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  1. Be better when it's ripped up. Plenty getting on the drilling now the stubbles are going.
  2. All sorted thanks. Had a problem with the wiring but all good now. Also has two speed option and works fine.
  3. Phoned all 4 shops around me this morning. No 20gauge steel. Last 3 weeks it's gone up 20%. I'm betting by the end of the month they'll suddenly have stock again.
  4. Thanks. Its run for so many years. I googled the part number and it's from a Sierra 82/86. Think I'd struggle to get a straight swop. Just wondered if any particular make were better than others speed and longevity wise.
  5. What's the best wiper motor to replace mine which has burnt out.
  6. Had a slab of these as I couldn't get the Kent 5s. Seemed OK in my silver pigeon definitely knock pigeon down. . Hoping the shop gets some kent from game bore this week though.
  7. Good cartridge only use steel now. But they have become hard to get something about steel shortage. The price went up £9 a slab 2 weeks ago. I've also been using the lyevale 24g gram 4s would think they would be better on duck they are very good and hard hitting.
  8. I wouldn't bother. Just ring aa decoys grab one of there's for £45 will do the job. Flight line have run there course got too busy lost the plot. Have 6 now all have had new motors plastic drives they look good but short lived. Lot of money and very poor service if he ever answers the phone. ☹️.
  9. Hi just got back to the keepers house. Local man who loves ferreting is a fire alarm chap. He's dropped a load of 5 7 12 and 17 amp batteries and said run them flat charge them up and there good to go. Worth a try. 👍
  10. I've used the pigeon ones when I need to travel light. Stuff them with grass if it's calm but not on windy days or they spin like helicopters. 😁
  11. Oh really we'll hold you to that. We can't wait. At least you should know what they look like now. 👍.
  12. Yes that's it ready for direct drilling. 👍
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