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    Motorcycles,rc models,shooting and other stuff I can't really say. Still don't know what I'm going to do when I grow up.

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  1. They’re nothing new, I had some in the eighties. Tried them in my Webley Vulcan and the plastic part snapped off on impact and the metal head sunk so deep into wood that I couldn’t see them. They might have worked better in a much less powerful air gun?
  2. Don’t mince your words vm😂😂😂😂😂. As you say, more money than decent.22 rimfire ammo. How does that add up🤔
  3. Couldn’t agree more vm👍
  4. There’s a big difference between effective range and maximum range.
  5. Nice, where’s the stetson? 🤠👍
  6. Is that why you’re banned from the pet shop Mark😂
  7. I’ve only just started on the squirrels this year, due to lockdown mainly. A fair few about, but mostly seem to be young skinny ones.
  8. Got to keep the range sensible 😉
  9. Marksman pellets are still available new. My local hardware store sells them, £1:37 for 200 .177’s 🤩.
  10. Rimfireboy


    Looks interesting.👍
  11. Hi walshie,

    I can’t seem to get onto hunting life and wondered if there’s something wrong with the the forum, or if it’s a fault at my end?

    Regards, jim

  12. I’ve got some in #2 shot and BB, and #3 l think. I don’t use them in my sxs but they work well in my auto. Also I’ve got some in 3” and 3:1/2” inc #00’s as well. ouch😬
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