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  1. Not long now. 🤞 Lot of lock down boredom about.
  2. Thanks. Have got two great loads for 20 gauge steel which perform really well. I just wanted to try these wads in the hushpower as there not externally ribbed. As said above others have placed orders with no reply. There has been no info regarding closure on the site since I first ordered over two weeks ago. Also no replies to email and phone number doesn't connect. Not much more we can do.
  3. Also still heard nothing. As said previously good to deal with maybe there is a good reason for lack of contact. Does anyone know an alternative stockist for 20gauge BP 24 gram steel shot wads. I've trawled the net and phoned around even emailed ballistic products for stockists no reply. Can't believe there's no other outlet.
  4. Well back from the jab place. Took her a ride round a couple of farms on the way back for a reccy. I do spoil her.
  5. That's nothing I'm so busy. Put the bin out ready for tomorrow taking wife for her jab 8 miles away. Just wondering if I should ring 101 In Case I get stopped . Also it's chucking it down.
  6. If your within the 14 days email them and ask for a refund as it doesn't fit. They can't say an item is non returnable if it is not seen or tried on. You then have 30 days to return it.
  7. Surely covered by distance selling regulations.
  8. Well done Jacko. Is there a return to the fold on the horizon. 🤔
  9. Really hard when it's cold well done for trying. Banger strings work well. Or someone else daft enough to go with you and shiver.
  10. How about a hot air balloon 🤔.
  11. Steel went up 20% in the summer they said shortage of steel. Its now on par with lead. Seems to be the norm on everything now. Sales drop say there's a shortage creating a demand and put the price up.
  12. Would like to here her answer regarding funding if they vote for independence and get it. They've had billions and last time I heard they want more.
  13. Don't have Facebook. His phone number on the site doesn't connect. Maybe busy. Other sites you order, pay and goods come.
  14. Still no contact sent him another email.
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