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  1. Harkila Sporting Estate GTX 17" leather boots/Wellingtons size 9 Goretex- virbam sole, rear zip Harkila leather boots. Very comfortable and they look very smart. A few small marks- worn on the peg for a season, will give them a clean up before posting. £120
  2. Meindl Dovre Extreme boots UK 9 Excellent condition, worn round the house and in the field once, just a little too tight for me. Since bought another pair. Anyone who knows boots know these are the ones to have. Gore-tex super comfortable, German quality. £140
  3. Buyer never showed up and the urgent requirement to sell was no longer there... in answer to the various PM’s; yes, will consider an offer but not a silly one and; cased with Guerini chokes (1/4, 1/2 and full) it also comes with a pair of Teague chokes
  4. Tempt yourself! It is the year of the 20 after all...
  5. You’re now at the stage he’s largely learnt a difference in training and proper shooting. Knock full days driven shooting on the head, he’s over excited. Allow some more time to mature and focus on doing live training days and rough shooting. You’ll have chance to proof the dog in a live, but also controlled shooting environment. Again, don’t be too keen to shoot over him yourself. I’ve not seen one handler yet who can shoot well and watch his dog simultaneously. one faultless drive and back in the box is better than one faultless drive and three with faults. loving the read, keep posti
  6. This is correct. If you plan to actively campaign him in trials, resist the urge to shoot over him yourself. Even with someone watching him, if he takes a step, moves, loses focus can you really trust your partner to read him like you can and correct it? Standing on a peg and trialling are different sports, if you want a utility dog, you’ll need to accept he’s unlikely as a jack of all trades to be a master of trials. Ted is still very young despite his experience. You enjoy your training and that is clear. My advice: leave him behind this season, trial him next year and if you decide not
  7. You ask a Labrador you tell a springer you negotiate with a cocker
  8. With a confident bold dog, I prefer to maintain strict discipline. Never have a grey area, steadiness is as important as drive in a shooting environment. Given his age, and a lot of experiences for a young dog, he’s testing his boundaries to see what he can get away with. With a softer dog, I’m happy to go two steps forward one step back, buzz them up in a pen to build confidence, but I can’t say I deliberately let them chase, especially rabbits. If you decide you want to let him loose a bit, I recommend quail or pheasants. You shouldn’t worry about the drive right now, he’s still young it wil
  9. If he’s teaching line work for straight out runs and wants the dog to hold its mark, then yes, it makes some sense in an open environment over long outruns. Possible the client has misunderstood, possible the trainer just thinks a cocker should use its eyes to see retrieves, I can’t imagine he’s won much if that’s the case....
  10. wj939

    Beretta stock

    Looking for a sporting stock to fit a beretta 68 series, specifically a 682Gold E.
  11. I see your point Lloyd, maybe I didn’t make mine very well and I agree there are things to look out for when being demo’d any part trained dog. Speaking from experience; I’ve taken on part trained dogs and had a similar experience regarding gun shyness. I know this dog was never shy before, but a change of circumstances, new handler and a change of style put too much pressure on her too soon. After plenty of careful exposure she’s a pleasure to shoot over now and I decided to keep her myself. Equally, I do a fair bit of training with the FT boys, I’ve also experienced the situation
  12. Most field trial lads will keep many dogs and sell those that don’t make the grade or are retiring. That’s the name of the game, why would they sell something they feel can be successful? A dog trained to FT standard is nothing to be worried about for 99% of shooters.
  13. I thought I was something else making them blind? Least that’s what I was told.... Not every dog can be a great dog in anyone’s hands, often it’s said ‘I’m the limitation for the dog’ whilst it isn’t untrue, don’t believe with enough input and training it’s impossible to end up with a poor quality gun dog for the field. Equally, I can give Will Clulee, Lee Cooper or any other spaniel man 100 spaniels and they won’t give me 100 champions, genetics are just probability, not certainty. So therefore the early advice was the best so far; ‘assume at best an average dog in a an
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