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  1. Eley ct 24g 7.5. For pigeon Eley grand prix 25g 6 for everything else. Kent (gamebore) 24g Steel 5 is also a very good cartridge I'm using more now. That's what I've found performs best in my silver pigeon 20g choked 1/4 and 1/2. Too many people overload a twenty gauge for various reasons but you just don't need to. 👍
  2. Old pop up tents are a good source.
  3. Sounds just like the one fitted to the ff5. Give nick tate a ring very helpful chap.
  4. mellors


    Try Ibstock tackle and gun. Gamebore stockists. Reckon they think about selling them every day.
  5. Just knock one of these up.
  6. Yes I will. Many thanks Steve. A mine of help and information as usual.
  7. Assume that's mcavoy guns Standish.
  8. Thanks will have a look.
  9. Nah it'll be a jimny. Norfolks full of em. Saw loads last week over there. Quite useful on them narrow lanes.
  10. Something to think about. I've only recently been using steel. 32g lyvale p5. They do seem very punchy. I'm sure this problem would have arisen with others before now if that was the case though.
  11. Just a bit plus postage. Now consigned to cabinet awaiting decision or part to appear. Highland outdoors not answering phone today . Purchased a franchi affinity one this morning sorted.
  12. Yes bought lottery tickets no luck. Got it all disassembled. All trigger parts are available at chambers except a new locking bar. Found this on an Italian site but out of stock. Can't find one anywhere else. Have to see what highland outdoors say later.
  13. My thoughts as well. Think gun shop first then contact lyvale. Don't suppose they'll do anything though.
  14. Well that's what's left. Was 2nd shot. They were new lyvales as stated. Had the gun 3 years never a problem. Surely must be overcharged cartridge as it's not possible to fire unless it locks in. The firing pin wouldn't be long enough.
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