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  1. kev56


    Hi, i'm stripping down / refurbishing a BSA Meteor mk.3 could someone please tell me what the main spring (original) length should be. Thanks.
  2. kev56


    Just arrived from eBay, going to try it on the clays this weekend 🙂 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-7961773/US-Army-add-smart-scope-new-rifles-fires-guaranteed-shot.html
  3. Always carried on on my car keys ring, at the moment a spyderco grasshopper.
  4. kev56


    I get the tv licence thing every day it seems. i just looked on line for some figures and found this. https://www.scamwatch.gov.au/about-scamwatch/scam-statistics
  5. +1 for Ed's red, been making it for years now, cheap as chips and does its job perfectly. I finish off with Ballistol Which i rate very highly.
  6. kev56


    Thanks i'll try the shampoo idea, i don't think the grand kids will miss a few drops.
  7. kev56


    Sorry Dave, i didn't explain properly, I wasn't referring to lensed glasses just the safety type.
  8. kev56


    Question regarding shooting glasses fogging / misting up. What do you use to stop this and does it really work or has anyone tried the supposedly non misting sports glasses? I've tried the wipes but not 100% happy with the results. Its not a major issue but would be nice not to have the problem. Thanks.
  9. kev56

    Smart meter?

    As title, seems I'm having a smart meter fitted gas and or electric? Having looked on line there seems to be two schools of thought on weather they are good or bad. Anyone offer any thoughts on them.
  10. Try taking them back first, if not, as said above this will work - https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Shoe-Goo-110231-Adhesive-1-FL-Oz-Clear/2164330055?iid=372533306966
  11. kev56

    Wage packets

    First got my wages in a little brown envelope with the wage slip sticking out the top back in 1973 as an apprentice toolmaker. Grand total of £8.50 per week, of which i gave my mum £3 a week house keeping. Got paid in cash up until the 80's.
  12. Got these a year ago, actually bought 2 pair as i like to not wear the same every day, also got a good deal on them. Good for smart casual and well made. Brasher classic.
  13. As i've got several (English) guns and a couple of American using the imperial system, i assumed wrongly there would be a standard screw size. As said before there are many different widths and slot sizes. I've measured up the slots and some are within in a few thou. of each other so i wont have to make too many. I've striped down a few guns for refurbish and have ruined a couple of screws that were very difficult to remove, hence the reason for making a 'proper fit' turn screw for each size. Looking at the stock photo the rounding off on the tip i think looks to me to be over poli
  14. The idea, as far as I understand about gunsmith screw drivers ‘ turn screws’ is that unlike normal screw drivers they do not taper on the point. By having a parallel / concave point they are a better fit and more friendly to the screws. I was just wondering if there was a standard slot dimension for the screws. I’ll measure up a few of the slots anyway and machine the tips to a snug fit. Then harden and temper.
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