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  1. Glad to hear all went well .I learnt to link by watching a youtube vid a couple of times,picked it up surprisingly easy.
  2. Saw the heading, thought it was going to be about house work.
  3. she may not of finished laying yet,she will only start sitting when she has layed all her eggs.
  4. Going to put more up for next year. got loads of timber about.
  5. what birds have you got in your nest boxes.we have got great tits this year , makes a change from blue tits.
  6. pm me a phonenumber i can probably sort you out
  7. inland on the river thames at streatly.
  8. i put a pie on top of it for a hour, nice hot pie when night fishing.
  9. cut one or two open id the powder and wad, you have got the case and the steel.
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