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  1. Absolutely, That's what I bought it for. I've always preferred a flatter comb. My ProTrap is 32" and balances bang on the hinge pin with no weights at all. I like it a lot and feels very balanced. Maybe just down to wood density again.
  2. I bought the ProTrap Adjustable 4 or 5 months back, it tips the scales and 1oz shy of 9lbs without any stock/forend weights. The gun shop had 4 x 32" which he weighed when I was there some were a full 6-7oz lighter, mine had the nicest wood. Pretty wood must weigh a bit more! I went from a 30" 692 and the browning suits me MUCH better. I chose the ProTrap over the ProSport just because I prefer a parallel comb. I'd never had a set of 32" barrels either and had never shot a 32" but they definitely suit me. Like you I prefer the Browning feel over Beretta - personal preference/shooting style/fit I suppose.
  3. Yeah that would be fine. How many would you need to make it worthwhile?
  4. Yeah that would be fine. What I don't want is someone turning up to shoot 5 or 6 in an evening twice a year! (I've had a few folk like that). Whilst each rabbit counts I'm looking to really thin them out.
  5. You'd not forget what a rabbit looked like here! Plenty of scope for ferreting too!
  6. 15 mins south of Inverness. About 150 acres.
  7. Looking for some committed rabbit shooter/shooters. We have a a lot to get rid off, they're making a real mess of the fields. Ideally shot day and night. Must be competent,safe and fully insured.
  8. I'm up near Inverness. Would you send by RFD?
  9. I tried him but didn't have any single trigger SBS just now.....
  10. Thanks - I had my mind on an SKB and had considered the AYA Matador but they seem to have a bad reputation for the single trigger going wrong.
  11. Looking for the above. Cheapish would be best. It's for one part of our local clay shoot where we have to use a side by side for double rise. So longish barrels and tightish chokes preferred. Thank you!
  12. No thanks, looks like a solution searching for a problem! "Click" "Oh ****, my shotgun is flat!"
  13. Definitely not the case! Some are closer to what they should throw some can be a long way away from what they should be!
  14. If you're spraying oil into the firing pin hole and bolt a little spray let's out a lot of oil. I'd say far too much. It'll be collecting all sorts of grit and powder residue. My semi autos only get a very light oiling. If you strip it down clean it all thoroughly and lightly oil the notchiness would probably disappear. My bolt and mechanism certainly doesn't get oiled every time.
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