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  1. Update on the screw on 12 gauge moderator. Had one now for two weeks there ok but not as quite as my 20g investarm with the full length moderator. It's probably better with the hush power cartridges I've tried them in the 20gauge they are quite but best at closer ranges.
  2. Not the ones i have. I have 4 of a certain no5 model that burn out motors regularly. Have acquired 2 of the no6 model with the alleged bomb proof motors and low and behold the wing mounts have been turned the opposite way why i don't know. They're useless why change something that works only needed better motors fitting.
  3. Useful if you've got a good walk no batteries to carry . No motors to seize up and wings to keep coming of every 5 mins.
  4. One of these and still works 👍
  5. Look very awkward to get around. After all the hype when they came out quite some time ago no reports or reviews at all. Not even on his online shop now. How about an unbiased review !!!!.
  6. Haven't seen one yet but I would have thought one of those army kit bags would do it. Still waiting to see a report or video of someone actually using one. ???
  7. I'll give it another go with and without this week . Any extra time is useful. I have bigger batteries but not keen on carrying them .
  8. Should a speed controller increase or decrease battery life ?. I usually get 5 hrs out of a 17amp battery connected to my magnet . Ran it through a controller yesterday didn't appear to be any difference. Just a thought.
  9. Thanks . Good news. Not had that one yet. Only the wildfowling etc one Wednesday.
  10. Nothing on their web site or on latest email received Wednesday. ???
  11. Oh no !!!!. Don't dispair yet I've had those messages . Stuff came next day. Fingers crossed.
  12. mellors

    Help required

    Got a PCP don't think they do open sights . Could get an old break barrel always room for more toys.
  13. mellors

    Help required

    Many thanks all. Got eye piece and sunshade for the scope and two legged stand for walking round ordered. Could turn into a new sport now. Anything to get out. Always learning something new.
  14. mellors

    Help required

    Many thanks found one called ant supplies they seem to have what's needed not much money anyway.
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