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  1. This is mine. 1969 olds. 455 (7.5 ltr) running edelbrock heads and manifold, holley 850 carb, high lift cam and performance headers
  2. Ranger all day long, so much better put together than the Nissan. Had the Navara and its rubbish, cant carry weight, cant tow cause its gutless, endless issues and now got rid after 17k miles, I couldn't take any more of the jap ****!
  3. Our PIR system can heat the air - has it ever NOPE, the installer sets this up so constant 'fresh' air circulates through the house via one vent if the air temp falls below 4deg (from memory) it will kick in but it never has done - so save your money and go for the standard option. The Sovereign one comes a 5yr warranty I think
  4. I have a Sovereign 20/20 installed and its 99% reduced the condensation in our place, we suffered so badly that you couldn't see out of the windows some mornings as we have 9" solid walls with no cavities. its also stopped the condensation on our internal walls completely. They aint cheap but worth every penny, just need to ensure that the air can move from room to room so either leave doors a jar or take some of the door to increase the gap at the bottom.
  5. Personally I wouldnt bother with Nissan if you want to use it for work, suspension is rubbish constantly bottoms out and only carrying 600kgs, Nissan refuses to acknowledge any problems. Drives nice though!!
  6. Yes of course, its what I'm doing with the 20gb sim, not a data one as a monthly sim only deal was cheaper with a higher data limit and I'm always looking for a deal
  7. I've got 2 phones with them but under my business account so might not be eligible for any discounts as nothing was mentioned when I ordered the 20gb sim.
  8. Ah well, no problem. Theres only 2 of us that use the internet at home plus a 9yr old under strict times and supervision! We don't download much and only watch the occasional film on the fire stick, no more buffering! most of the time its just browsing so hopefully we will cope with the 20gb limit. I have found a 32gb limit on EE for £24 p.m so may well go for that and cancel the other one.
  9. I can't find this deal at all!
  10. thanks for tip. I wont rule out the huawei, perhaps a little more investigation is needed No, this is Vodafone in disguise isn't it? No signal here with vodafone.
  11. Thanks JB, a little more than I really wanted to pay.
  12. Thats the plan, I used to use a mifi thingy and that got over 50mb download, 2mb is rubbish but unfortunately or fortunately depends how you view it, I live in area where the only internet available is down the old BT phone line. Currently paying £9.99 per month for 2mb though plus net, whereas EE who I'm currently with and is the only service that works where I am, consistently, I can 4g at a min of 50/60mb for £20 per month for 20gb limit
  13. I'm dumping my plusnet broadband and going for 4g as I currently get 2mb down the phone and 80mb on my 4g. I have chosen 2 options for a 4g router but can't decipher the difference between or which is the better one so looking for some advice please, they're both on Amazon with a tenner between in price:- TP-LINK TL-MR6400TP-LINK Archer MR200 AC750 4G
  14. Imelda May - worth watching just for her! Thought it was good, some old school stuff and a proper mixture of music
  15. Heres my little Xmas pressie - Browning 525 Game with Grade 5 wood, fell in love with it as soon as I picked it up
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