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    Motorcycles,rc models,shooting and other stuff I can't really say. Still don't know what I'm going to do when I grow up.

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  1. I’ve only just started on the squirrels this year, due to lockdown mainly. A fair few about, but mostly seem to be young skinny ones.
  2. Marksman pellets are still available new. My local hardware store sells them, £1:37 for 200 .177’s 🤩.
  3. Rimfireboy


    Looks interesting.👍
  4. Hi walshie,

    I can’t seem to get onto hunting life and wondered if there’s something wrong with the the forum, or if it’s a fault at my end?

    Regards, jim

    1. I’ve got some in #2 shot and BB, and #3 l think. I don’t use them in my sxs but they work well in my auto. Also I’ve got some in 3” and 3:1/2” inc #00’s as well. ouch😬
    2. Is that legal ?😂
    3. Layers pellets, they’re carp for energy retention and accuracy leaves something to be desired 😁
    4. I like the wildcat, just missing an external power adjuster imo. I’ll have a look into the new ones though, wasn’t aware of them. Thanks👍
    5. Good stuff, thanks for the information and the offer Nigel. I’d read about problems with the impact when they first came out. Hopefully I’ll be ok with the latest model crown or impact, whichever I go for👍
    6. Yep, when this lockdown is eased, I’ll be out to try both crown and impact. It will be one of these as I’ve narrowed it down through research already. I wasn’t aware that the new crowns had the power plenum though. Thanks for the information Nigel 👍
    7. Interesting figures Nigel, I’ve got a couple of free slots, one for fac air. I’m looking at the crown and the new impact with power plenum. How does the crown compare with the Daystate in your opinion?
    8. What’s the barrel length on the crown Nigel? What ft lbs is it?
    9. Different objects may fall at different speeds, but taking air resistance into consideration and depending on the shape and size of the falling object, this would be on average 49 mtrs/second .A smaller heavier object may fall faster than a larger and lighter object of course. This may be explained in more detail by looking into equations of a falling body, further information on this subject is available on the internet.
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