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  1. s4s

    Tuning a BSA Supersport

    Best tune I've done on bsa supersport is as follows. Rear steel standard guide polished in and out. Cocking slot de bured polished. In piston and cylinder. Piston weight added chambers sell these or you could use a pound coin faces smoothed and polished.titan no 1 spring or o m spring polished ends. Supersport should already have spring sleeve fitted. Use hw 35/80 transfer seal for better seal. Redbeck shooting supplies were cheapest for seals springs last I looked. Best pellets I found were rws hobbies in .22accurate as he'll up to 100ft. Rws superdomes great too.hobbies really sing. As for trigger spray it out with brake cleaner and either use a oil or 're grease with Molly grease on cotton ear budds. Both my supersport are stunningly accurate and have silky action I actually love the supersport very underrated. Best spring is a v mach spring as are v Mach main seal however o m black seals are very robust If you do nothing else try rws hobbies
  2. s4s

    Old supersport project?

    Personally IDE eBay it in seperate lots,,barrel loved by custom tuners 30.00. Stock 20 pluss ,action cylinder with trigger and internals 20 -30 .if it has it's open original sights they sell for 20 alone.make a few quid on postage .easy money.
  3. s4s

    Best pellets for springer

    . agreed rws lead,super domes I love in most my BSA ,Diana's fwb Annie's pretty much most my rifles. In my supersport which is tuned mind I can take drawing pins out of paper with rws hobbies in.22 at aprox 70 ft if I am resting against a bench with my arm never a top rifle but under estimated all the same. For a flat headed pellet I find them stunning.rws hobbies . I never change from one pellet to another as that too can upset accuracy.try a few samples and stick with it. As said some pellets suit other rifles better than other.no one will be best in all but generally with all mine I use rws .except wealter match barrels then I use crosman prem in the box from one die.
  4. s4s

    Old supersport project?

    This would make some lad a cracking field rifle ,the older supersports are great .the leaver should once stocks removed slot easily back in to place once stocks removed. Wish I were closer . Birmingham made BSA are better than latest Spanish supersports triggers especialy.
  5. s4s

    FAC silencer

    Hogan decimeater but I'm told no longer made .solid stripable quiet.
  6. s4s

    A Couple for rabbits & Firebird Target Fun

    Nice shootin tex
  7. s4s

    diana air rifles

    Yes I should have added compared too the sideleavers .but I'm sure people know what I meant . Thank you for pointing it out in any case.
  8. s4s

    diana air rifles

    460mag is a very accurate rifle I believe it sits in 2 nd place in Diana's power class only the 350 mag producing slightly more. Both produce more than the side leavers .obviously differences to the 48/52/54 are their break barrel and under leader . The 54 as you know is very capable very capable in both accuracy and power ,and as the 48/52 share the same internals cylinder so on are equally capable and fantastic field rifles. With basic simple fettling can be much improved too. Better in .22 I feel . The ultra carbine dispute it's barrel length has no accuracy issues ,I intend to buy another however some report issues due to the restrictor in transfer making for not such a smooth 're shot action as earlier models .easily sorted. If you use a moderator they will silence to a dull thud . Myself I prefer the earlier t01 models as I just love the smooth trigger others prefer latter type .early have slightly longer stroke too. Whilst I love my airkings on a bench ,the 52 is favoured in field . For a short period diana produced a thumbhole walnut original model 52 classic which come up occasionally for sale which are a fantastic improvement to hold over the standard stock for me in any case.. If just a field rifle ide go 48 /52 which should be cheaper with plain stock,great in 177 for faster fps ,but .22 on fac or if it's your preference cal. If you want better stock go for 52 .or walnut laminated stock which look peach..which ever you choose it won't disappoint . I don't get on with under leavers myself . Good luck . Ultra carbine yummy .22
  9. s4s

    Rabbit Control With My Diana 52/48

    Awesome glad your enjoying the side leaver. As above I too love all things German and Diana.your moderator looks to be a rws type that unscrews in to several pieces. I have tried a lot of internals in this unit if indeed it is the rws type . These really do quieten down a hell of a lot with a larger dia mod simular in size to hogan,hw,so on.personaly found hogan the quitest . What lead you finding works well rws superdome so on work for me. I was lucky enough to buy several 52 t hole classics over time and not that I'm a lover of t h stocks but found it beneficial on the 52s .beautiful rifle .single biggest improvement I made was adding a 1mm ptfe spring sleve as their very very loose inside causing bent springs over time. What year manufacture is yours ?.date stamp rear cylinder just above stock ?.
  10. s4s

    Old pellets

    The box says great Britain. These are old my guess pree 80 as post we were known as UK mostly.never gonna be worth too mutch but collectors will pay out for such things to go with a boxed pistol ,rifle which may have contained freebies.
  11. s4s

    Old pellets

    No expert on lead ,but caledonians havnt been in cardboard for years.best guess keep them together stick then on ebay.people collect lead even tins alone.cardboard cartons are lesser seen.
  12. s4s

    cree torch

    Battery tip,try varta batteries.early learning centre e.l.c sell them as their own marked too..better than any I tried
  13. s4s


    Arived today,excellent thank you.
  14. s4s


    Thanks john ,I will take this as per last email.please send me detail for transfer.thank you best regards.
  15. s4s


    Titan airsporter ,mercury xs p m sent .thanks.