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  1. There's 4 for sale on AGF
  2. Can i take this please if its close enough to pick up? Where abouts in Essex are you?
  3. Primos Gen 3 Trigger Stick wanted. Cash waiting. Thanks
  4. Hi all, im in the market for the above rifle. Factory standard / tuned. Full kit or just rifle. Cash waiting for the right item.Thanks
  5. telbert

    Gun Cabinets

    Price drop.Now £70 & £65 respectively.
  6. I had one for over a year. Big, heavy, plenty of power, ridiculously accurate.
  7. telbert

    2 SCOPES

    HI Mate, i may be be interested in the Hawke if you can find out if the IR works.
  8. telbert

    Gun Cabinets

    Dagenham mate, bout 2 mins from A13.
  9. telbert

    Gun Cabinets

    I have 3 x gun cabinets for sale : Item 1 ( cabinet 4 in pics ) is a Brattonsound ST 3. 2/3 gun cabinet dimensions are: 1310 H x 220 W x 200 D. Retails new @£160/£180. £80 ono. Item 2 ( Cabinet 5 in pics ) is a Brattonsound SB2. 2 gun breakdown dimensions are : 850 H x 230 W x220 D. Retails new @ £150/£170. £75 ono. Gun cab 4#1.jfif Gun cab 5#1.jfif
  10. Cant beat a Sekonda. As Ronnie Barker used to say "A lot of watch for a little money".
  11. telbert

    Mares Tail

    My allotment was covered in this when i first got it years ago. Another plot holder told me the only way to get shot was to dig it out as far as you can then burn the roots. A lot of hard work but it done the trick.
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