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  1. Depending on size could i have first dibs on these please im a 38" do you have a rouugh idea on waist size please thanks
  2. Stunning looking gun, what is it?
  3. Wow thats a huge common, well done him!!
  4. Its one of these mormots that actually gace some people the black plague in Mongolia recently!! Dirty ******** will eat anything!
  5. oh ok thanks, be wayyyyyy too big sorry to waste your time.
  6. whaty size are they please? have first dibs if they are my size ? im a 38?
  7. Hahaha been married 28 years lol..................and Lisa bought me the bedset😂
  8. hmmmmmmmmmmm now youre talking!! you cant see it in the picture but the border is leather snakeskin!!!
  9. These guys are big and bold and stunning, they love human interation and are more or less toilet trained and taking natures menu raw diet. They have had thier dew claws removed The are from Purdex's Miss Florence and Braccorion Knock Out At Sazmallin giving them an outstanding pedigree. These boys are ready to go to thier new homes. Just Two boys left only £1250 per pup...🐶
  10. Christain antlers are business keeps my pack quiet for hours!!!
  11. I felt the same about the "water rabbits" think they should have been called frogs!!! They were difficult to hit, but the chap in front of me David white sussed them, they bounced twice then slowly glided to the third bounce and sank, thats where he hit them, I managed all 4 and smashed em convincingly (thanks david!) but ballsed up one of the white ones!! Be rude not to copy a successful tactic!
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