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  1. farmer7

    Lanber extended chokes

    Regarding the chokes I'd imagine the 5 and 10 on the chokes is the constriction in thousandths which would be nearer Skeet and quarter or so. Are you sure the safety has failed or could it be just a non-auto safe? Easy enough to make it auto safe. Or is it some other fault you mean?
  2. farmer7

    Semi Auto Advise

    Another one to throw in the mix - the Fabarm L4S. I got mine new for £750 with a nice case, 5 chokes, spacers etc. 5 year warranty and backed up by Anglo Italian Arms who have probably the best customer service in the business. You get a half decent piece of wood and it's light and soft shooting. It's been faultless.
  3. farmer7

    Browning B725 Prosport or alternatives

    They must have forget to fit the twanger to mine - is it an optional extra?
  4. farmer7

    Browning B725 Prosport or alternatives

    I bought a new 32" ProTrap a month or two back for my new sporter I traded my 30" 692 Sporter against it. I handled the ProSport as well but I prefer parallel comb on the trap version and the fact the comb suited me better being a tad higher. Other than the stock they're basically the same - both have a trap style forend and the Trap has a centre tramline on the rib and a mid bead the sporter doesn't. First time out I just knew we were going to get on well! No complaints at all.
  5. farmer7

    AYA No2 Sidelock 12 gauge

    It's very difficult to make out the engraving as the pics quality isn't great but the engraving on the fences and top lever looks to be the same as my no.2. The 117 has a circular pattern in the middle of the sidelock behind the cocking indicator which is not on this gun.
  6. farmer7

    AYA No2 Sidelock 12 gauge

    Yes it does, but perhaps this one broke or stripped and replaced with a pin??
  7. farmer7

    AYA No2 Sidelock 12 gauge

    Looks like a No.2 to me - apart from missing the hand detachable pin. It has gold lined cocking indicators, rolled triggerguard and an articulated front trigger. My No.2 has all these and pretty sure the 117 has none of them.
  8. farmer7

    Beretta AL 391 Light.

    The Crio chokes fit but pretty sure the Benelli barrel is bored a good bit tighter than an Optima Beretta barrel so you most likely won't be getting the choke you think you are!
  9. farmer7

    Blaser f16 / Benelli 828u.

    I just recently got rid of my 30" 692 Sporter and replaced it with a 32" 725 ProTrap adjustable as an allrounder. I am delighted with the Browning I've had it out at clays several times and one driven day so far and it just feels so much better and I shoot it better too, especially the higher stuff. I did look at the ProSport but went with the Trap version instead. I prefer a more parallel comb. (There's £150 cashback on them too just now.)
  10. farmer7

    personal navigation assistant.

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ilyabogdanovich.geotracker Don't know if you have an Android phone, if you do it won't cost you a bean! I'm sure there will be similar on the Apple store too.
  11. farmer7

    Winchester Grand European

    Thanks for the comments chaps, I think as Hamster pointed out its money down the drain for starters and the general opinion seems to be it may affect resale value. I'll leave it alone!
  12. farmer7

    Winchester Grand European

    I bought this gun from a friend earlier on in the year and have been having thoughts about getting it teagued, its a trap gun choked 3/4 and full. I always seem to shoot well with a trap gun for sporting/game as well as trap. A few years earlier I had a Browning XT which I had teagued but there are plenty of them around. I'm wondering if I will devalue it by having this done? It's done next to nothing and still tight with the top lever well right of centre. I don't want to get the chokes eased out as I like the choking for trap so would have to be multichoked but it's just too tight for game especially. I'm not a Winchester collector so just wondered from that point of view is it going to hurt its value or should leave well alone and move it on and buy another XT?
  13. farmer7

    Aya gun

    It's not stamped on the gun, if it's a boxlock ejector it's most likely a No.4. Need a pic to see!
  14. farmer7

    Loose action pin on Miroku MK70

    That pin is the cocking lever pin - on my Browning it had a set screw to hold it tight. You could only see it after removing the stock. On the left side if I remember correctly. (Not sure if the MK70 is the same setup but assume so.)
  15. Do you make a 10 round for the P94? I have a Sako one but it's less than reliable.