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  1. Yerr, that’ll be it....😂
  2. My A400 xtreme cycles 24 gram two inch eleys no problem. I think they need breaking in first though, as said.
  3. Can’t get fob around here, local says they aren’t worth stocking because of the cost and not many people buy them.
  4. Yerr, I use one on .22rf, .17hmr and .22 hornet. It does catch some ****.
  5. Quite a few about at the moment. And another today...
  6. A few from a small wood this autumn.
  7. Eley hi flyer fibre wad are subsonic (just) the hi flyer plastic wad aren’t. I’ve been using the hi flyer fibres in mine, also hull subsonic twenty, only available in 7 1/2 though but quiet.
  8. The hw mods work surprisingly well when you consider what’s inside them. Three paper thin washers, a plastic hair roller type thing and a bit of wadding. Cheap internals for what they charge. I’ve tried various rimfire mods that sound about the same, but are shorter, better made and cheaper. I use an a-tec on my hw100 just because it’s shorter. Nothing wrong with the hw mods, it’s just my opinion that you can get better build quality for less money.
  9. I have a 12 litre 300 bar bottle. It lasts ages, even with an fac air rifle running at 40ft lbs. costs £4:00 for a fill and 20 minutes drive each way so I’m ok with that. I have four pcp’s and the 12 litre bottle copes easily with keeping them in air for vermin shooting and a bit of plinking and target practice.
  10. I’ve got a mk2 impact .22 fac and it’s brilliant, would be good in .25 as well...
  11. That’s probably where to start, clean the barrel and try again, the smooth twist x barrels are usually really accurate.
  12. I’ve chrono’d lots of carts through hushpower fourten. The eley fourlongs may be listed 1300fps, but they aren’t through a hushpower ported barrel. Both the 2” and 3” eleys are a lot faster than the 2.5’’ hence the 2.5” fourlongs being so quiet. I don’t have the fourten hushpower now though, just a sbs and I only tend to use 3” carts in that.
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