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    Motorcycles,rc models,shooting and other stuff I can't really say. Still don't know what I'm going to do when I grow up.

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  1. Watch repair heads up

  2. Yamaha rd350 ypvs hybrid

    The Cult Of Elsie still lives on.....great bikes.
  3. Eley Paper `fowlers

    I went into a gunshop last year, just on the way out of Loughborough. A sign outside advertising Eley Cartridges. When I asked what Eleys they had in stock, “we don’t sell Eleys” he replied. Then, I pointed to a box of old Alphamax as above. “What about those? “ I said. “Oh, those aren’t for sale”......
  4. HMR Speed Test 15” Barrel

    I did write them down Phil, and the federals were by far the most consistent. Only varied by a few fps which surprised me. The others varied by about 20-30 fps either side the average. I know that they all give me acceptably good accuracy, with the 20 grain Hornady’s the best. However, I haven’t tested the accuracy of the A17’s yet.
  5. I was interested in finding out if the cci A17’s do actually achieve 100fps more speed than other 17grain hmr ammo. My rifle has a short 15 inch barrel, so I know to expect slightly lower muzzle velocities than a longer barrel would achieve. I had six different bullets to compare, velocity only, not accuracy in this comparison. Anyway, here are the results...average velocities taken from five shots of each type. Winchester Varmint HV 2471 Reminton Premier 2513 Hornady XTP 20grain 2301 CCI TNT 2466 Federal Premium 2529 CCI A17 2571 The cci A17 were actually exactly 100fps faster on average, than the Winchesters.
  6. Pump Club

    They won’t remove the crimp, just change the tube.
  7. Beretta Model 300 Hushpower 12 gauge

    Looks like a good tool...
  8. Anyone using a .25 spring powered rifle

    The .25 is good for ferals, we cleared hundreds from factories back in the early nineties. I used my .25 supersport and it was just the job for that. The Hatsan striker .25 that I have now isn’t pellet fussy like the supersport was. The 31 grain rws superdomes are slow but incredibly hard hitting from a 12 ft lb air rifle. The penetration of these relatively slow moving pellets is astonishing.
  9. Anyone using a .25 spring powered rifle

    What model is it? I’ve been considering a bsa ultra .25, I’ve got a Hatsan striker .25 which seems better all round than my old supersport .25 that I had in the early nineties. The supersport was sweet to shoot, but the bore was so tight that it only worked well with milbro rhinos. Having said that, I used it to shoot large numbers of rabbits around some industrial units at night time. Ranges were mostly less than thirty yards though, and the fat .25’s put them down well enough.
  10. Anyone using a .25 spring powered rifle

    I also had a supersport and it only worked well with rhinos. I’ve got a haststand striker .25 that shoots any .25 pellets I’ve tried in it. The rws Superdome in .25 hit hard, but they drop at range. I normally use marksman in it though. Shot a few rats, squirrels and one or two rabbits with it.
  11. Hushpower update.

    Have you considered a red dot sight? Rails for the Mossberg are on fleabay for a few quid? Also, I’m using eley hi flyer. In 20 gauge they’re subsonic, just, and the hushpower barrel will bring the speed down a bit more as well. Just a thought....
  12. "im mainly......"

    Hurray, you only upset me by not being on the forum....glad you’re back. Excellent.....
  13. Anschutz 5 round mags. 1417

    5 and 10 for the 1417. 4 round is 1517 hmr
  14. New .17 HMR round coming soon

    No problem, I’ll put a few over the chrono as well, although my barrel is only 15”. Most 17 grain bullets run at about 2470-2500 in my 15” barrel so it will be interesting to see how much faster the A17’s are.
  15. A little walk with the A5 16g

    Cracking auto, good shooting Jim.