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  1. Thanks. I have the 21 gram load from them. 70mm Cheddite case primed Vp 90/91 wad . 410 3mm Cork packer in the wad. 20 grains maxam ssb 150 21 grams steel shot. Looking for alternatives to try out.
  2. Think you still need wifi or internet connection for the stick to work. So most programs will be on catch up. But freesat box is an option.
  3. Thanks. The 21 gram pattern ok. Not tried them on the pigeon yet though. Thought I'd have a go during lockdown and while it's quiet.
  4. Just started doing some home loading. I'm using maxam ssb 150 powder. I have data for 21 gram steel loads. Has anyone got loading data for 24 gram steel 20gauge loads.
  5. Suppose it would save a lot of time and effort driving round looking for them.
  6. Other than a fault in the unit or bad connection it must be something with the key fob not programing right. One of my ff6 remotes had problems.Took ages to find that button B wasn't locating correctly.
  7. Think the spring looking wire is the aerial. Seeing my mate tomorrow as I have another project ongoing. I'm sure he'll have the answer. These things are beyond clever.
  8. Looks similar to this one. There has to be a relay return on them to trip it..
  9. Can you put a photo of what your using.
  10. 🤔. Would like to here the office comments when that goes in. Think it'll be a definite NO.!!!
  11. Must be going out early as instructed and putting them all off. 👍. It's been very quiet for a week or so.
  12. Don't worry about the distance. A two core extension lead to bring it closer will sort that out. I've got one on 30 meter extension lead with an ff6 on my lofting poles. The unit is only 10 metres away and runs on and off on timer all day on a 5 amp 12 volt battery.
  13. I've had a look if you've already got the motor doing what you want then you Could tape one of these to the top of the battery connect it in line and just switch it on and off remotely from your hide. There pretty good up to 30 yds. Loads on the bay not much money.
  14. Have a look on utube or Google it loads of easy to follow stuff on there. I've been teaching myself most of it is simple stuff. The main thing I've learned on 12 volt is fit the appropriate inline fuse.
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