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  1. Seems the obvious reason to most who go there but numbers have dwindled.
  2. Take a look at the extortionate prices for instruction on the internet, everything is really. Nick the owner will only let you shoot his own 7½ cartridges which are very expensive. It is no wonder he is way down on customers. We have stopped going there and several others who we were friendly with but he still charges excessively. Sorry, it is Priors Marston,
  3. There are so many to choose from, ask your mates what they use. The modern materials are so much superior but walking, beating through brambles???? just use the old one.
  4. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2386615/Police-inspect-eccentric-aristocrats-gun-collection-claims-protecting-public-mysterious-big-cat.html Before anyone jumps on me I want to make it clear that I am pro gun safety to the core. I have been involved on the perimeter of two LEGAL gun police seizures because a jealous ex girlfriend has lied to police and the police know this. Why do the police not prosecute for malicious lies, wasting police time? The last time, late last year 2 police arrived to seize an auto shotgun, they allowed the person to go upstairs alone and bring t
  5. I forgot to say that I have written this for someone else. This seems a good idea. The youngsters are disheartened and cannot afford to shoot every week like him. It is not about winning but this turning up at the last minute even peeves most of us,
  6. I am not very old and need encouragement as a learner, I do not want to be up against expert shots YET. A lot of those who attend a small clay shoot I go to for competitions are like me, not brilliant shots but enthusiastic and go out to enjoy the sport like I do. At almost the deadline for entry a certain person who is an EXPERT turns up and wins easily, this is how he earns money by taking advantage of learners or those far less capable. I seems he is just turning up to ROB us. I can see our small clay shoot falling to pieces if the owner allows this to carry on. The course set
  7. My son is left handed and shoots right, my daughter os right handed and shoots left,
  8. I use it a lot on our Focus diesel which will be 2 years old on 1st, March. It is averaging 52.2 MPG now but in the summer reached 55 MPG. We are really pleased with it although it does not do the MPG claimed
  9. I have enjoyed reading your comments even if it has been a while. My first 525, the one made to fit was given me as a present at the end of 2011. Since then I have had a second new one as a present which I immediately had fitted to me, exactly the same. Luckily I have been in constant company with friends of my son who are all full time professional instructors so did not pay for fitting and advice. I have been invited as a guest to 3 shoots up to date where I have had a Mule driver loader at my side, I suffer with a back problem. My shooting has massively improved . I cannot lean int
  10. This makes my wee wee boil. The way to do it is to put him on a Jumbo jet, when he is over Lake Mead ask him if he wants a parachute or not.
  11. I have forgotten the name of this .177 rifle. Years ago I owned a .22 Ruger with a 10 shot rotary mag which was good. I have had some shots with this .177 and it is better than the .22. What do you reckon?
  12. My friend had a row with his EX girl friend who called the police out of malice stating by word of mouth only, never in a written statement, that he had threatened to shoot her with his shotgun, he claims he said no such thing, I believed him, I know him well. It took months and about £3000 in legal fees to eventually get his gun back even though she admitted she lied, she did not face any charges. The same thing has happened again, she called the police after a row, she is still his EX. 3 officers arrived and demanded to be admitted, one was a firearms officer who told my mate to surren
  13. Looked on the Internet, £15 each, robbing bleeders. Anyone know anything??
  14. http://i.imgur.com/1mupp.png Do you have one of these???
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