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    Motorcycles,rc models,shooting and other stuff I can't really say. Still don't know what I'm going to do when I grow up.

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  1. Another good sized one next to my size eleven....
  2. Well, everybody’s different. I got rid of my single barrel .410 as I found it terrible with the mod on and not much use to me without it. The anschutz is a bolt action so more suited to an add on mod than a lightweight single folder. Regarding quietness, I was referring to the hushpower single barrel folding.410’s with the ported barrel and full length mod, which are really quiet with the right cartridges.
  3. I’ve got gen2 and reversed over them accidentally, didn’t break so they must be fairly tough. I don’t find them springy and I use them in my pop up hide. Don’t know about gen3.
  4. They work ok, the new ones have an adjustable collar I believe. I had one on a lightweight single .410 and it ruined the balance and handling of the gun with a tendency to shoot low. The full length hushpowers with ported barrels handle better and are quieter.
  5. Thanks, I’ll look out for them😁👍
  6. Have you got a different cylinder on that bsa fella?
  7. Out of interest, which .22 pellets do you find work best in your old bsa’s? I’m nearly out of the old eley wasps and most of the current pellets are either loose fitting or just poor quality. I’ve read about h&n ftt’s in 5.54mm but haven’t come across any yet. I also read that Remington tyrant shock are very tight in Weihrauch barrels so they might be worth a try in the old brits?
  8. If only there were two, I’d have them both.........😉
  9. As above, hmr is a rimfire, and I would only head shoot foxes with it. Not a reliable fox round at more than 100 yards in my opinion. Edit to say, I would more likely agree with walker570 and say 75 yards would be more suitable and 100 maximum. If I was after foxes in those situations I’d use my .22 hornet which is much more suitable and no noisier than hmr.
  10. I’ve got both and both are good work horses. The benelli is more refined and better finished and feels more solid.
  11. Rimfireboy


    Nothing wrong with that. I’ve shot more squirrels with rimfires than anything else. Hmr is mustard on squirrels out in the open, best tool for the job in some areas/situations.
  12. Rimfireboy


    Agreed, they’re really tough animals. I often prefer a rimfire to shoot them on the ground.
  13. Might try some for my old British .22’s, they’ll probably be a good fit in those.
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