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  1. You'll be lucky to get a reply. I ordered a load of 20 gauge steel wads had the same email. That was 7th of February emailed them several times the phone number doesn't work. Still heard nothing. Finally got some from fenland reloading but postage is frightening.
  2. Eley cartridges are owned by maxam. So i would have thought if you was to aquire and strip one of there grand prix 20 gauge 26 gram fibre it would be a good place to start. When you've found some different loads get them tested first.
  3. If its only single speed the easiest solution is extend the arms 12 inch or so I've done it for mine works well on calm days. Don't go to far or they'll bend or the machine will jump about if it windy and fall over.
  4. Hopefully all the new bills for gun reform and ownership going through will reduce this. There is one that is pushing for them to actually have a gun licence and checks. Don't think that'll happen in a hurry.
  5. Have they been stolen??. Or do you just want to find the owner.??. Definitely first registered in yorkshire.
  6. Yep getting loads recently.
  7. Local chap i used to see regular takes his rifle and bits in a big golf bag on the bus up to the golf course.
  8. Supermarkets round here £126.9. Shell /esso £131.9. Gone up around 15p a litre in the last month or so. No idea why. Supposed to be staying at home but there seems to be just as much on the road all day.
  9. I cant believe they actually think its a good idea. Someone in a back office somewhere will think it is though.
  10. Who are these people. Don't tell them your name pike.
  11. Not long now. 🤞 Lot of lock down boredom about.
  12. Thanks. Have got two great loads for 20 gauge steel which perform really well. I just wanted to try these wads in the hushpower as there not externally ribbed. As said above others have placed orders with no reply. There has been no info regarding closure on the site since I first ordered over two weeks ago. Also no replies to email and phone number doesn't connect. Not much more we can do.
  13. Also still heard nothing. As said previously good to deal with maybe there is a good reason for lack of contact. Does anyone know an alternative stockist for 20gauge BP 24 gram steel shot wads. I've trawled the net and phoned around even emailed ballistic products for stockists no reply. Can't believe there's no other outlet.
  14. Well back from the jab place. Took her a ride round a couple of farms on the way back for a reccy. I do spoil her.
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