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    Motorcycles,rc models,shooting and other stuff I can't really say. Still don't know what I'm going to do when I grow up.

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  1. Rimfireboy

    New HW100BP Bullpup

  2. Rimfireboy


  3. Rimfireboy

    Couple of lure caught chub

    Well done young man👍
  4. Rimfireboy

    blacks with hushpower

    Have you tried eley hi-flyer fibre wad 20? They’re subsonic 28 gram. I use them in my Mossberg hushpower, quiet and effective.
  5. Rimfireboy

    Out with the my lad

    Well done. I’m not sure if my youngest is quite ready yet.
  6. Good shooting Neil. Is that with fac air?
  7. Rimfireboy


    Well done Pete. Shame about your wife’s pussy, still it looks like you’re getting enough night time sport in other ways fella.
  8. As Stu says, they’re very good if your gun likes them. My anschutz however, spits them all over the place, but I know that they do work well when they connect.
  9. Rimfireboy

    that old bike project

    I remember the G5s, CJ’s and CB360’s. Still got a good few bikes from that era. Mostly Suzuki’s though.
  10. Rimfireboy

    More 410'ing

    That’s a handy tool Sterling. I could find use for one myself.
  11. Rimfireboy

    410 cartridge for hushpower

    Sorry, didn’t intend to upset anyone.
  12. Rimfireboy

    that old bike project

    Nice to see the older bikes about. Thanks for that.
  13. Rimfireboy

    410 cartridge for hushpower

    I agree. The fourlongs are very quiet, but don’t have much range.
  14. Rimfireboy

    new zealand

    Good shooting Bill