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  1. mellors

    Chainsaw won't start

    Had the same with mine changed plug, ignition module, new carburettor kit, checked wiring and stop switch. Finally sorted new piston ring no compression.
  2. mellors

    16 or 20 bore

    I've switched to 20 bore investarm hushpower earlier last year. Nothing else has come out of the cabinet since. Very little recoil 25 gram eley grand prix for everything. Amazing bit of kit looks daft but I don't care.
  3. mellors

    Raised Veg Beds

    6ft gravel boards Lot cheaper and won't rot at all. Get hold of some aluminium bar 22mm to hold them. Plenty of mushroom compost and you'll be ready for spring. Keep her happy for years does mine.
  4. mellors

    Kit trolley

    It is. Cargo power walker. Carries everything.
  5. mellors

    Clockwise Or Not ?

    Welded both mine on. Lost the top bit twice.
  6. mellors

    Clockwise Or Not ?

    I've tried both ways. Also had one going one way and one the other still had some come in. Not sure which is best. As soon as they start going wide I pull it in and stick with the ff5 and a floater. Works for me.
  7. mellors

    Kit trolley

    I've sprayed my tyres with silicon seems to stop most of the mud sticking to the tyres.
  8. mellors

    Kit trolley

    I've got one of these. Wouldn't be without it.
  9. mellors

    Odd cartridge

    Going to contact them tomorrow. May be a prize waiting (maybe not). Can't see how it could happen yellow is now designated 20g. There not having it back though.
  10. anyone had this. Just one in a box of normal ones.
  11. mellors

    Domestic technician

  12. mellors

    Izusu dmax locking issue

    Hi. Had bother with mine initially when new. Found I'd been using the key to lock and unlock the back. Didn't think it was on the central locking but it is. Try locking the truck then put the key in the rear and try both unlocking and locking the rear if that works put the rear key in the glove box. I have.
  13. mellors

    Semi auto suddenly started not cycling

    Had problems with mine early on. Gunsmith said very common on the armsan. Strip it as normal for cleaning. Then remove the black pin above the trigger and the whole lot comes out soak it in petrol and give it a good Brush and dry it off lubricate with a a bit of oil and clean the slide rails. If it its really dirty it slows down the the ejection and the empties jam. Worked for me.
  14. mellors

    Semi auto suddenly started not cycling

    Hi have you removed the trigger assembly and given it a good clean.The slide rail in there gets filthy.