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    Motorcycles,rc models,shooting and other stuff I can't really say. Still don't know what I'm going to do when I grow up.

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  1. Recommendations for a new 17HMR

    I’ve got a 452, the nickel one. It was 22” when I bought it, now 15”. Best thing I did and only lost 70fps at the muzzle and no loss of accuracy. I’ve looked at the 455’s, but I wouldn’t swap my 452 for one, they seem more built to a budget to me.
  2. BSA BSA .22

    Good luck......
  3. puch maxi tuning,anyone done it.

    Saw lots of youths with modded ones in France. Not seen any over here though. Would be good to see some pics when it’s done. Great stufff Albert.
  4. Disappearing Dead Rats

    I shot three under a feeder the other week. Returned with my gloves a while later, to find two of them gone and the other moved about two yards from where it lay dead before. I think other rats were dragging them away for a meal.
  5. .17 Mach 2

    .17 short
  6. Webley Tempest springs?

    I bought my tempest in 1979 when they came out. Still got the box with price label, £27:50.
  7. Webley Tempest springs?

    I don’t thing the springs are calibre specific. Both .22 & .177 tempests produce around 3:1/2 ft lbs energy on average. I have an early senior .22 that is slightly more powerful than that, with original eley wasps it’s at 400 fps.
  8. Belas

    Don Lowndes started Daystate at his farm in Fenny Bentley. Started making tranquilizer Guns
  9. .177 or .22?

    FX cyclone .22 FAC has three power settings @ 12,18 &26 ft lbs. might be worth considering?
  10. sako finnfire

    Nice looking rifle benj
  11. .22 shotgun cartridges

    Never seen one either.
  12. .17 Mach 2

    Must be the weather....
  13. .22 shotgun cartridges

    No1 is 6mm/.22 flobert No2 is 7mm flobert No3 is 9mm flobert
  14. 12g subsonic steel loads

    I wouldn’t expect them to be very effective.
  15. .22 shotgun cartridges

    The cci ones are daft money, but Winchester crimped .22 shot shells are about the same price as other .22 ammo if I remember right. On the few occasions that I’ve bought any I’ve found them easily enough. If you want to shoot much further than three yards, I wouldn’t bother. I bought 100 Winchester super X .22 shot shells about five years ago. Still got about 90 of them. 9mm garden gun Flobert are much much better.