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  1. Awesome dogs!!!
  2. I was once fishing at Lakeside in Thurrock and a Mcaw landed on one of the islands, and on my shoot at loughton we had an african grey parrot for a while too.
  3. I get multiple flocks fly over my house every day in large numbers, did once have them fly over me on a p[pheasant shoot but it was a posh one so left them alone.
  4. I have the same car, superb cars cant fault mine
  5. Depending on size could i have first dibs on these please im a 38" do you have a rouugh idea on waist size please thanks
  6. Stunning looking gun, what is it?
  7. Wow thats a huge common, well done him!!
  8. Its one of these mormots that actually gace some people the black plague in Mongolia recently!! Dirty ******** will eat anything!
  9. oh ok thanks, be wayyyyyy too big sorry to waste your time.
  10. whaty size are they please? have first dibs if they are my size ? im a 38?
  11. Hahaha been married 28 years lol..................and Lisa bought me the bedset😂
  12. hmmmmmmmmmmm now youre talking!! you cant see it in the picture but the border is leather snakeskin!!!
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