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  1. mellors

    Odd cartridge

    Going to contact them tomorrow. May be a prize waiting (maybe not). Can't see how it could happen yellow is now designated 20g. There not having it back though.
  2. anyone had this. Just one in a box of normal ones.
  3. mellors

    Domestic technician

  4. mellors

    Izusu dmax locking issue

    Hi. Had bother with mine initially when new. Found I'd been using the key to lock and unlock the back. Didn't think it was on the central locking but it is. Try locking the truck then put the key in the rear and try both unlocking and locking the rear if that works put the rear key in the glove box. I have.
  5. mellors

    Semi auto suddenly started not cycling

    You have a pm.
  6. mellors

    Semi auto suddenly started not cycling

    Had problems with mine early on. Gunsmith said very common on the armsan. Strip it as normal for cleaning. Then remove the black pin above the trigger and the whole lot comes out soak it in petrol and give it a good Brush and dry it off lubricate with a a bit of oil and clean the slide rails. If it its really dirty it slows down the the ejection and the empties jam. Worked for me.
  7. mellors

    Semi auto suddenly started not cycling

    Hi have you removed the trigger assembly and given it a good clean.The slide rail in there gets filthy.
  8. mellors

    Isuzu dmax huntsman

    Thanks. Going to stick with 30 front 36 rear. Mate has l200 had 60000 mls out of his at2 tyres. Must be good.
  9. mellors

    Any thing to do/see in Durham

    Find a soft play place with Cafe and sulk that's what I do with grand kids.
  10. mellors

    Isuzu dmax huntsman

    Anyone have one of these.???. Can't find the correct tyre pressures for the general grabber at2 tyres that are fitted. Isuzu don't seem to know. From new they were 30psi front 38psi rear. But that's for the standard tyre. After recent first service they had put them at 36 front 36 rear. I don't carry any weight in it only pigeon gear. I have changed to 30 front 36 rear which look OK.
  11. mellors

    How to insert a video from phone

    Can't find any information how to do it.
  12. Hi Mellors, I have a few old batterys that came out of an industrial building  (emergency lighting I guess) being a chippy I'm not to sure on power

    I have 4 batterys  All 12 volt  batterys  1- 2.1 amp hr  / 2 - 3.4  amp hr and 1-17 amp hr 

    Not sure at all which charger to buy 

    Any ideas please pm me 



    1. mellors

      Barley .

      We've had them on laid barley for over a week east Nottingham. First field combined yesterday. Some of the shot birds yesterday had rape in them as well and that's being sprayed off today.
    2. mellors

      battery charger

      Would try and find alarm or a friendly hospital /school maintainance guy they chuck out 12 and 18amp regularly and have to pay for disposal.
    3. mellors

      battery charger

      Looks OK. Would say overnight to charge. Use a 4 amp on my 38amp battery. For summer use not the sort of thing to carry though.