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    pigeon shooting, clay shooting, duck shooting, we have got a shore now in lough neagh, i have a browning medalist 12 bore bettinsoli silverline 20 bore and a rizzini 12 bore
  1. For the simple reason the Police at the scene told me on the qt after talkin to other driver that he was saying how sore his neck and back where.
  2. According to his claims handler there's not much in it but that's the rules. I have saw cars lowered round here and to me this wasn't but I doubt I was wrong.personal injury claim, another joke he hit the other chaps tow-bar and not a scratch on his car.Theres no way if I thought car had been modified I would not of made him inform insurance cause I know what there like, and to be honest how does a car not being lowered stop you driving into back of another car different if it was a factor in accident.
  3. Hi folks bit of advice please, young lad got his first car paid silly money for insurance and unfortunatlly had a crash.Everyone ok thank God but insurance say not standing over it cause car lowered.Now being 100% honest neither him nor me had any idea that it was, I know nothing about cars. So what can I do if anything as much help as you all can give will be appreciated.
  4. As I said before had Ryobi **** saw but put a Sthil blade on 100% better.
  5. I've had to walk out of places a few times because of mine screaming and running about mad,, but thank god the wife has promised she won't do it again. 😜😙
  6. Big Marty

    Dead Cattle

    sorry sorry Yeap TWO not TO. apologies.
  7. Big Marty

    Dead Cattle

    Was out for a shot this morning on the Lough Shore, ( Lough Neagh ). When I was heading back to the van I came across two of his herd lying dead in an ole swamp type place. Contacted the farmer and I know this sounds silly but had this feeling on me that they were going to think I had shot them. Nobody even suggested that just me being paranoid. Have any of you ever had to report dead livestock to the farmer ?
  8. Have made a lot of seats for people, bit of round bar up to you what size. Put a point on it and weld on a square foot plate. Top end skim the bar down to allow for bit of steel tube to slip on, about 10" down weld on a big nut so that the tube has something to rest on. So take your 10" bit of steel tube and weld on a square plate about 3"x3" should do, bore three holes in it and cut a circular piece of ply and bolt it to your plate. Now you have a seat that will swivel right round. Sounds a lot of work but it's not, pity I don't know how to put pics up I could show you. see below lol good strong job for life. see below lol good strong job for life.
  9. Thank chaps,he has made app: to see GP, and well take it from there. Thank again everyone.
  10. Hi folks my oldest lad is wanting to apply for his FAC, problem is last year he had a bit of trouble with depression and got treatment for it. He also went to see a councilor, do use think this would be enough to stop him from geting his permit ? All thoughts on this welcome.....
  11. I had 2 pet Magpies for a while,very well behaved. In saying that I had shot them both before bringing them home.
  12. Thank chaps use have really helped honest.
  13. Thank lads, I know I won't give it up. I think the next few outings I will go alone and take the pressure of trying to keep up off. I just was so annoyed with myself , some of my misses I could of threw the shell at them and got a kill. Started to think right who took the shot out of my carts: and as I said the more I missed the harder I tried and Yeap the more I missed. Are golf clubs expensive lol. 😥😥
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