. The best shooting you should get is just before the cerials are about to be harvested and you should hope for some strong winds to blow a patch of the barly/wheat over and then as the grain is starting to get milky the pigeons might hit it. You might get a bit of shooting on clover but the shooting is normally patchy and the birds come and more than often go.
  12. Thanks NTTF i might try that! :yp:
  13. If you have to shoot close to the wood make sure you dont stay on too long as you dont want to stop the birds going to roost this is because pigeons have to be confident about there roosting wood and if you stop them getting in then they will lose their confidence and that could cause them to move to a different roost wood and maybe off of the land you have permission to shoot over. :yp:
  14. If you wouldn't mind NTTF, But i cant belive that there are many more hedgehogs in my garden.
  15. I have shot a few pigeons and magpies but they seem to get a bit wary after a while :yp:
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