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    Shooting, Fly fishing (trout and sea trout), fly dressing, gardening, rugby union and cooking.
  1. Hi, Myself and a fellow GWA club member are up in the Bay on the foreshore 14th and 15th October but travelling home 16th. Looking for an inland flight on pinks for morning flight for something different then to head back South. Can anyone recommend anyone that might be able to help? Happy to pay, make charitable contribution or reciprocate on GWA lands or similar Thanks, Jon
  2. Ordered a Jack Pyke Maxi decoy bag... order now in dispute with credit card company, fingers crossed I'll get my money back
  3. They've gone bust apparently - taken my £50 with 'em too.
  4. Find out where they're roosting and, ideally, feeding then put yourself on the flightline. Decoys depend on your scenerio - don't know if you're inland or on the foreshore or shooting splashes etc? Calls - greylag hammer or get a UK made one from Eddie Nixon at Solway Calls
  5. Hi, I placed an order with these guys on 22nd Dec and they're not answering phone/email etc - does anyone know if they're still trading? Thanks, Jon
  6. Guys, LACS are going to win a grand against more worthy charities - RBL is in second place. Take a second to click on this (facebook) link and vote to stop the loonies getting a grand! If you have a second share it and spread the word - deadline is tomorrow night! https://www.facebook.com/SitecoreUK/app_1382211882028641 Thanks Jon
  7. Alphamax were indeed made in Bismuth - used to be my go-to load before I got a steel proofed browning....
  8. Dear fellow 'Fowlers, It looks like my photo of a mixed bag of duck might have made the Browning competition shortlist... any support you have a moment to show would be appreciated. If you'd like to see the UK represented in the 2014 Browning catalogue just click on the link below and <like> on the official page! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=662330410455957&set=a.662330337122631.1073741830.432959043393096&type=3&theater With thanks Jon
  9. Hi, If anyone has a pair of canada goose floaters kicking about spare - any make, just reasonable condition - would you get in touch? Thanks, Jon
  10. Hi, If anyone has a couple of floating canada goose decoys going spare - any brand - just reasonable condition please get in touch. Thanks, Jon
  11. Hi, Maybe you've got one of these unused and unloved in your cupboards somewhere... I'm after one of the older patterned Swannies - olive/tan check, black watch, green/brown check in good condition and in XL. Will pay according to condition... Thanks, Jon
  12. For sale (over 18's only) Brand new Helle "Temagami" in Helle's famous triple laminated stainless steel. 3/4 tang with lanyard hole, lovely curly birch handle and ambidextrous leather sheath - bushcraft model designed by "Survivor Man" Les Stroud. Weighty and stunning piece of kit Now £90 plus about a fiver postage (usually £125/£130+)
  13. *bump* £100 ono now - pm if interested or I'll flog it full price on a bushcraft site J
  14. For sale (to over 18's only) Brand new Helle Temagami in Helle's famous triple laminated stainless steel. 3/4 tang with lanyard hole, curly birch handle and ambidextrous leather sheath - top of the range bushcraft model designed by "Survivor Man" Les Stroud. Weighty and stunning piece of kit only made in a batch last week. £110 ono (normally £125/£130+) via Paypal after ID confirmed.
  15. <BUMP> Any luck here? I have exactly the same question - both loads are equal and have same speed (1550 fps). Both have sealed crimps and primers - almost negating the benefit of zinc plated steel shot. So... Is there any benefit to paying up to an extra tenner a box for the Nitro Steel? Opinions rapidly wanted! Cheers, Jon
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