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  1. noyster

    Geco multi dot red dot

    Been to shooting show today as was impressed by the Geco Multi Dot Red Dot. Does anyone have one and how do they rate it
  2. noyster

    Lanber o/u 12 gauge

    Hi What size are the barrels and lop please
  3. noyster

    Browning CashBack

    My Cheque arrived today so its worth the wait
  4. noyster

    Browning CashBack

    thanks everyone
  5. noyster

    Browning CashBack

    Hi, Does anybody have the contact details for Browning EU, or more so UK if there is such a thing? I sent a form off for cash back about 13weeks ago and have heard nothing. Their website has no contact details I am aware that this was posted back in 2014 but the advice and number given then is no longer relevant as there is just an answer phone Thanks in advance
  6. noyster

    Lewis, G. E. 12 gauge

    I think I’ve boobed, although the licence is 12 bore, I think it’s a 16 bore original barrels not nitro proofed LOP is 14 ½ inches, it’s very slightly pitted inside and not blued Guaranteed for life guarantee is it’s a hammer gun lol
  7. noyster

    old cartridges and box with Norwich theme

    SOLD and collected
  8. noyster

    old cartridges and box with Norwich theme

    Sold subject to collection
  9. noyster

    old cartridges and box with Norwich theme

    Sorry price now added
  10. I have a few old cartridges cartridges with a Norwich theme 1 empty box Darlow (photo) 5 x 5 Darlow smokeless (photo) 4 x 7 Rossons (photo available) 1 x 5 Darlow (photo available) 1 x 4 Blue rival loaded by the anglia cartridge company in Taverham (photo available) ideal for any cartridge collector who hasn't got any of them PM for any more details or to make an offer i don't know much about them. but to nice just to be in my cupboard proper shooting history £20 Ono
  11. noyster

    12g SBS wanted Norfolk area.

    Thanks for all the offers I am now sorted. Regards
  12. noyster

    12g SBS wanted Norfolk area.

    Hi I am looking for a 12g SBS for rough shooting looking to pay up to £100 if you have that gun just sitting in your cupboard that you don't use anymore then drop me a line. looks not important ideally full stock and at least 28inc barrels I am off to the game fair on Saturday so if you are from further afield then we might be able to meet up to do a deal there. Cheers in advance Paul