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  1. That's some cheap cartridges!!!👍
  2. Looking for a Tikka Super Varmint stock for a wee project. Must be T3X version.
  3. It's the only one of that lot most folks would want to pay anything for I would think!
  4. Does anyone know anything about Hot Shot traps? I'd never heard of them until I came across them on Google. I was looking to buy a new Promatic Superhawk with a wobble base but going to be over £2000. Theirs are more favourably priced and use the same EMD motor as Promatic and made in Lincoln not Chinese. I'd be grateful if anyone had any info - good or bad. I don't want to end up with junk nor have a parts supply issue down the road! Many thanks.
  5. As above looking for a Promatic Superhawk or similar quality clay pigeon trap.
  6. I would imagine it would be black walnut. I personally would rather live with a real walnut stock even if it was a bit plain than have an artificial finish put on. Surely in time with wear or damage it's not going to be so easy to put right?
  7. My XT had pitted pins but never suffered any misfires, also my Winchester had the same so I took them out chucked them up in the drill and polished them out with wet and dry and been fine since. I appreciate you could potentially shorten them too much for proper function but they are plenty long enough still. And need to watch you don't change the profile in case you start piercing primers. It seems to be an affliction that Browning/Miroku suffers with!
  8. If it's just listed as .22RF then yes you can buy a WMR. And no you can't use .22LR in a WMR as the cases will split. The WMR doesn't use a heeled bullet so the case/chamber is wider.
  9. Did you try taking the removable trigger group out? Supposed to come out with a push button and trigger weight is adjustable. Did you manage to try the trigger pulls? Looks like a good buy!
  10. Just Google "Chris Packham microplastics" he bangs on about them enough. It's been well known for a while that fleece clothing on washing releases plastic fibres which ultimately end up in our rivers and oceans. Perhaps someone could put it on his Twitter or Facebook and request he removes his Chris Packham branded fleece clothing with immediate effect. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/science-environment-44888185 (interesting little snippet about Packham and the BBC half way down - so much integrity!) So he's actively involved and paid by a company which RELEASES more microplast
  11. For an supposed eco warrior like him he should be steering clear of fleece clothing not making money from polluting the oceans. Anything for a buck or two eh. From an article on the Guardian website: "In an alarming study released Monday, researchers at the University of California at Santa Barbara found that, on average, synthetic fleece jackets release 1.7 grams of microfibers each wash. It also found that older jackets shed almost twice as many fibers as new jackets. The study was funded by outdoor clothing manufacturer Patagonia, a certified B Corp that also offers grants for
  12. Absolutely, That's what I bought it for. I've always preferred a flatter comb. My ProTrap is 32" and balances bang on the hinge pin with no weights at all. I like it a lot and feels very balanced. Maybe just down to wood density again.
  13. I bought the ProTrap Adjustable 4 or 5 months back, it tips the scales and 1oz shy of 9lbs without any stock/forend weights. The gun shop had 4 x 32" which he weighed when I was there some were a full 6-7oz lighter, mine had the nicest wood. Pretty wood must weigh a bit more! I went from a 30" 692 and the browning suits me MUCH better. I chose the ProTrap over the ProSport just because I prefer a parallel comb. I'd never had a set of 32" barrels either and had never shot a 32" but they definitely suit me. Like you I prefer the Browning feel over Beretta - personal preference/sh
  14. Yeah that would be fine. How many would you need to make it worthwhile?
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