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  1. I've had my Peltor Tactical XP's for 7-8 years - worn in many a downpour, most recently on Saturday and yet to have an issue.
  2. Will do. Should be here Tue/Wed next week hopefully.
  3. Thanks OB, I'm not sure if I saw that one - I was looking at one a bit more expensive which looked very nice. However I was questioning myself and thinking why am I thinking of buying a 20! I've got choices as it is between heavy/light O/U's, several side by sides and several autos. I was just fancying a new toy! Cartridge choice for 20 bores is limited where I live and are significantly more expensive so I've just bought a poor man's P gun instead! (Read that as a Yildiz Pro!) Call me mad but I've been curious about them for a while so I bought a lightly used one on GT - just waiting fo
  4. Is yours a field version? Does it take the same microcore pads as other Berettas. I have a couple of different sized ones from my 692 sporter. Thanks for that. I think on looks/style I'm leaning towards the CG but again difficult to ignore the Beretta! I'm limiting myself by price really, not many 32" 20 bores around at the £1000-£1100 mark. I would buy a 32" if it was an option but haven't seen any. Yeah just heading there! Thanks.
  5. I'm looking at buying a 20bore game gun, just for a bit of fun on the farm really. Two options I have narrowed down to are a Caesar Guerini Woodcock 20 bore 30" barrel which I haven't handled as I don't live anywhere near but would be prepared to take a punt on. Its a 2008 gun but only bought new a couple of months ago for someone's wife who is not interested. Its fired 20-30 shots apparently. Cased, multichoke, colour hardened, semi-pistol grip, wooden heel-plate, plain-ish wood for a CG but not bad. Weight is around 6lbs 9oz. I checked the serial no with Anglo Italian and its not steel
  6. As above, I sold one about 20 years ago which I used to use for work. Wouldn't mind another just to have in the truck if anyone knows of one. Must be 3 shot. Thanks.
  7. That's some cheap cartridges!!!👍
  8. Looking for a Tikka Super Varmint stock for a wee project. Must be T3X version.
  9. It's the only one of that lot most folks would want to pay anything for I would think!
  10. Does anyone know anything about Hot Shot traps? I'd never heard of them until I came across them on Google. I was looking to buy a new Promatic Superhawk with a wobble base but going to be over £2000. Theirs are more favourably priced and use the same EMD motor as Promatic and made in Lincoln not Chinese. I'd be grateful if anyone had any info - good or bad. I don't want to end up with junk nor have a parts supply issue down the road! Many thanks.
  11. As above looking for a Promatic Superhawk or similar quality clay pigeon trap.
  12. I would imagine it would be black walnut. I personally would rather live with a real walnut stock even if it was a bit plain than have an artificial finish put on. Surely in time with wear or damage it's not going to be so easy to put right?
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