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    shooting pigeons allotment
  1. Treat me gently....

    ditchy you have made me late for work .reading this thread .
  2. A long long long walk, but a good reward.

    which weapon did you use.
  3. old favorites of cartridges

    victory rockets.
  4. any caravaners out there

    that looks full time.
  5. any caravaners out there

    a fish with a y on the end.
  6. any caravaners out there

    p.t.p. part time *****
  7. Roy Hodgson - England Football Team Merged Threads

    just wasted 1.5 hours of my life , never again .
  8. Out and up

    oil has come down.
  9. Alopecurus myosuroides

    put the field down to grass then you can spray it out.
  10. Silent Shooting X 3

    managed a woody.
  11. Calling "Forward!" when birds are flushed

    more for beaters day.
  12. Barley

    done my rounds yesterday saw five tractors ploughing.. between the midlands and newbury.
  13. Hand engraved shotgun

    done a bit on mine . use barbed wire normally.
  14. Tilley Storm lamp

    used to warm pies up on the top when night fishing .
  15. Midlands flooding

    must be bad pc only out on friday.