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  1. Do you make a 10 round for the P94? I have a Sako one but it's less than reliable.
  2. farmer7

    Rifle chronograph

    From my experience this certainly didn't apply to my F1. I bought the F1 probably 11-12 years ago and replaced it with a Magnetospeed about 4 years ago and on testing them both at the same time - i.e. Magnetospeed attached to barrel and F1 about 14 feet downrange between all readings there was literally next to nothing in it, just 1-10 fps in it or so with some readings being identical. The F1 tended to read a touch slower which could be accounted for it being 14 feet away rather than muzzle mounted.
  3. As above looking to get hold of a used one. As they've been around for a while now just wondered how people like them and how they've held up? I have other guns but nothing with a high adjustable rib and have always fancied trying one. There seems to be a few used ones around for sensible money so figured if I didn't like it I wouldn't lose out too badly If I sold it on.
  4. farmer7


    I bought a new Tikka threaded 18x1 which would accept one mod but another brand would only go on about half way. Jackson Rifles very kindly at no charge sent me one of their own dies to borrow as I couldn't source one locally to chase the threads. It only needed a minute bit of material removed and fitted perfectly after.
  5. farmer7

    Remington Competition 12 gauge

    Cant seem to attach the other pictures but there's another couple on Gunwatch or can send more if required.
  6. farmer7

    Side by Side Club

    AYA Best Quality boxlock in the unsold lots at Holts last sale if anyone is looking. Bit different to the one in the link above, possibly older?? https://auctions.holtsauctioneers.com/asp/fullCatalogue.asp?salelot=XA0618++1710+&refno=++126470&saletype=
  7. farmer7

    Benelli choke

    Benellis have or certainly tended to have tighter bores than a lot of other modern sporting guns. Your choke gauge is probably based on a .729 bore. Whereas your Benelli may have a bore size of .724.
  8. farmer7

    Winchester Grand European

    I'm going to keep it. I gave it a good clean tonight, had the ejectors out and such like and it seems to be beautifully built. Just about all the parts are numbered with the serial number, even the ejectors. And bits inside you only see when it's apart are engine turned. Real attention to detail. No case unfortunately! Thanks for the info though. It feels like a classic!
  9. farmer7

    Winchester Grand European

    Thanks for that, look forward to any info. I wasn't intending on doing any modifications, I just fancy another trap gun after selling my XT a few years back.
  10. farmer7

    Winchester Grand European

    Any opinions on the above? Since selling my Browning XT I've been mourning it's loss and want another trap gun. I have this on trial just now and just wondered what people in the know thought of them. It doesn't appear to have done very much, I read Winchesters tend to loosen up quickly but this is still tight with the top lever still sitting well right of centre and certainly doesn't fall open. It's nicely engraved too. It's a fixed choke 3/4 and full and patterns beautifully! Where did the Grand European sit in the range? Not keen on the varnished stock but that could be stripped and oiled. Finally what would be a sensible price to offer for it?
  11. farmer7

    Cheap 20g OU

    PM sent
  12. farmer7

    Fabarms Semi Autos good/ bad

    I have had most of the mainstream semi autos but had never had a Fabarm until recently. I took a punt on the new L4S and I absolutely cannot fault it. It is light, soft shooting and hasn't a single malfunction to date despite only having cleaned the piston once in the past 6 months or so. It's a 3" and it'll reliably cycle 21g clay cartridges too with no adjustment, granted I've only fired a few 21g as I use 28's mostly but did use a few 3" which it tamed very nicely too and did a number on some high crows! It has a decent bit of wood too and a superb trigger pull. Can't fault it. I put a wee review on it here back in Feb if you want to see the pics.
  13. farmer7

    Benelli M2 Essential

    I bought Fabarm L4S not long ago, definitely worthy of consideration in my opinion. Light, pointy and very soft shooting and not a jam to date and came with a nice bit of wood too!
  14. farmer7

    Side by Side Club

    Thanks very much for the info.
  15. farmer7

    Side by Side Club

    Can anyone tell me anything about the AYA 722? Can' find much about it online. It appears to be a single trigger with pistol grip and raised rib. Are the single triggers reliable? Where did it fit in the range? I assume they're no longer made? Thanks for any info.