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    Motorcycles,rc models,shooting and other stuff I can't really say. Still don't know what I'm going to do when I grow up.

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  1. Its memories like that you will always think fondly of. Makes life worth living 👍, brilliant.
  2. Rimfireboy

    22 pellets

    The seriously bad wasps are accurate in my hw99, it likes them better than jsb express.
  3. Don’t fall foul of the GL by shooting them for food. Packham and his pals will have your pants down😁
  4. Wentworth Sporting Supplies, Arnold, Notts , £12:50 box for hornady.
  5. They are separate slots for rifles and mods. Certificate doesn’t say .17 rifle conditioned for moderator. It’s just a rifle. If you also have a moderator on your ticket your ok.
  6. The barrel on these is only 15” long and has no choke, but as the moderator can’t be removed they are still section 2. The effective range on squirrels is only about 20 yards. They are handy tools a close range though. I’ve had three hushpower/moderated .410’s, two of them had no choke and although they seem to kill rabbits, they’ve lacked the pattern/hitting power to stop squirrels effectively at any distance. I now use a 20 gauge hushpower which is in a different performance league, and not much louder than the .410’s depending on cartridges.
  7. Both the cz and the tikka will be good. I’ve shot the tikka in both .17 and .22 and they were nice to shoot and accurate. I haven’t had a shot with a 457, although I don’t like the look of the royal, but I do like the look of the mtr. Ive had a 452 in .17hmr for about ten years and it works well enough for me. I don’t think you’ll go far wrong with either, I prefer Anschutz and the original Sako Finnfire.
  8. Is it actually engaging gears? It could be worn gear linkage or splines, or a bent or worn gear selector.
  9. Good shooting bumpy, great result. Nice little falcon as well👍
  10. Yes 1/6 scale, just right for me😁
  11. They did indeed, as school kids, one of my pals was shot with salt for trespassing. Hit on the legs as he was running away.
  12. A bit late for this thread, but I found velocitors to work ok, although the rws high velocity.22’s have been spot on for me. Many people dismiss all the hv .22’s as inaccurate but if you find one that suits your barrel they are accurate. I just think that people don’t persevere with them. They have the advantage of a flatter trajectory and they definitely hit harder than subs. I’ve also found that rabbits sometimes take less notice of the crack of the hv’s than the impact of subs.
  13. I killed a weasel with one shot from a 14 inch rifle barrel. They don’t shoot a hollow circular pattern through a rifled barrel, just a carp pattern like they shoot from a smooth bore. Very short range, maybe six feet. 9mm garden gun is much better, especially with rws #10 shot. Comparing the two is like comparing a .410 and a 10 gauge. Not in the same league at all.
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