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  1. All the best first 3 months is the worst. Till you adapt to freedom then its great.
  2. So the answer to my original question what would a reduction of powder do. With the published data shown it appears dropping 1 grain reduces speed and pressure. And yes i read and take note of all information hence the question due to so much conflicting data.
  3. Thanks. That ties up with what i found so far. I'm still learning only started in November so lots to learn although it's very difficult to find information and data for 20 gauge steel loads. What i have found is producing very good patterns and results .
  4. 20 gauge. Cheddite. Cx 2000. Maxam ssb150. Lbc 44 /24 gram. Bp 91/21 gram Steel 5s. 6 star crimp. 21 gram load calls for 20 grains.vp 91 /21 24 gram load calls for 21.5 grains. Lbc 44/24 Not trying it just wondered if it would cause excessive pressure or reduced speed.
  5. Hi Just a question i can't find any figures on the net. What would changing a 21 gram load to 24gram on the same powder charge ??. The data i have for both is only 1.5 grain difference between both . Just a thought.
  6. Had the same here farmer said its due to black grass.
  7. I'm afraid your right. They are fully aware we are an unsupported minority with lost cause.
  8. Have you contacted the harbour master.???. Is there cctv in place.??.
  9. Don't watch football never have. Don't care who wins. (As long as it's not the frenchies).
  10. Plenty in Travis perkins yesterday morning. Not much timber though. They said there still waiting for stock.
  11. 🤔. Dog fennel /pineapple weed.
  12. mellors

    Guinness book

    It'll be one of those talking book things. Keeps mine quite for hours. 👍
  13. News to me. Didn't think they had one. The one they used to have at the Loughborough shop left after they closed it and moved everything to the clay ground. Possibly someone off site.
  14. Has anyone been prosecuted or fined. What happens if one collides with a car causing damage or knocks over and badly injures a pedestrian. Do the road legal disabled scooters have insurance. Do cyclists never ride on the pavement do they have insurance. So it looks like electric scooters will be no different.
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