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  1. We had three settings, two tone,Yelp and wail. I think the idea was you changed the siren from one to the other when approaching a junction. Or as sometimes in my case I’d change between all three and try a play a tune.
  2. We only got paid to sleep between 00:00 to 06:40. I don’t know how we coped lol
  3. JimLondon


    As a firefighter we used a lot of the knots mentioned, one of my favourites was the chair knot. When I first went to station the senior hand laid a line on the floor and when he picked it up it was a running bowline. I still don’t know how he done it.
  4. Edit your subject heading and delete “ about their age”
  5. i once used mine to shepherd some escaped sheep into a corner. Then helped the farmer to get them back to where they should be and repair the fence.
  6. JimLondon

    Modern life.

    Most of the above. Driving standards- here in London it’s atrocious. 2nd referendum- I was a remainer, but would definitely vote leave purely to uphold the original vote. female eyebrows- what the hell is going on there? They look weird!! victims having less rights than the perpetrators- why? prison sentences- life should mean life. british airways- they scammed me out of £198, and are now ignoring my emails. (Ok it’s a personal one but it “kin” annoys me) vegetarians- if we stopped eating meat, where would we put all the animals we’ve stopped killing? And how would we feed them? Respect- it’s not a given, you have to earn it, you don’t get it just for being a woman/ethnic minority/pleb/or young. the above is in no particular order they are just some of the things that annoy me at the moment, I’m sure the list will get bigger as I get older and grumpier.
  7. My reading was that shooting was allowed, just not at a time or manner to annoy anyone.
  8. Get and app called SkyView it’s really good if you’re into that sort of thing
  9. Take the nettle muncher out of the equation, would you be so harsh if your sister ( or any other family member) were a vegan?
  10. That would be the usual habitat, but also like a big log
  11. Anyone got any idea what plant this is
  12. JimLondon

    ENGLAND !!

    Great result, come on England!!!
  13. I’m going to go for hazel
  14. last time I was at the front of the class, it was to explain why it’s not cool to lift Tina Russell’s skirt up in front of the rest of the class..
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