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  1. I have had several premium makes over the years, Le Chameau, Royal Hunters etc etc, for the last 7 or 8 years I've been using Muckboots specifically the Muckmaster and can't fault them. I buy a new pair every year as they look tired but are still always waterproof. I pretty much live in them. Also I never have cold feet in them!
  2. If you shorten it the pad will then be bigger round the edges than the stock is. Can't remember what the inside of the stock on my 692 was like but I would imagine if shortened the guide holes for the pad would have to be re-inlet into the wood - or cut the guides off the pad. As an aside I had a couple of spare Beretta Microcore pads lying around and decided to try fitting a pad to an old gun (not Beretta) myself last week - I wasn't sure how they would grind but they grind very well. Was able to get a good smooth finish on it.
  3. I've had my Peltor Tactical XP's for 7-8 years - worn in many a downpour, most recently on Saturday and yet to have an issue.
  4. Will do. Should be here Tue/Wed next week hopefully.
  5. Thanks OB, I'm not sure if I saw that one - I was looking at one a bit more expensive which looked very nice. However I was questioning myself and thinking why am I thinking of buying a 20! I've got choices as it is between heavy/light O/U's, several side by sides and several autos. I was just fancying a new toy! Cartridge choice for 20 bores is limited where I live and are significantly more expensive so I've just bought a poor man's P gun instead! (Read that as a Yildiz Pro!) Call me mad but I've been curious about them for a while so I bought a lightly used one on GT - just waiting fo
  6. Is yours a field version? Does it take the same microcore pads as other Berettas. I have a couple of different sized ones from my 692 sporter. Thanks for that. I think on looks/style I'm leaning towards the CG but again difficult to ignore the Beretta! I'm limiting myself by price really, not many 32" 20 bores around at the £1000-£1100 mark. I would buy a 32" if it was an option but haven't seen any. Yeah just heading there! Thanks.
  7. I'm looking at buying a 20bore game gun, just for a bit of fun on the farm really. Two options I have narrowed down to are a Caesar Guerini Woodcock 20 bore 30" barrel which I haven't handled as I don't live anywhere near but would be prepared to take a punt on. Its a 2008 gun but only bought new a couple of months ago for someone's wife who is not interested. Its fired 20-30 shots apparently. Cased, multichoke, colour hardened, semi-pistol grip, wooden heel-plate, plain-ish wood for a CG but not bad. Weight is around 6lbs 9oz. I checked the serial no with Anglo Italian and its not steel
  8. As above, I sold one about 20 years ago which I used to use for work. Wouldn't mind another just to have in the truck if anyone knows of one. Must be 3 shot. Thanks.
  9. That's some cheap cartridges!!!👍
  10. Looking for a Tikka Super Varmint stock for a wee project. Must be T3X version.
  11. It's the only one of that lot most folks would want to pay anything for I would think!
  12. Does anyone know anything about Hot Shot traps? I'd never heard of them until I came across them on Google. I was looking to buy a new Promatic Superhawk with a wobble base but going to be over £2000. Theirs are more favourably priced and use the same EMD motor as Promatic and made in Lincoln not Chinese. I'd be grateful if anyone had any info - good or bad. I don't want to end up with junk nor have a parts supply issue down the road! Many thanks.
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