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    Pheasant and pigeon shooting and the mighty Glasgow Rangers F.C!!!!!! Also the real Belfast Giants - Glentoran F.C.

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  1. His dad went into the pit to save his dog, the two sons went in to try and get their dad out. Sister found the three of them and was overcome by fumes.
  2. dazza


    Yeah usually only one day when I did it before.
  3. dazza


    I was paid for two items via paypal on Thursday. Withdrew the money from my paypal account straight away into my current account. It still hasn't shown up on my online statement. Can it takes a few days to transfer across?
  4. Exceptional Red Letter Day with Jim Albone. Seeland Hunters Video - Great Days. Both DVD's £22 posted. Paypal only. First to post below gets them.
  5. Phone Ally McCoist he knows all about IVA's
  6. To the people that pay to shoot them their just feathered targets. Does it matter what age they are?
  7. Why the drama? Why ask for the account to be deleted? Just don't log back on.
  8. dazza


    Two 21 year olds arrested and bailed. Hopefully the right people get hold of them.
  9. dazza


    Not sure if anybody has been following the story. Unfortunately Cody lost her fight for life. RIP Cody. http://www.bbc.co.uk...reland-19535636 http://www.u.tv/News/Cody-the-collie-set-on-fire-dies/3fccceb0-c03b-4b6b-8f61-7c5e0fe5d026
  10. Needs sausages and soda bread.
  11. Includes DVD. £22 posted. Paypal only.
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