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  1. Hi Stuy Not all plain sailing at the moment , looks like this lot of mags going to tip.Hope move went well
  2. Hello all, there must be quite a few of the newer shooters who haven't had the chance to read the Shooting times and various other shooting associated magazines from the 60s through the decades. I have rather a fair few of these that I would like to pass on to any interested parties, the only thing I would ask is a small donation to the and the St Davids charity here in Gwent who have been such a help regarding my partners problem with this cruel disease. There are far to many to post so if anyone is remotely interested perhaps you can mail me to collect. I may not be able to answer straight away but will do asap Its a shame to take these up the tip but I really need the space
  3. same as alot of chaps , the poundland or equivilent 4 for 99p metal spring clips , given a quick spray, take about a dozen in the kit bag. simples
  4. when ever the farmer calls.. maybe once in month and then nothing but before you know it the barley has been flattened and the call is taken and acted on ... then takes me two days to recover as not as active as before retirement. two weeks ago done three days, 6 days off then two days again. this is pure pest control, nothing sporting ,just to keep the birds off which is what the farmers what
  5. retired first time at 60 and then went back to work luckily getting a job within 3 months and stayed for 5 years , was offered the chance to stay on but the knees are a bit painful, so decided to retire . its a young mans [or woman] job and didnt fancy any more early starts , late finishes and hours waiting about at certain legal establishments for certain clients of such places, and the travelling . so dont miss it too much . meet up with some of my old cronies for lunch twice a year. keeping your health and surviving on a pension has been my aim , but it has been a struggle at times, but then when get a call from a farmer who has a crow or pigeon problem all those problems seem to disappear [ until next time] so if anyone can afford to retire and is fit go for it sheds are a marvelous refuge.
  6. HIDENSEEK .thanks for pointing my mistake out , Had a bit of a titter when i reread it .. apologies all round and nothing insulting intended. good luck TO FLYERUK
  7. Sillosox kit is fine, ours have been in use for some years now and have the usual shot holes but wear quite well. you can always make your own out of old estate agents signs and a dab of paint in the right place. Id go for more feeders but its up to the user. while your atit acouple of sillosox crows might be a bit handy as well. Dont mind me spending your cash.. good luck with purchases
  8. good old Screwfix.. they are giving away boot bags as long as they have sent you the appropriate voucher .this makes a really good decoy carrier for my Sillosox.
  9. the sound was familiar although not one that gets much use.. it was my mobile,the farmer calling wondered if there was anychance of just poping up to the barley field [ yet not harvested] as those pigeons are giving the crop a bashing . next morning not too early i drove up the lane onto the grass field next to the barley. opened the gate, not a thing walked or rather hobbled some 100 yards down the one side , clapped hands,, not a thing. oh well perhaps a bit early.. it was only 10.30 so about turned to get back to the truck and with that about 80 woodies swirled into the air... they had been hidden down in the barley . oh yippee back at the truck had to travel very lightly as it was an uphill walk of 200 yards at least to get near the sitty tee , and in the shade. only sillosox decoys, see through net as base and another realtree one in front, folding seat as supplied by teal. 100 carts and my old faithfull Benelli m2. setting up the hide was straighforward but the decoys was slightly different as although the barley was laid in parts there were no tramlines so phoned the farmer who came up and he made a small path to the barley and helped put out the dozen sillosox, although the sun was out it was quite chilly in the shade and the breeze coming from behind didnt help my old bones, good old sweater that i always keep in the truck, along with waterproofs etc came into its own. Just sat down and thought that this might well be a long wait when a woodie came from behind went down the field ,turned and came back over the decoys.. one down. they started coming in in ones , twos and triples over the next few hours. Had a marvellous time and when it came to pick up tried to get all those close by as didnt want to cause more damage to the crop that altready done. didnt make a note of how many cartridges used, probably close to the 50 mark and picked up 31 birds, some were offered to the farmer, his neighbour, swoped for some really strong cider[ too strong for this chap at least 7 percent and then my old mate Stuy had the rest for decoys for his shoot the next day. I only normally have ago at the crows but this year there seems to be more woodpigeons about , well on our couple of farms anyway
  10. many many years ago one member of the old club insisted on leaving at 6 am and finishing up at 3,30 on the dot,,, needless to say bags were not too big . now leave tween 11 and 12 , time for a little snooze and wait for the hoped for action . works better than crack of dawn. and certainly endorse the Archie Coats book. one of the best ever no bull
  11. thanks steve , will try and remember that.. not likely to change gun ever as too old and far too tight
  12. used in on the barrel of the benelli seems ok but possibly might be a pain if ever need to remove, think there is a solvent that would clear an residue
  13. good idea saves mates from waving arms about
  14. yep , tried that. with a few variations to hold gear . ok if you got very flat fields with no bumps otherwise dont bother, just another bit of junk to put in the truck, stick to lighterweight deeks, kitbag, lightweight nets. keep it simple . i carry lots in the truck and then just put whats needed on the day in and old army kitbag
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