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  1. Air Rifle Law?

    Back on topic: it's not illegal (just a bad idea).
  2. The Cat meets the Viper tamed by the Belita.

    As for scope height, you should always mount as low as possible, especially with air rifles where the range is relatively short. With longer ranges scope height is less of a factor but you should still mount as low as possible.
  3. The Cat meets the Viper tamed by the Belita.

    If expensive gear from a land run by a feminist government floats your boat then tuck in. My only concern with the Bobcat would be all those little nooks and crannies that could trap dust and muck. Not disputing its performance but it clearly wasnt designed for field use.
  4. squirrel control

    Despite laying out some nice peanuts I havent seen a squizzer at my place for over 6 weeks. Maybe the Pine Martens are back (or some old dear is feeding them at her place).
  5. Not a bad result RE: air gun licencing

    Existing legislation covers this but you cant legislate for idiots. The rifle had no safety catch, could fire by itself and wasnt stored securely. ***?
  6. Anyone using a .25 spring powered rifle

    To add to the mix, my 177 passes through most quarry (not rabbits). So the 177 tends to pass through before it gets a chance to dump its energy. The 'effective energy dump' must be less than a 22 which stays inside a quarry (all the energy has been expended).
  7. Hw95k buying advice

    In buying both you can't go wrong. I would be interested in an accuracy comparison though.
  8. Anyone using a .25 spring powered rifle

    If you do the maths, it means that rabbits have about 80ms to react before the pellet strikes. Compare that to the time it takes to blink which is about 300ms.....
  9. Anyone using a .25 spring powered rifle

    I struggle to believe a rabbit can see a pellet coming at 500+ ft/s.
  10. Where to tune

    Ratworks did my Scorpion. Great job.
  11. Monopod vs Bipod vs Tripod

    Mono when sitting works.
  12. squirrel control

    A head shot only kills if they bleed out or you hit the core that controls the heart / breathing.
  13. Monopod vs Bipod vs Tripod

    Tell me more about the Photon. Bit limited on mag (x6.5) isnt it? Esp for a 22lr. Does the 2-point fit both Gen 2 & 3?
  14. Monopod vs Bipod vs Tripod

    I need to check out the 2-point rest. 1-point is hopeless when you have all that extra weight on the rifle and aiming with a screen.
  15. Optimum Zero?

    25 yds I believe is optimum for a sub-12lb .22. You can zero longer but then you are in the game of holding under whuch I hate. Based on the OP's comments, he should probably zero at 20 yds.