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  1. Hi I have a brand new in bag genuine Harris 9"-13" swivel bipod with the smooth legs £90 posted Can get me on my email for pictures etc barryw259@hotmail.com
  2. Hi Montrose basin can be shot without a dog easy as long you get the geese down fast no gliders etc. There ore bits that you need a dog but on bits of the basin it's just mud flats with shingle beds that I I used to sit on. I always worked off the North end or wigeon hide & you need to walk 400m-1000m out for the geese so low tide only & dog not really requiered. I'm ok for dogs as make up for those without with my 10 off crew
  3. Hi I will pm you my number I know st Cyrus very well I'm from Montrose & used to fish off tangnlha for give spelling on that. It's a small world I bet know you or some of your syndicated members then. I am your man I have a good friend who is a fair lad in the terrier side of things so basically you won't see better terriers for work wise cheers.
  4. Hi I know the area quite well & know you have plenty foxes etc. this the reason I asked as I am now in the area 20-30 minutes from you & looking for den work etc for terriers if you want dens doing please look me up. I am a keeper & have plenty experience of shooting & conservation etc just need work for the wee dogs.
  5. Hi sounds good hope you don't mind me asking who dose your fox work ? Do you have dens do you need terrier work or lamping done ?
  6. Ok cheers I don't want to waste it so would be happy with 40g-42g in the itm but can I do it in a 2-3/4" case or is 3" better for it ?
  7. Hi when I did a lot of fowling in & around Montrose basin I used a performance fast talker call worked well for me
  8. Hi cheers for that that's where the stuff came from & I did have a data sheet from them but it got damp & just colours on paper now. What would you load the itm in ie 2.3/4" & what load for 3.5mm of shot would 38g-42g be what I'm looking for ?
  9. Hi just looked the wads are 12ga helarco vp60 I had this stuff brought up for me from a lads friend new that was coming up to shoot basin years ago. I told them I needed wads primers steel shot etc for loads in 36-38 of steel in 3" loads. It turned out the only right thing I got was the 10kg of steel shot but hey ho it's done now.
  10. Hi I am a rifle reloader for 18 years etc but a good few years ago I bought some shotgun reloading gear. My brother bought second hand gear too we have lee load all 2 & a pacific etc. we got loads of lead shot odds & **** etc & I have loaded a few lead stuff which seem to work. I used to live at Montrose & do a lot of fowling on the basin. I got 10kg of 3.5mm steel & acquired 6kg of itm from a pal so I am looking for loads recommendations for 3" steel loads & if I can 2.3/4" itm loads. Or what any experienced loaders would load with what I have our guns are only 3" aut
  11. Hi fowlers who turn up late should know the rules of sit at the back. I would have approached them & told them to move behinde & reported them to warden. i liked the on-off times etc as the wildfowl got a break from the shooting etc as they never got a break 6 days a week .
  12. Hi have some once factory fired 223 norma cases £40 posted per 100 Also have once fired federal & remmy brass in 243 £40 posted per 100 can get me on barryw259@hotmail.com cheers
  13. Hi I tried getting chokes in from USA a few years ago but couldn't as the were a contraband item. I have some patter masters coming as I know a lad coming over & he is taking them. Know lads that use them & rate them highly.
  14. Hi I was a local at Montrose & can't rate it enough for pink foot goose shooting. Getting on might be a problem as the visitors seem to be the same faces for the same weeks etc. but even late in the season January/February you should be able to still shoot a pink of it it's quite easy fowling. End of September/October is mental with 60thou geese about & geese are very easy to bag. Due to work I'm out of fowling just now but used to be on Montrose basin 2/3 nights a week when tide right.
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