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  1. There's so many ifs and buts creeping in daily . Farmers are facing massive losses now with the loss of last of Last winters crops due to the weather we've had . Now we're back to last year's mess after the general license fiasco. Spring crops are finally going in where possible and we can't carry out control on the pigeons and corvids again. We're in devastating times now I just hope we come through . Hopefully our representatives can put some extra effort into a final solution once and for all. That's all we ask.
  2. Just a thought on this. Why have basc etc not sought advice on this and informed us. As club insurance only covers us for legal persuits. If we're not allowed out and could be fined for doing so your not insured .??. Also would your car insurance pay in the event of a collision or theft if your not supposed to be out. ?? Just a thought. !!!!.
  3. The new ff6 go the other way . Not sure why had no problems with the ff5 .
  4. Keep mine in bucket seat. You'll get two in with stakes and 2 12v 2amp batteries easy. Still room for crock clips and guy ropes and pegs . Safest place.
  5. mellors

    hessian sacking

    Got mine here. Good stuff. Evil bay. 291158213545.
  6. Having a big sort out. Did anyone ever use these cardboard decoys. ???. I've found a big brown envelope about 50. Don't recall ever using them.
  7. Found a couple of these in the cupboard anyone still use them. Thought I might give them a try.
  8. Update on the franchi affinity have acquired some lyevale nitedal 24g 7.5 steel . There working really well on decoyed pigeon and cycle no problem and cheap .£164 a thousand.
  9. I think it's the same everywhere too warm and so much maize still in. Also a lot less rape this year with flea beatle problems. We may have some better results when or if they can get on the maize.
  10. Haven't tried any clay loads in the affinity. Use it mainly on pigeon. Occasionally on geese. But will say it's far better than the armsan and lot easier to clean.
  11. I've got the affinity now. The armsan is still in the cabinet after the locking bar sheared still haven't got the part though. Rubbish warranty and service. Springs are available now from chambers. I wouldn't recommend armsan at all.
  12. Eley ct 24g 7.5. For pigeon Eley grand prix 25g 6 for everything else. Kent (gamebore) 24g Steel 5 is also a very good cartridge I'm using more now. That's what I've found performs best in my silver pigeon 20g choked 1/4 and 1/2. Too many people overload a twenty gauge for various reasons but you just don't need to. 👍
  13. Old pop up tents are a good source.
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