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    shooting pigeons allotment

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  1. woody walloper

    New Project,shooting boxes.Day 4.

    get patented walker will copy it.
  2. woody walloper

    Confused from Birmingham

    cut one or two open id the powder and wad, you have got the case and the steel.
  3. woody walloper

    16 bore cartridges

  4. woody walloper

    16 bore cartridges

    150 eley grand prix six shot. 350 eley grandprix 7shot. 70 various all 16 bore.£120.00 the lot. located in the midlands.
  5. woody walloper

    Recipe suggestions

    golden plover.
  6. woody walloper

    Treat me gently....

    ditchy you have made me late for work .reading this thread .
  7. woody walloper

    A long long long walk, but a good reward.

    which weapon did you use.
  8. woody walloper

    old favorites of cartridges

    victory rockets.
  9. woody walloper

    any caravaners out there

    that looks full time.
  10. woody walloper

    any caravaners out there

    a fish with a y on the end.
  11. woody walloper

    any caravaners out there

    p.t.p. part time *****
  12. woody walloper

    Roy Hodgson - England Football Team Merged Threads

    just wasted 1.5 hours of my life , never again .
  13. woody walloper

    Out and up

    oil has come down.
  14. woody walloper

    Alopecurus myosuroides

    put the field down to grass then you can spray it out.
  15. woody walloper

    Silent Shooting X 3

    managed a woody.