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  1. The topic is fine but the workman ship is awful.
  2. That's awful.. That would stop me from ever getting a tattoo. Nothing at all good about that.
  3. Yes a pretty woman and nice ink doesn't spoil her either.
  4. washerboy

    Irish passport

    Wonder if I would get one, had interviews for the prison services. Home office said no on both occasions at the final hurdle, test and interview passed etc. Still think my Irish dad was a naughty boy back in his youth.
  5. It makes you human, with a brain to contemplate what you like and dislike.
  6. If not one person was ever killed by a gun on the streets of this country I would gladly give up my rights to own and use a shotgun.
  7. Covid has put a stop to body pat downs etc 😞. Tragic 😞😞
  8. I've sold a few good air rifles in the past because I had bills to pay and it was the only way to get quick money 😞😞
  9. You get a break, I had one after 2 hrs for lunch then back at it then had another pee break because I drink loads of water when I have a tattoo done. I have an upper back tattoo and I didn't drink anything that time and I felt awful. Got the sweats. Never again. You need to drink, eat and don't sit in the chair on an empty stomach.
  10. Back of the same arm being done next month
  11. My last took 6 hours, next one will be similar time.
  12. £80 an hour is what I get charged, good ones are 80-100 an hour
  13. Just been issued with our new updated works handbook. Number two reason for bullying in the work place is marriage 😁.. "Oh you.. Your married you are" "you've got a dependent" Just made us question who the hell thought up this handbook
  14. Most tattoo artists will not put numbing cream on before they start as it wares off and you will tap out, most use it during harder parts if they think you need it.
  15. I love em, so not talking you out.. What I will say is the Internet is your best friend for find good artists. I follow loads, please don't rush into it and get any old ****. Find your own design and let them bounce ideas about. I'm booked in 29th October for another arm piece.
  16. In a spring gun. 22 seems easier to shoot accurately. Not sure why but I bought a hw95 in. 177 and instantly regretted it, took me an age to get good with it.
  17. Cheap low punching cartridges like Hull x comp would be my first choice. If your gun isn't a semi auto then try the 21g cartridges. Most of all relax and enjoy
  18. Can't abide folks that can't control a dog while it's off the lead. OK it helps that my bitch is half border collie but bring them up right, teach them manners and it's all good.
  19. washerboy


    Not him having a fag 🤔🤔😁😁
  20. Two dogs here nearly as old as I am, so a trip to the vets in the car no problem.
  21. Loved my focus, not sure I would have another tdi. Mine was scrap at 52k. Turbo management. £1200 fix
  22. Funny thing is when Coursing clubs were allowed to run greyhounds or lurchers legally this type of thing wasn't as common as fields where keepered. I know loads of shooting lads that voted to get fields sports banned, because they hated hunting dog lads. Same with fishermen, ban it all... Except fishing of course.
  23. I'm 50 soon and bald so not sure if I would look like one 😂
  24. Or blank the egr valve off 😁.. Remap
  25. Just need my 6 numbers up.. Second thing bought after the wife a bungalow.
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