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  1. Side by Side Club

    Yes please!
  2. I don't know if the older Eurolion and newer Fabarm chokes are the same, I would assume an Inner HP is an Inner HP choke though. As others have said mine is stamped "overpressure tested 1630bar". Chokes here: http://www.mcavoyguns.co.uk/contents/en-uk/d668_Used_Shotgun_chokes_01.html
  3. I recently bought a new Fabarm L4S, it came with 5 inner HP chokes and all are marked as safe for steel, including full.
  4. Sx4 or maxus

    The 20 did have it the 12 doesn't , I know because I owned a 20 and 12 bore SX3.
  5. Sx4 or maxus

    No they don't have the speed load feature. Nor the 12 bore SX3, the 20 bore SX3 does.
  6. It's been blowing a gale here for weeks and I was doing some patterning of my own and was noticing a surprising amount of drift at 40 yards. I was doing some reading about drift and this might interest you: https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=sUH9auGGtBwC&lpg=PA1&pg=PA158&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q&f=false
  7. Shotgun from converted rifle

    My friend just handed in for chopping up an M1 Garand bored out to .410, it obviously only functioned as a straight pull - a single shot one at that as it wouldn't feed .410 cartridges, he did so with a very heavy heart. He was given it many years ago but I think it was because it could be argued that once Section 5 always Section 5.
  8. Reloading for Shotgun

    Thanks for the advice chaps, I was just looking to make some 30g 6's for pigeons etc. Sounds like it's not really worth my while unless I invest heavily in the most expensive gear, other than for the joy of making my own. I'm using 30g Eley Pigeon Select for £220 per thousand just now so I'm probably as well to stick with them. If I got into fowling I'd definitely give it a go though.
  9. I'm considering reloading for 12 bore, I've been reloading centrefire for 25 years but haven't ever considered reloading for shotguns until now. I know there are a few experts here so some questions if I may. 1. I've read making 28g loads doesn't save you much really, the saving comes with making game loads, that's what I would be intending making. Is that right? 2. Can you realistically make good quality cartridges using quality shot and still save? I wouldn't be interested in making something that just goes bang using poor quality shot that patterns badly! 3. I have a shooting ground nearby that uses Hull Comp X 70mm almost exclusively so I was thinking that might be a source for cases. Are they acceptable for making a 30g game load? 4. I've watched some videos online but a lot of the crimps I've seen are pretty rubbish looking - can you produce a factory quality crimp at home? I'm not sure I could live with cartridges with terrible inconsistent crimps - besides I'm sure they affect shot to shot consistency? 5. Making RTO's looks tidier do they perform as well? Thanks for any input!!
  10. cylinder verses skeet

    I know the Optima HP skeet choke is supposed to be wider than cylinder but mine disagrees! I've attached a few pictures, I'm just glad mine didn't come with a full 'cos I certainly don't need one the way my IC,M and IM pattern!
  11. Victor sarasqueta

    I don't think that's necessarily true, lots of 28g cartridges would be proofed at 900kg. I'm sure someone will be along to enlighten us!
  12. 4 x 1lb containers H4350

    As above - surplus to requirements. 4 x 1lb containers of H4350. All unopened containers. £190 I'm up in Inverness so not ideal for most folk here but if anyone is passing - I'm just off the A9.
  13. chokes

    Usually with Beretta Mobil chokes no notches is a skeet choke. Maybe yours has the newer type though. It will be marked on the side.
  14. Wanted

    There's a set here:
  15. Quick Review - Fabarm L4S Black Hunter

    A Hatsan is also cheaper! I've no doubt the Franchi is cheaper but it doesn't have the same features such as an overbored barrel, extended length choke tubes x5, not 3 as with Franchi or as nice a piece of wood and it's an inertia operated gun, I specifically wanted a gas operated gun. Nor is it as nicely finished or as attractive - in my eyes at least! Saying that the Franchi is a fine gun - I still use my old AL48, it just keeps going!